The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 32

Alternate Identities

29 Elasis 2525 (cont.)

We get disguised as mercantile princesses (including hair and corsets).
Since we may be recognized.
I am out of my armor and my weapons mostly.
The combs in my hair can be used for throwing spikes.
The corset gives the same protection as a chain shirt.
A woman comes walking in who is dressed in elegant sapphire and silver gown with ivory skin with sapphire blue eyes on her head with platinum. It is Zandra, she will be going as our investor.

We get our horses and head out to Silverymoon – “Bibbity Bobbity Boobiaralamsaris”
We do not appear in Silverymoon. Instead we are in some sort of ‘nowhere’. It is the space between spaces the time between times.

She mentions that if the darkness succeeds that Devon will be killing Aurian (my boyfriend).
Of course this depends on what happens with the Viceri Orderi. With them, nothing is what appears to be. Devon and Aurian seem to be the most honest. Just more on the opposite ends.

We walk into the backyard. We received 13 more teleportation scrolls from Morgana.
We chat with mom and dad about our plans to play at mercantile princesses playing at mercantilism.
We are to establish a consortium of seamstresses. Rayna will be a part of it (the maker of our dresses) and our ‘mom’ will provide some samples for us to use. She will be another part of the consortium.

Alika will be our Major Domo.
The papers for a consortium could be finished by tomorrow.
I am to go with my dad to get those papers done. I need to learn this anyway.
We go to the guild and go inside. It leads to a scriptorium.
We get lead to an old man in the center who is wearing plain grey robes. He is writing something. He seems to know my father by his first name, Rolan.
The man’s name is Scrivus. My father offers up one of his identities as the person who is starting this consortium. He will be Samuel Gideon. Merchant with trophy wife two daughters. He will be from Silverymoon.

Samuel specializes in the acquisition of materials for trade. Daughters’ names are Alice and Elizabeth (“Lizzy”).
Registration is 1500 gp. It will be setup by tomorrow morning. Appropriate badges and memberships will be sent to the ‘appropriate’ spot or given to Eric to deliver.
Steward’s name (for Alika) is Ian McMillan.
The investor’s name is Regina Carlyle widowed with a lot of money. That is another 500 gp.
It is a total of 2000 gp for this – half now half later.
Samuel is very indulgent and lets us do whatever. They have not been in the news lately so don’t play it up too badly.

Need to come up with another identity for me to roam around town with unseen and unobserved.
I get a wooden disk from my father and I am to give that to a roguish sort.
We all get back in time for dinner.

Eric is there waiting. He is offended that he and Sara may be getting together.
Lareth, Ryselle’s brother may come to visit when he can.
There is a knock at the door. It is Lareth (a ruler of the dragons).
There are only three children of Yvonelestrolyn (Ryselle, Lareth, and Morgana).

Evi apparently was the ghostwriter for the book.
I talk to Lareth about our Opal dragon after Lusi and I visit her and the draconic children.
He comes down with us. Alika is curious
No one but a very old or well educated dragon should know about the Opal Dragons. They are said to have been born at the instant of creation. The leylines across the universe were apparently the trails of their flight.

The Opal Dragons are apparently the anchors of the leylines that the ends of reality. The stories say that there are two left.
Lareth is concerned that there have been rumors that a Void Dragon has been found.
The Opal Dragon apparently remembers ‘always’ being a mother.
It is possible she was just captured pregnant.
The Opal Dragon does not think she was forced.

“Time is meaningless, they will hatch when they are needed,” the Opal Dragon expressed.
I am able to get Aurian to come here and help us look over the eggs for any contamination/influence by the void.
While we are handling the eggs, Lusi’s hatches!
Aurian goes to get someone to help, comes back with Cyrithia a tall woman who is one of the beings of the origin. She is wearing a long silver robe.
She says that Lusi’s connection to creation magic helped it hatch. She is apparently acting as a conduit for creation magic. That is what caused it to hatch. The Opal Dragon says that there has never been a child of the Opals.

