The Legend Reborn

The Tale of the Adventure as told by Muri, Part 3

Session 21 December 2, 2010
28 Flamerule 2525

11,300 xp (22,300 xp)
Go to 7th level
We travel blindfolded with the Arcadians.
We do this for three days….
I use my sense of smell to try to track our location.
We are getting to a rocky area with more vegitation than a desert and then into a cave.
The only person we have heard talk informs us that we will be taken to their captian and interviewed and if we lie we will be executed. If we cooperate, we will be permitted to leave wherever we wish to go.
We go down a slide. The slide tosses us off and we land on a puffy surface.
We are in a chamber 50 feet in diameter. The only exit is the slide which is about fourty feet up.
We only have our armor and clothes (nothing else).
We wait about an hour, a supply pack lands in the net for us.
Trail rations and jerky are inside. There is another bag inside – it has a roast bird of some sort (a feast) inside it. We are also given tinder with flint and steel. There is a fire pit in one of the corners.

1 Eleasis 2525
After a couple of meals hanging out there is a sound of singing and one of the walls of the mountains forms a door. A woman and a man come inside. The woman is tall and amazonan in physique with close cropped hair. She is blonde with amber eyes. An embroidered tunic. {Persian-like}.
The man has close cropped black hair with dark eyes. Dark skin leather pants and boot. He just has a dagger (the only one armed).
She is holding a ceremonial rod of some sort.
Mashan was the name of the person who got us.
A table is brought in before she starts her questioning of us.
She is going to see if the elders have any more questions for us (it may take a while…)
We have been here approximately 2 full days so far.
I have Zandra teach me some of the dances she knows to help pass the time.
“RISE AND SHINE!” shouts a voice while we are sleeping.

3 Elasis 2525
It seems to be Ryselle’s sister Morgana.
Apparently, she was supposed to tell us about the Shadow lake…
Karsis’ tomb is under the shadow lake in stasis. It seems that ‘they’ plan to reawaken him. Devon is most likely not involved with this piece.
She thinks it is the Olinar Mentis. She calls them the Oliver Guys.
One of the statues is with the Vicari Orderi (Devon’s group). She says there are currently 3 including that one. Devon seems to be a loan wolf in the Vicari Orderi.
The one the Devon has was the one from the High Prince. If they stick one of statues on the universal ley lane magic will just disappear.
Devon is tens of thousands of years old.
The Prince’s Hand had one of these statues with the phallic belly button. It is currently at the bottom of the ocean – The Trackless Sea.
The last one is in Thay! (Luckily it is buried somewhere there).
She states that the crystals are more important.
We’re just off of the black road according to Morgana.
Apparently, I am to be with a really hot guy…
The city that Cyrus is working on should be finished in a month.
The crystals must not only be found but primed as well. The final one must be primed with two similar yet different elements.
Devon and Alustriel were childhood sweethearts and then they went their separate ways.
Under Blackstaff, Devon changed into someone who would be ideal for the Vicari Orderi.
Devon was related to Azuth.
The Seven Sisters are ‘living’ components that could counter any of the statues’ activities. Morgana says that is probably why they will be hunted and killed.
While Alustriel was founding Silverymoon, Devon was in Thay and then went to train with the Vicari Orderi.
The two elements that are so close that they can be forced into one crystal are force and acid.
Lord Perrin Telford is most likey unimportant – a weasel of information.
Morgana tells us to tell our mother that she is sorry for the pot (it has not happened yet).
She then departs…
After a short discussion about the seven sisters and Karsis being the living artifacts (statue).
We are let go. Our stuff and horses are in the leaving chamber.
We go back to Silverymoon….
A slip of paper… “The lawless ones are overstepping their place”

