The Legend Reborn

Muri's Perspective: Session 31

The Isle of Assassins

26 Elasis 2525
[The other Ashen that we see are very business-like and wear only black with red accents. (Zandra wears the opposite – red with black accents).]

We are greeted by a knock at the door in the morning. I go and answer it. There are servants with breakfast for us. It is a token for the Ashura (Zandra). It is a wide variety of items.
Zandra tells of the unfriendly method during training (how she got an arm scar) for sleeping past the dawn.
Zandra mentions that Tarial is a celestial host. She got the information of the indication of his wristband. She says he was wearing it in the bath.
We finish breakfast and then go to see Tarial.

There is a different novice on duty. He was ‘resting his eyes’.
We are let into his office again.
He usually studies in the library while mortals sleep.

He was able to discover that they were on the island for a short period of time. The readings he is getting are unusual. They do not register as alive or dead. That means they must be in the Ashen compound, it is the only thing besides the mages guild that has the warding. Stasis may explain this. He was able to locate the merchant that provided the rings. He provides the rings for most of those issued in the city.

He indicates that my contact with one powerful in the void has messed with my aura a bit and another void mage would be able to see that.
It is possible that one may use this to track me. He says that Aurian should be able to do something about it (surprised that he has not). Maybe he is using it to keep an eye on me himself.

The reading that he got on Cyrus was their location of last night. There merchant that we are looking for is named Ivan. He is a merchant.
Zandra mentions something odd. Usually there are at least two Ashen of some level around. There are apparently none around.

Thaine approves all of the contracts. He is protected by the Caldera. It is a mythal of some sort.

There is a very crude man inside (coughing and hacking on his hands). He is a balding man who is pot-marked.
He is not hiding anything.
We depart.
Zandra mentions that there is a secret path that we can use.
We get our stuff from the inn and head toward the secret path.

Zandra says that once we are on the path we should be concerned if we do not see them. We slip into a very difficult to see crevice to a stairwell leading up. It is a spiral stairwell (large).
If we are challenged by the guards – she says that we should not speak and let her take care of it. Zandra says that we should have been challenged at least four times by the halfway point. (time to draw weapons)

We get to the top of the staircase (our thighs are in pain). We step on to a massive plateau. It is a very nicely built city. We could not see this from the sea. There is a jungle there as well. The city is extremely fortified [think Minas Tirith]. It looks more advanced than any of the cities we have ever seen. It is a few miles away.

Zandra stops us before we are able to go forward. She tells us to join hands and she drags us through the field. There are two arrow towers with no one there. Zandra says they are never unmanned (but they are right now).

We go through the secret door up a ladder with a speed slide method on it. There should be four people in each tower. The tower is empty. There is no one there. There are the wardstones left in their place.

The wardstones are what they need to get through the warding shield. The wardstones are mini-mythals in themselves.

The mythal powers both shields. Zandra may not have been affected due to her having been gone so long. We gather up the four stones. Zandra goes to check the other tower. We go with her.
There are six stones. We gather those up as well.

Cyrus and Roshan would be in the very nice prisons for the magical sort.
We head toward the city. Zandra says she should be able to get horses.
They are very beautiful black stallions from statues in a compartment.

There are four gems outside the gates of the city. Zandra walks up to the door of the city and places her hand on the seal of these shiny metal doors with bronze colored bands of some sort.
The crack forms and opens as two doors. It opens.

It is multilevel and it is many killing zones. The inner city is set so that there would be maximum carnage.

There are tons of gemstones, but no one in the city. We go into the inner city.
We are going to see if Cyrus and Roshan are in there in case the protections on the prison protected them from the affects that have turned all the people into gems (or imprisoned by them).

The inner door is made out of that bronze metal. She steps in and says something before we are allowed to go in. Lights come on.

It is a very long hallway. It leads 100 feet then there is another set of doors. It is totally a killing zone.

She opens the second door and does a similar thing inside. There is an atrium beyond the secondary doors. It is [Greco-Arabian] in architecture.

We get lead through the right door underneath a staircase. She disarms traps along the way.
Yet another set of bronze doors at the bottom of the staircase that slides up when Zandra touches the seal.

The prison is set up as a maze. There are secret doors all over the place. The inside of the cells are very nice. The furniture is bolted to the floor. She calls the bronze metal Adamantium.
We cross into the anti-magic area. There are still gems along the way. Some inside cells. There are no gems in the magical cells. They do not look like they have been used.