Cyrithia asks us if anyone else has the symbols (and hence the connection with one another). We name off everyone we know: Severin, Rayna, Lusi, Muri, Zandra, (most likely Alika), (two others who are unknown.
She says what she plans is usually done with eight people, but 6 may do.
Cyrithia says that Lusi may be ‘like them’.
This demi-plane exists somewhat outside Toril.
Cyrithia warns that if Lusi continues the conduit, it may change her. Even if she goes ‘faster’.
Cyrithia’s people are known as the Chierie. They are of creation magic. Were around before the gods.

One of the side effects of Lusi channeling whether to grow the Opal Dragon child quickly or protect it, could change her into more like a Spellweaver, or the Chierie.
Apparently, I carry the weight of two destinies on me.

Severin comes back with Rayna and Zandra.
Cyrithia warns Alika to be careful with how closely he follows the Red Knight. “Life is not necessarily a game of chess.”

We go through the portal and are in front of a tall crystalline tower. The others get to the top before Lusi and I do.
Lusi taps on the door and it opens. There are very nice items in side. There are eight windows around the room. There is also the star mosaic on the floor. On one side there is a beautiful night sky and on the other a beautiful day with vibrant green grass.
Mystra is there waiting for us.
Lusi starts to explain her need for permission to channel creation magic to help the Opal Dragon.
Shar is benefiting greatly by the disturbances in the weave. There are similarities between shadow magic and void magic.

Mystra grants her permission with the condition that if she is too much of a disruption, that Mystra changes her back to her normal magic or relocate. We are then directed to the next door toward Ao.
We go through the door into a study with books and scrolls.
Ao is behind a desk writing something. There is also an incredibly beautiful woman relaxing reading a book.
We get our permission with the help of his wife giving him perspective on trouble (mostly…sometimes…one time) from Alor. He wants us to get rid of the void mages on the world (I want to keep one).
After exiting, we are back in the basement.

We return to the Demiplane.
Cyrithia says that the child may know what Y’deria (the Opal Dragon) knows or the origin gave her.
We watch as Lusi is instructed on what to do.
She succeeds after a few struggles. She about 80 feet long.
Lusi’s hair is now silvery white. Her eyes are also opalescent shifting colors.
Lusi now has fair skin as well.
One of the Cheirie will come and check on the child regularly.
Y’deria was created with her eggs. There is no pair of Opal Dragons, just like there is no pair of Void Dragons. This child is the first child of the Opal Dragons.

The origin gave them enough ‘eggs’ to continue her line until they are not needed anymore.
Y’deria most likely tricked into leaving the origin. By taking her voice they can gain power over her. Cyrithia concentrates and a crystal appears on her head. ‘Voice’ is the closest term to our language. More accurately it is called the ‘voice which sings the soul’s song’. It is why she probably does not remember much either.

So we are looking for some sort of crystal. It had to have been taken in her humanoid form. It will be about 2-3 inches long and about ½ and inch at the tip and tapers to a point. You hammer into the head.
Inside the crystal is a vast knowledge and power.
We go rest….

30 Elasis 2525
Get a delivery of the papers from Eric. He speculates that we got Lusi drunk.
Get view of Severin and Alika chopping wood while watching over Lusi sleeping.
I go and try to rescue Severin from himself and end up in the same hole he was digging. I drag Alika into the fray. Zandra comes out for breakfast and is a bit paranoid when everyone is silent.

We are then herded into the living room waiting for Lusi to wake up.
Derrick shows up and gets what Severin said that dug us a big proverbial hole. I watch as they spar before Lusi wakes up. Then we go downstairs to explain what happened to Lusi last night.
Severin refuses to add any more to his digging, and Alika, as usual, says very little to help or hinder….