Session 22 December 11, 2010
3 Elasis 2525

We are at the teleportation chamber at the mages’ guild.
We head back to the house.
Sara is apparently having a wedding soon.
The Lawless ones are made up of people who used to be in the clans. There is a rumor of a city that the lawless ones inhabit. No one seems to know where it is.Sonya says that the common theory is that it is a nomadic city that moves from Oasis to Oasis.
Most likely near the Simitar Spires.
Mom has been to trade meetings. They are trying to create a secondary trade route toward the south. They want to found a new city at the intersection of this road and the black road (from Nethril).
Mom is voting against a mass production facility based on some gnome concepts. It seems to be a crazy idea.
There have been rumors that a large orc band has settled into the high forest. Apparently the same area that Sara’s ‘lustmuffin’ comes from.
Sara says that the wedding will be done at the Keep.
Her wedding dress is made of silk from the spider dens in the high forest.
The wedding is at the end of the week (six days). She will be a full lady with a keep in southern Silvermar. He supposed to travel with him when he does.
After breakfast tomorrow we are to get fitted for our bridesmades dresses.
Eric heads off to get the book on artifacts.
We go shopping. We are looking for a magical device that puts on make-up for Sara.
A thief is able to get Lusi’s pouch. We are able to find him, trip him and have him compensate Lusi for it.
We get Sara a set of paints that won’t dirty her or her clothing when she uses them.
Rayna shows up with Severin. Eric tries to flirt with Rayna, “That’s my sister,” says Severin.
Stefan and Astara are doing well.
Yelana and Stefan are getting along famously.
We start discussing our destiny (prophecy) with others after Ryselle puts us in a time bubble.
Morganna also shows up.
During our discussion, Morganna talks about the actual prophecy:

In the time of the Watchful Guardian there will come two sisters of spirit, each born at the height of the moon, united by love, purpose and the light within their hearts.

The Daughter of Chance shall be the chosen of the Smiling Lady and Beloved of the High Lord of Magic. She shall inspire the greatness of an Empire with her radience, remaining at the right hand of magic for the balance of her life.

Her sister, beloved of the Forest Queen and Shadowed Protector of Lands of Silver, shall stand with her sister before the hidden darkness where the Fight of Eternity will begin and end. By her side will be the Son of All, upons whose choice reality will be shaped forever. Only the purity of his beloved’s heart can save him and everything that is or shall be from destruction.

They shall be divided by no man, no woman, or beast, nor shall they be apart until the last when light and dark shall meet to determine the fate of All. Unified by their purpose, they will find and restore the Shining Stars of Magic and return balance to the worlds above and below. They shall be protected by the Shining Silver and the Silent Blade, guided by the heir to the Lady of Magic.

But beware the shadowed heart of the Empty Man, who has stepped upon a path that threatens the universe with its dark import, for if Void stands at the Origin, then all will fall to darkness and the Elements of Magic will fail. Light will find a way to return life to his heart, but only if the Shadowed Ones fail in their task. Protect the Stars, for their light is the only thing that can stop the darkness.
Ao did not come up with this prophecy. We can not understand who she says it is.
Ryselle says that we should let the Seven Sisters come to Ryselle when we find them.
Rayna is going to look for references to the Seven Sisters in the library.
I practice with Severin in front of my family. Then we rest. The fitting for our bridesmades’ dresses.