We go to the guest chambers. We are led up. Cyrus and Roshan could be there. They are towards the top. We get there. There are two gems. All of the stuff inside the room is for females, so it is probably not them. They are visitor’s gems.

Zandra goes to get some visitor gems from Thaine’s room (she leaves us to do so – we are to give her 15 minutes). If she does not come back, we are warned not to deviate from the path on our way out.

She returns within the amount of time.
We head toward the mythal.
After getting through the jungle we get to a clearing that has 8 standing stones around it. With the mythal in the center. The stone is silvery looking.

Zandra says that Thaine was near the mythal. His stone was left behind.
There are two sets of tracks besides ours. Zandra points out the two other tracks that were pretty much stationary. There was a scuffle. Completely different types of shoes standing in one place. There is an odd dent in the ground between the both boot prints.

I look for signs of a way to verification of the standing prints being Cyrus and/or Roshan.
At least one of them is a Nethrilize boot and they are of the approximate size.

Lusi says the mythal is a bit different. There is something that looks like a theoretical possibility. A smaller stone that draws directly off of the Mythal. Zandra calls the smaller ones the Caldari (for those that use more magic), the main Mythal is called the Caldera.

Aramus would have been the only one that Zandra could think of that would be able to go up against Thaine and survived. Zandra indicates that the wedding is off then (they were betrothed).
Zandra says they have a special dart that delivers a poison that will disable a person’s magic. (A fact she says she will most likely be killed for).

We are attuned to the mythal by Zandra (beams of light). [Our links are permanent]
We journey back through the jungle. Then we head into the city and up into the atrium.
We go through the other door under the staircase. We go very far down, Zandra disarms traps every 10 feet.

We are direct one at a time to particular tiles one at a time to get down the corridor after getting to the bottom of the stairs.

We spiral around until we get to a door where we are instructed to close our eyes when she opens it. There is total darkness. We must leap at least 5 feet to get inside the door (beyond the non-disarmable traps in the darkness).

I go to get the puzzle box open that has the special mage disabling stuff. I go through and check the box for traps after each puzzle piece opening. I get through the puzzle box with only one shock trap getting me. That is until the shocker lizard leaps on me out of the box. OUCH!!!!
Lusi heals me a bit and then Zandra give me a healing potion.

Zandra tells me the box is empty. There are scratch marks inside from where the Shocker lizard was forced in there.

Aramus apparently has gained a familiar that is dark that the shocker lizard does not like.
Lusi gets encouraged by the shocker lizard (after it does a scan of her mind) to place it on her forehead. She does so and goes unconscious after the shocker lizard touches it. They are both surrounded by a glow for 15-20 minutes.

Asura, Ardeith, and Lysandra were involved, they are so dead. Aramus is now nameless and Zandra is to use Deathbringer.
Asura and Ardeith were supposed to meet the nameless one in the cove. Thaine did not know Aramus had a familiar. There are 572 soul gems on the mesa 200 of which are the Ashen. The knowledge is in the catacombs but we are not powerful enough to use it. We need to take Thaine’s stone with us. Asura and Ardeith have Cyrus and Roshan’s soulgems.

The ones that have the soul gems Thaine is sure that they are part of an organization (Olinar Mentis). Aramus does not have all of the knowledge of the Thaine, but has a lot.
There is a secret compartment that we are supposed to take some items out of that are supposed to be a gift to us.

The cove is apparently a secret exit from the island. Nethril should be our next port of call.
Lusi opens the compartment with Zandra. There is a chest inside and Lusi opens it.
There are some small wooden boxes in there with some bundles of cloth.
Lusi recommends we go through it later, so we pack it up to take with us.

Aurian comes and knocks on Thaine’s office door.
He has come to let us know that Severin and Sara have been awakened. Ryselle is still out.
Aurian is going to take care of getting the people out of the soul gems while we go to the cove and chase after Cyrus and Roshan.

Lusi uses her knowledge of the master switches to get us through.
We make it to the cove.
I have to catch Alika as we try to descend. Alika notices some movement in a cave partly up the cliff (Zandra indicates that it was not there before.)

I help Alika get up there and a girl who screams don’t hurt me. She is approximately 10 years old. She has been there for a while. She has straggly hair with dark grey breeches and a tunic.
After getting Emma down and Zandra calming her down for seeing her.