There is a knock at the door. Devon is there. He says he comes in peace.
Devon calculates approximately 3-4 days before Lusi’s beloved is in Lysandra’s hands.
Something has changed and he must see her now.
Apparently, he wants to be able to explain something to her before he cannot.
We get advised to find out why Devon and Alustriel split up.
Mom suggests that we find out more about Devon Rehaltis. I remember that I have a book: Mages from other Worlds. I look it up while Lusi goes to the temple of Tymora with Alika.

Devon was born Devon Silvenesti and had a twin sister named Yvania. His parents lived in Sendaris, Aglarand. The twins were both extremely gifted magically. Significantly before the time of troubles. The parents were minor nobles. Merchants who travel a lot and sold magical goods. Allowed the twins to discover some of the lost magical lore from Nethril. Devon was inspired by pure magic. Yvania was more of an artificer.

When they were both 16 their parents were killed by Red Wizards. The stories say that the family was captured and made the play things of Zulkir Ravinashi (master of evocation) and Szass Tam (master of Necromancy). They were tortured until their parents were killed and then raised as undead servants for Szass Tam. The twins escaped.

They were booted out of their homes because the assets of their parents were seized to pay for the parents debts. Devon managed to swing support to attend the Suzale Academy of magic. Yvania was invited to study with the witches of Rashaman.

While he was at the academy, he met Alustriel Silverhand (one of the seven sisters).
They planned on getting married. Devon caught the attention of Kelven Blackstaff. He became Blackstaff’s apprentice. Devon developed his ‘black and white’ view of the world. Alustriel and he were separated after he left Suzale.

Devon started world hopping as a student of Blackstaff. He continued afterward. Eventually he returned to see how his sister was doing. Yvania was a powerful sorceress and was the student to Princess Eloni. She was to be the heir should anything happen to Eloni.

Devon was asked by Blackstaff to escort his son on his travels after Devon was able to spend a few years with his sister. Zelfar Arunsun (Blackstaff’s son) is the only known son who traveled with his father until he found a world he wanted to settle down on and then stayed away from Blackstaff’s prominence on Toril.

Blackstaff was reunited on Toril with Alustriel. She had graduated and took her place as one of the seven sisters.
Alustriel kindly turned him down due to her responsibilities.
While Devon was traveling he met and fell in love with another mage named Chinine. She was a mistress of void magic. He studied and quickly surpassed Chinine’s ability which pissed her off and she broke up with him.

When he returned to Toril, the time of Troubles and the Time of Virtue (Dark One and Source of the Gods) happened. Alustriel was nowhere to be found.
He found that his sister had become a crazy powerful and had taken the place of one who was referred to as the Symbol. She was pissed that he apparently abandoned her, let the world go to shit, and Alustriel to disappear. Ao was not happy with him being there because of the Void magic and that he was a member of the Viceri Orderi.

The last thing he did before he was booted off of Toril by a vote of the gods was that he stabilized his sister’s mind so that she could guard against Thay. She was mortal so she eventually died.

There is a small family chart that shows that ‘the symbol II’ and Eliminster had a child who became the Queen of Aglarand.
The reason so much time passed while he was gone, was he was too far away. While not a lot of time passed for him tons passed for her. The farther away from the origin, the more time slows down.

Alustriel and Devon attended mages school for about eight years together and they were together for most of it.
Devon continued traveling around the universe as a Void mage. His tolerance for certain things seems to be getting less as time goes on. On some worlds he is heralded as a hero some as a villain. The title of this biography is: Devon Rehaltis – The Empty One.

We discuss Aurian’s possible stunted emotional growth. (he was the youngest member of the Viceri Orderi). And I reveal the night we spent together.
There is a knock at the door. Alika goes to answer it. Apparently there is a girl who received a message to speak with Lusi and Muri (it is Alustriel).
She agrees to speak with him.

“That want won’t be necessary” and we are suddenly surrounded by Malus and six others that are not Devon…. (Devon better not be behind this!)
[16,000 XP (78,300 total) [go to 13th level] ]


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