Session 23 January 22, 2011
4 Elasis 2525

Narissa is the maid of honor’s name.
Eric is able to stay under his blanket hide while Sara is there.
We leave in the carriage of Lord Telford (the orange and green thing that it is…).
Perrin was able to meet Stefan and Elaina. They are not supposed to tell anyone…(wonder if Perrin is informing his network). Perrin told Sara that assassins were after Stefan…(hmmmmm).
The seamstress’ name is Eloise.
Towards the end of the fitting, Narissa comes in. Hers is a very elegant green dress.
Narissa has long red hair and an actual carriage of a noble. She is the one who moderated the dresses that Sara chose.
We go to Perrin’s for lunch with Narissa (whoopee.)
As Sara talks about Perrin, I try to hide my displeasure, but Narrissa may not be fooled. Narissa is giving her Stanard Noble Response.
Perrin comes in respendit in his orange and green tunic with green dragon skin boots. He is wearing emerald dragon boots from an ancient dragon….(stay calm STAY CALM….)
Narissa brings the converstions together. We have lunch. It is five course lunch and dessert.
Perrin has some business to attend to and invites Sara to come with him. The final fitting is in two days.
Eric was wondering about that (when I mention the dragon boots). Apparently, there is a constant request for the caracases of dragons on the underground adventurers board. The treasure is given to the adventurers along with the fee.
We inform Severin about Sara knowing about Stefan. If this is trying to lure the assassins out, this may do a great job. They would most likely appear at the wedding.
We go shopping for a magic item that will allow us to carry weapons.
The young Marcus Wyman almost bumps into us. We go back to the shop with him (he was on the way there).
He has heard rumors from his father’s friends and on the street.
Most of the groom’s party is from the south.
Marcus has a device that is supposed to protect him.
Rayna appears suddenly (startling Marcus and rendering him speechless).
We return to our house. Eric says that he does not want to be one of the page boys.
She wants him to carry one of the implements on a pillow.
I get a jewel-encrusted orange from Eric in exchange for keeping my silence about his feet on mom’s table. Also hands some gem-grapes to Lusi.
Rayna was looking up things on the seven sisters. They are the daughters of Mystra. She found a list of places where they were last seen. She put it on a map for us. It is also marked with a place where they were known to reside. There is also a time where they disappeared for a short period of time. They may have traveled through the hall (at some point, but not at the same time).
Those times were known as the years of solitude. They did this to use their powers to the greatest potential. It is something that he is learning in school (and something that Rayna did not know) (Marcus scores one on Rayna’s radar!).
Rayna says that they must have traveled to one of the worlds that Mystra has a high influence over. Rayna mentions something about the portals of magic and then says she has to go then disappears.
Marcus knows who the seven sisters were:
The Simbul (Alasarra), Witch-Queen of Aglarond
Sylune, witch of shadowdale
Dove Falconhand, Knight of Myth Drannor
Storm Silverhand, Bard of Shadowdale
Larel Silverhand, Lady Mage of Waterdeep
Qilue Veladorn, Maiden of the Underdark
Violet, Alustriel, Lady of Silvery Moon
During the Time of Troubles, Mystra’s ‘spirit’ was split into seven of her priestesses and they got pregnant and thus are considered children of Mystra.
Lusi asks about Void magic. Nethril forbade it. Some say that is comes from the Abyss. His dean says that he does not believe that. It is the magic of the spaces in between other places. Those who succeed gain power beyond imagination. Ao forbade it on Toril for long time. After Karsis did his thing to gain power. The weave is dependent on the existence of void magic.
The dean mentions something about a unknown prophecy of magic. It was about guardians and what not.
Marcus eyeballs Severin nervously during dinner (which Severin is curious about).
Severin mentions that his mother says that there are worlds that are at the junctures of ley lines. Toril is one of them. The Portals of magic connect those worlds. They may be portals where someone may get to a ‘plane of magic’.
Severin said that Zandra would meet us at the house at some point of time.
We clean up and rest….
At Elue on…

