The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 33

Battle with a Void Mage and Devan's Backstory

30 Elasis 2525 (cont.)

Maliss is dressed in armor that is black evil looking stuff. It is some form of dragon-plate armor. It seems very light with the way he moves in it. Ted and the lackeys are dressed in grey and black. Some form of thinner draconic scale mail. Ted has some gold epaulets on his shoulders. He is an elf.

Number 2 has a short sword, number 3 has a morning star (caster praying to unknown god), 4 & 6 have bastard sword, and the only female does not have any weapons (number 5).
Ted casts some sort of void magic ball at Lusi and she is able to shrug it off with some sort of creation magic glow. I then attack Ted and slice him in half. Some sort of void yuckyness comes out of him and Maliss absorbs it.

Maliss casts a void ball at Lusi and Darrick comes out of the shadows to get her out of the way. Then I get a great shot on him from behind.
Maliss tries to drain energy from Alustriel by collapsing the ball of void around her like a skin. Darrick, Severin, and I get AOO on him. This disrupts his draining. Then, Devan shows up and throws a void ball at Maliss who vanishes and I dodge it. Devan is trying to take the new wrapping off of Alustriel.

Alika gets dropped as Lusi drops the wall of ice. I get over there and then get a great shot against the monk – she surrenders. The creepy priest-like person says something in Abyssal I say “Fuck You!” back.
We give him a chance to surrender, “Death first!”. (We can arrange that).
I get damaged with some creepy stuff from the priest.
I then dispatch him quickly.

Our parents then return home.
My mother interrogates the people. The monk says that she was contracted by Maliss for some time. The contract was broken when Maliss disappeared.
Rayna shows up shortly afterwards.
Rayna cleans up the house quickly. Rayna disintegrates the bodies (and leaves the stuff for Eric).

I take a sip of healing potion and it does not heal me any. Darrick refers to the effect as ‘vileness’ and suggests that I go to the temple if it gets any worse.

Lusi is able to burst the void shell off (Devan seems to have taken some collateral damage from that).

Darrick has gone to check on Aurian (being that he has not responded).
Devan does not know where the star of Mystra is.
What Lysandra is doing to Lusi’s betrothed offends Devan (sucking other people’s life).
He is surprised that Aurian was able to succeed in getting into the Viceri Orderi with his heroic tendencies. Void magic is hard to balance with the ‘good’ tendencies.

Devan hits hard with accusing me of using Aurian for my own needs like the Viceri Orderi is.
Devan says that he will take Alustriel to someplace safe.
Devan says that the boys are with our favorite Nethrilize women in Suzail. They are staying with Duke Falen Macavoy.
Hoping to persuade him to his perspective of their organization of the Olinar Mentis.
He says that there is another surprise there for us, but he will not spoil it for us. He picks up Alustriel and then disappears.

We then head out to the temple of Tymora to give thanks and hopefully heal the vile damage on me.
As I deposit the gem-encrusted orange as an offer of gratitude. A blonde woman appears and heals me. She also calls Alika (by his name).

Tymora says that Kelbun (Devan’s teacher) was a big proponent of prevention of bad stuff (preemptively).
Devan left the world hoping to gain a better understanding of the power he sought. Alustriel and Devan’s path diverged.
He has been away from Toril for at least 1000 years. His return the world was very different. Alustriel was no longer the woman that he had loved. It is very difficult to lose a loved one to destiny (as is what happened to them).

Tymora says that void magic is very similar to Shadow magic here. As with any form of absolute, creation and void magic are both very dangerous. They both change the wielder.
What Devan is doing (which is not known) may not necessarily be a good thing [we may want to find out].
As Tymora disappears into many coins. One for each of us.

We are able to convince Eric to join us in Suzail. We are able to give him 10 good reasons. He wants us to come up with a name for him so he can establish a name for himself (a la ‘Shade’).
Morgana ends up showing up when Causality is mentioned. Eric seems to like ‘Chance’.

He ends up leaving to go take care of some business before he meets up with us in the morning.
We then go back to our house to plan what and how to accomplish our goals in Suzail.
We go into the basement to discuss our plans. Apparently Alika is part dragon.

We may decide to use Ellison and Sonya as contacts. (Ellison is a Viceroy – an advisor to the king). He is Viceroy Zeharas. (Ethan and Arian are their sons).
Viceroy is an appointed title. If we are his guest, then we could use that to get audiences with the Dukes.

Mom gives us a crystal ball that she uses to communicate with her party. Lusi uses it to communicate with Sonya (we have to go upstairs to do so).
We establish communication with Sonya. Ellison is currently listening to the dukes work it out. Sonya seems to know about the two arrogant Nethrilize women. Macavoy is the one rooting for Roland (the puppet). He seems to be the only one rooting for so far. One of the other dukes is starting to cave. Macavoy seems to have already convincing the council that this is a good idea.
We could go as a plus one with the twins. Severin can go as the son of the lord general. Alika can go as a plus one for daughter of her friend.

We go and find dresses for this occasion. Mom also reminds me that I will have to be nice to the people there including the ones that I hate.

There is a thud downstairs as we come down. Derrick looks like he has been through hell, he is balancing on his sword with Aurian seems mostly dead. Apparently, the magics on Morridan were disabled. The weapons used them were probably laced with something. Darrick is not in his armor – they were in an anti-magic zone. They did not even see them. The entire island was covered in some sort of heavy fog. He is not sure they were human. Someone was trying very hard to kill Aurian.

Darrick suggests calling Ethan to come help heal Aurian.
Ethan appears. Severin gives me some moondraught to place in his wounds and I use a healing potion as well.
Aurian was trying to fix the crystal, and then something happened to the crystal before he returned.

Darrick was able to get a hold of some things. One is something that is very sharp and spiral blade with some sort of oil in the groove present. There are also a few quarrels that have grooves and obsidian tips.

Aurian goes to his demi-plane to heal, he tells me to be safe and not blame myself.
[Eric returns at about 2 AM. (I don’t hear him come in and stay asleep).]
The night passes….

1 Eleint 2525
I get Lusi up (apparently she stayed up casting a spell).
She did some sort of spell casting on the obsidian weapons.
Mom has made breakfast and our fathers have made supply packs for us.
We then go out to the mage’s guild to get to the teleport pad and use one of Morgana’s scrolls to go there. Sonya is there to greet us. She takes us to her house. We trot. A dukal carriage goes by with a red-haired woman sitting (Terina) sitting next to a duke….


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