She saw the nameless one come down and saw two women one with dark hair, and the other may have had red hair. They were a little taller than average height. Both with tan skin and richly dressed. The one with the dark hair was very very beautiful. They were both very condescending. Most likely Nethrilize. He gave them a box in exchange for gold. Their longboat went to a ship with violet or red sails (a warship). It was probably Cormyrian. They arrived after she got there. She was down there at midpoint tide. They were gone by high tide. It would be within one hour.

They said something about Cormyr and Mentis, they were going to see how things were going since there were some complications. They had to deliver the box to ‘her’ whoever she is.
There was a dragonet egg in the cave where she was hiding (the mother was not around).
Zandra dives into the water and comes up with a box. It has a boat inside. We need to get about 50 feet out. Zandra and Emma quickly construct the boat. It is big enough for six people.
We get in the boat and sail out. Alika and I row while Zandra steers.

We plan on teleporting to the ship before we decide where we are going afterwards. We have to retrieve the horses anyway.
Alika reads the teleport scroll “ting tang walla walla bing bang”.
We poof back to the StarRaven.
Cormyrian ships have red or blue sails. The red ones are long distance warships.
Captain Quinlan says that the red sail is usually responsible for escorting important people to places.

She says there have been rumors of a group that is not loyal to the royal family. The four dukes are going to be busy keeping the other nobles in line. She suggests that we look for those who are taking advantage of the absence of the crown.
She also says that our friend made it aboard fine.
Severin is back! We go and give him a big hug.
We return from him to the Captain’s office. It would take three weeks from here to Cormyr direct. A bit longer if they are trying not to look like they came from here.
We hang on the ship for a few days.

29 Elasis 2525
Sara is pretty much set for life since half of Perrin’s estate was given to her for compensation. The marriage was annulled.
Severin slightly changes his appearance so that he will not be recognized as the lord marshal.
He apparently looks like his older brother Raynard.
Rayna shows up with a box for Severin.

Our box (from Thaine) contains:
The cube with the mystical runes on it is a Serazer Potentia – it adds to your caster level when you hold it while casting a spell. It also will store some spells. Those spells are stored as if you have learned them. (caster level +1 for every 5 levels already attained). [Lusi]
Ring 1: Silver ring that has a squiggly line surrounding it in blue ink. Ring of Mystic lightning – makes lighting spells more powerful (3 charges regenerates at dawn every day) [Lusi]
Ring 2: Ring of Vanishing – Allows for complete undetectibility (via normal senses) for two rounds.(one charge) [Muri]
Ring 3: Ring of Mystic defiance – protects against magical affects. Protects against 10 points of magical damage (fireball etc.) (Also fort save bonus if there is a charisma or int. mod device on – depends on the modifier) (Three charges per day). [Muri]
Ring 4: Ring of adamantine touch – weapons wielded are treated as if adamantine for purposes of overcoming damage reduction. Also +1 enhancement on attack rolls. Sunders weapons with a hardness less than 20. [Alika]
Rogue’s Vest – +2 competence bonus on hide and move silently, +2 to reflex saves, +1d6 to sneak attack damage [Muri]
Six packets of cloth: In each packet there is the name of a tailor and a picture of five bits of clothing. (They carry the aura of transmutation).
Belt 1: Silk Slik Belt (p 186 MIC) will help you escape from a grapple as a move action instead of a standard action. Also can have +10 to escape artist once per day. [Muri]
Belt 2: Belt of ultimate athleticism – cloth belt with three different colored fabrics. Take 10 on all balance, climb, jump, swim, and tumble checks not matter what. Once per day to treat the next roll in the skills above as if a natural 20 was rolled. [Alika]
Armband: Armband of elusive action – avoid a single attack of opportunity once per day. [Lusi]
Brooch of avoidance – +4 dodge bonus to attacks of opportunity three times per day. [Muri]
Headpiece (not identifiable)
Arcanus gloves: add two to the caster level of the next 1st level spell you cast (2x per day) [Lusi]

Possible Weapons gems:
+1d6 of energy damage
Security crystal +10 to avoid disarm
Sneak attacks and crits against constructs
Phoenix (5 points of damage per round)
deals extra damage to undead (allows crits and sneak attacks against undead) [took this gem that allows for crits and sneak attacks to undead]


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