5 Elasis 2525
We dream… we see panning in to a vast land. There are literally dozens of flying cities over it. A truly massive flying city in the middle. There is a great spire in the center. There is the largest Mythal that we have ever seen in it. It has a much airier construction (elvish) to it. The Mythal seems to also be a tower. We see a man go striding out into the middle of the platform. There are people known as spellguards chase after him. As he touches the Mythal and it shields him. He chants from a scroll and dark clouds come. There is a cry of a woman from some where. An explosion of reality seems to happen. The weave seems to change into something more flowing. It backlashes into him and vaporizes the Spellguard and then cities start dropping from the sky. There is a voice that says, “The time of Karsis has past, but it will come again, my children will protect the world from those who arel like them and to be like them.”
The color wheel appears. In the center is what appears to be Mystra. Around her appear to be 8 women. She points to each of them and names them (the seven sisters). Elenora will be the unknown one. She will be the protector of All. Her skin is a darkish grey color with silvery white hair. “These are my daughters – protect them, for all depends on them.” Elenora was standing on the yellow portion of the ‘pie’.
The dream fades into a dark passageway…we step out into this open chamber filled with water. In the center of the chamber there are many magical symbols surrounding a tomb of stone. Someone steps out from behind me with very cold empty eyes made of adamantine. He walks around the outside of the room tapping his staff as he walks and tracing symbols. These symbols are floating in the air (rents in reality). They are creepy to look at. He makes some gestures with his staff, then he makes a big geasture and hits the shield 9 times before it shatters. He looks directly at us, waves his hand and then we wake up.
There are soft voices coming from the kitchen.
To Severin the shield looked more like something designed to keep something in instead of keep people out. Rayna may have recognized that man. She may have seen that man at the library. (She had the dream too).
The beginning of the dream was a replay of Karsis.
Could the tome have been for Karsis?
Cyrus is here now too. He had the dream as well.
Rayna mentions that Elenora is a Shade. She may look different now since the champions of Lara transformed the city.
It was speculated that Elenora was born earlier than the other seven sisters if the other seven were born when they are said to be.
Eric returns late at night.
In the morning, Severin goes with Cyrus to get clothes for the wedding.
Zandra goes off to continue her cultural education.
Lusi and I are awakened to the excitement of Sara about her wedding.
The day passes uneventfully.
There are eight bridesmaids. Each of them has a set of jewelry (hideous austentatious).
The next couple of days pass uneventfully.

9 Elasis 2525
The day of the wedding arrives!
We are paired up with groomsman in appearance and height.
A man towards the front. I recognize one of the people on lord Perrin’s side. He is the man who was holding the adamantine staff in the dream.
We go to the reception. I tell Severin about the man during a dance.
Eight course feast.
The man from the dream asks me to dance. I allow him to dance with me. His name is Aurian Kedana. He is from ‘far away.’
He is intensely flirtatious. He is not familiar with my culture.
At the departure of the bride and groom. When she is at the carriage, two men appear, grab her, then disappear. Aurian says that we should go get her back.
Aurian gestures and a black circle of power appears – the staff appears and we disappear.

Session 24 February 12, 2011
9 Elasis 2525

We appear in a stone room – we are standing on a ceremonial circle. As soon as we appear and there is a flash around us and then there is a haze around us. Four archways leading into darkness. Only the light on top of Aurian’s staff is providing light. Severin tests the haze and it appears to be a shield of some sort.
Severin says he experience a ‘small’ shock. Lusi tries to determine what is the opposite of lightning. Aurian is guessing mud.
There is a representation of each of elements on the ceiling. The opposite of lightning is acid.
I try to run through the field, I go unconscious as soon as I pass through the field.
I come to – my body HURTS.
While searching for a release mechanism, I find some runic markings. They are on a ribbon that goes up to the touchstone on the ceiling from each of the four doors. They are slightly glowing.
It is ancient Nethril – first dynasty. I hit the rune Aurian says to and I need to take all four of them down. Each ribbon is a different rune set.
I track and see her vail on the west doorway.
We get our clothes transformed by Cyrus and Aurian respectively. Lusi via a heavy smooch, me with a kiss to my hand.
Disarm trap and open lock to the door where there appears to be a whimper. There is a room there with two doors. They both look like prison doors. I check one of them. There is a young 16 year old girl, her hands are tied to her feet.
They are trying to perform a ritual with these virgins. They need 21 virgins apparently. Sara seems to be the prime one, she has the blood of something….
One of the girls says that Sara was screaming as she went past this area.
We go to free the rest of the girls and set up a portal in the far center for them to escape through.
The ladies are sent to Rashaun’s place for safety.
Cathar is apparently the person whose rath these people fear. This is from a couple of people that exit the area where chanting is occurring.
Severin takes care of them in the hallway.
Aurian has tendrils of black crawl out of his hands and the door implodes into the room with a bit of a shockwave. We head in quickly.
there is another one of those diagrams on the floor. There are women at the end of each of the points. (Ten plus Sara).
There are ceremonial people behind each of the girls. There is a person in the circle where Sara is. Each of the ceremonial people is drawing runes in front of themselves.
Aurian looks over and says “Tishanus – Die” and the first of the guards dies on the spot. His eyes were black at the time.
Cathar as he stands mostly defeated says, “another time, another place.”
Sara is unconscious with runes on her. On her forhead, cheeks and chest.
She is wearing very skimpy clothing. Aurian looks at the runes and says, “interesting.” He says that Cathar must have a tome somewhere with details.
After some embarrassing failures at finding traps, we get into a storage room for the ritual materials and then into Cathar’s bedroom. I am able to find the tome and am knocked unconscious when I touch it. When I come to, it feels as though someone has been doing unnatural things with my grave and me.
Cyrus floats the desk.
When I mention the weird feeling – Aurian touches my chest and these black tendrils get sucked out of me. He pulls the rest away and I feel fine. He says it is a form of shadow magic. (His eyes turn black as he does this). Aurian starts studying the tome.
We take a break and eat some rations while Aurian studies the tome.
The ritual was supposed to go and locate Alustriel and call her here. Which is why they needed Sara (she is a distant relative). The ritual put the runes on them and joined it to their souls. They were going to use them to summon Alustriel here.
Aurian is shocked that Karathis is known by Severin. Aurian has nothing but respect for his mother.
Karathis is summoned. Rayna shows up with him. It may be Abyssal magic which Rayna and Ryselle are particularly vulnerable to. Karathis is able to take whatever it is through Sara. It may be a corrupted form of Shadow Magic.
It takes about an hour. It coalaces into a ball above him. The void shield forms around the ball. Karathis snaps his fingers and the restraints come off. We evacuate the room and the doors slam behind. There is a shuddering explosion.
I get the door open and smoke comes out. The room is blackened. There is form crumpled on the ground at the door.
Karathis is nowhere to be found. He appears to absorb energy until he comes back into form and passes out along with Severin (who was allowing him to absorb energy from him).
We call Morgana to help. She puts a time shield of some sort around herself to protect herself.
We get sent back to our house. Zandra is there.
Parents return home and we tell them what is going on.
Sara is taken in by mom to be comforted.
We rest….

10 Elasis 2525
Severin is breathing the next day.
Eric comes back with the reward money for the girls that went missing.
Two days pass before Severin wakes up
The girls were returned. Eric is going to help me learn about magical traps.
I pay the dues to be in the thieves guild.

12 Elasis 2525
Severin awakens.
Ryselle comes, takes care of her son. She asks about Aurian and then says that she should get someone else.
Lara arrives to look at Aurian. She says he is from the same world as Ryselle (Alor).

14 Elasis 2525
Aurian says he has to go because it has been four days. He has somewhere needs to be (he says he is late).

Session 25 March 19, 2011

Gain 20,000 xp (42,300 total)
Go to 9th level
Talk of the city is that she was rescued by us and our companions (including Aurian). (Sara has been talking about it for a while).
Eric stays out of concern (but not admittedly).
17 Elasis 2525
Lord Perrin Telford comes to visit. Eric vacates the house quickly.
Mom does not let him in – says that we are getting ready leave.
Eric got us a carriage within 2 min. Perrin does not notice that it is driven by a 14 year old. Perrin helps her into the carriage. We are being taken to the Telford residence (fucking great.)
Sara throughs herself at him when we arrive. She says we are her heroes and gives us big hugs.
We have lunch with them. It is an excruciatingly painful lunch. Sara is extrememly indulging in the retelling of her rescue.
Perrin offers the services of the Telford family should we need anything. He provides us a token of his appreciation. One of the servants places the statue of a gold dragon in front of Lusi and one of a Silver dragon to me. They are dragonettes in stasis apparently. Sara says that he has given out more of them. Dragonettes is birthed in clutches of a dozen each. He has a very high level wizard on his payroll if he can get them all into stasis.
Mom says we just need to steal them back since we need to free them and would be hampered by the local legalities of the situation. Eric says that should not be a problem.
Severin is out back getting in shape.
Serverin says that Ryselle had a feeling that something bad was happening here. Something with the population of dragons. She mistakenly thought that it was just something with this world versus hers.
It confused her because she has not been sensing death but a fluctuation in their population.
Severin says not to mention this to Ryselle. Severin does not believe there is likely to be anyone powerful enough to break the stasis locally.
[Lusi goes to call Cyrus to see if either he or Roshan can help. Roshan shows up instead. Cyrus is upset and has locked himself in a building. Due to the necessity of casting Chain Lightning.]
The stasis is reinforced with Void magic according to Roshan. So Lord Telford most likely has a high level Void mage helping him.
Could Telford be the void mage himself? Does he have connections with the Vicari Orderi?
Aurian tries not to use void magic near populated areas anyway. He says that Roshan was correct that a void mage would have an easier time of it.
Aurian says that we are going to his home away from home. He uses his staff to open a doorway to this hallway.
Severin says that he has his own demiplane. Aurian says that Severin’s mother would.
After we are fully inside the hallway disappears. He walks over to one of the walls and puts his hand on it and a doorway forms.
He mentions that his tower on Alor is a bit smaller.
The walls of a room we are overlooking is lined in Adamantine.
He goes to the center of the special room and casts what is apparently dispel magic.
After freeing the dragonette, he talks to it in Draconic.
The backlash that we saw on Aurian was a trap. Aurian would have to get a better sense of his magic.
A tall green humanoid comes into the room through a door that just formed. He is slightly scaley. A floating disk appears under Aurian and walks out with the disk.
The green man is dressed like a butler. He needed to take care of his master before he came to us.
He will show us to guest rooms. His master will probably not be awake until tomorrow.
This butler takes us to a suite of rooms for us to stay in. He provides us with some refreshements.
We stay and rest.

18 Elasis 2525
Knock at the door. The butler informs us that his master has awakened. He says that we can be taken back to our world or wait until a couple of days later when he finished with his business. He will have to give us an artifact to use to rid the rest of the stasised dragonettes of the void part. It will be ready in a total of five days. We elect to go back to Toril to see what we can find and make sure mom is not throwing a fit.
The master has a friend who is a Chronomancer. He is interesting according to the butler.
Lusi asks about the butler and what race he is. The butler’s name is Gailess, he is from Madaseril. We will not be able to visit there – it was destroyed.
He shows me the gardens before we leave. These gardens are about 100 yards beyond which there is a forest. Many of the trees are very unique. Some of them are from Gailess’ world. He has transplanted many trees here. His master travels a lot. Typically finds himself in situations saving someone, getting rid of someone or helping in some manner.
There is a building that houses a library. He searches the universe seeking knowledge. Every once in a while he spends a few years in the Libris Ominis. His master has met Ryselle and her children.
Aurian is a member of the Vicari Orderi. He was selected. There are only ever 13 of them in the universe. The Vicari Orderi is an organization like the Arcanis Magera, morality is subjective. Therefore, it does not care about the morality of individuals. According to Gailess, there are strict rules forbidding this. There is a senior member, but not a leader per say. One of Ra’s avatars was the founder of the Vicari Orderi and rarely gets involved.
One of the requirements of the Vicari Orderi is immortality. Identifying marks are on them as well. They vary per member. Aurian’s mark is in a very intimate place (Severin says it is only a matter of time then).
We are taken back to just a few hours after we left.
18 Elasis 2525 (late afternoon)
There was someone Eric saw lurking around his area. A redhead with a total attitude. Her name was Tessa, tina, Terina or something like that. She seems to be friends with Sara now (probably playing her like a fiddle – must kill her soon….)
Go and spar with Severin to blow off some steam.
We are going to sneak into Lord Telford’s house tonight. We prepare.
Mom is going to watch over the dragonettes (she speaks Draconic).
Their bedroom is on the second floor. According to Eric’s sources, there is a vault in the basement. That is what was built in the house. There are six guards. Two that guard the front and two roaming guards on a standard rotation and two guards roaming the house (they do not go upstairs or in the basement).
Through the servants’ entrance and downstairs (quietly hopefully).
After some trip ups (one of which had a guard get knocked out) we make it inside by the skin of our teeth.
We hide “Frank” (the guard that is knocked out). He is placed as if he was drunk.
When we are inside, a little girl ask if we are Frank’s friends. We say yes and ask which way is the basement. I get to jam the lock with my picks. Eric has to take the lock apart to repair it. Then we barely make it inside when the guard comes in.
We find a stone that is not like the others in the floor. Severin lifts it up and I find the bar to lift it with. Severin says that he will stay topside with Lusi’s shocker lizard while we go down below.
This room is pretty empty. There is a gigantic safe in the center of the room made out of mythril. Engraved runes on the door.
Armor racks with ceremonial armor on them (crappy as far as functional). Ceremonial weapons and a few masterwork functional weapons. There are two magical weapons.
I get one of them ( a magical long sword).
There is also a wardrobe with a lock on it.
There is breathing coming from behind the safe. Behind the safe is a dragon (that Lusi finds while I am working on the safe with Eric). Have heard of prismatic dragons, but can’t remember what they are called. Severin is called down. He tells a story of dragons long ago were of one rainbow color and then split off. They are supposed to be immortal. They are supposed to be extinct. There is one that exists on Alor. This is a female. A primordial dragon.
Eric mentions that Perrin has the key. Lusi and I go to head upstairs.
Take a piece of gem apple.
Perrin is apparently screwing Terina!
Apparently some guy was supposed to be here tomorrow according to Sara. Perrin was talking to Terina about this.
He has been working with this creepy guy. He looks angular like a sharper kind of elf. His eyes are like dead eyes.
When he looked at Sara, she felt he would do something creepy. He looked cold and lustful. Perrin did not do a thing about it.
“That is the way Malus is,” said Perrin.
Sara helps us into the study and I get into the safe. There are many items in the safe {Nicole has the list}. There are three potions that I am interested in labeled – Pass without trace, Endure Elements, & Fox’s cunning.
We get them with sleep poison. Terina wakes and screams silently. Lusi pummels her and she’s out.
We head back downstairs.
Sara walks us down to get by the guards.
We return to the basement and Eric is offended that I now have the key. We then go to the cage with its key.
Lusi casts restoration on her as we free her. She wraps herself in a cloak and Sara gets some of her clothes for her.
Eric gets the stuff piled in the portable hole. there are dozens of eggs in this false bottom. We use our rod of security to get those eggs in a safe place.
We return to our house via a carriage that Eric acquired.
We go down to the basement of our house to talk.
She shows an illusion of Malus as the one who takes her voice. Malus apparently literally stole her voice. He is smirking the entire time.
Apparenlty he is a Githyanki. They are amongst the first star travelers. They are from a very militaristic society. They have an empire that spans entire worlds. He does not appear to be a full blood.
Aurian shows up. He says that we have been using his name and the Viceri Orderi recently and was concerned. He says that there are no Githyanki in the Viceri Orderi. We show him our dragon that we rescued.
Aurian says that the closest name is the opal dragons (the first dragons). As they bred, most of their colors divided. Their actual numbers dwindled. The opal dragons are more than just dragons. They are one of the pregentitor races. One of the first races. They were as powerful as gods. They sacrificed themselves to protect the universe. She is of the normal size for her race.
Her voice is the method of magic of the first ones – the power of creation.
Aurian is here because the Vicari Orderi wanted to know why there was a lot of Void magic in this area.
We suggest taking the opal dragon to Alor for her protection and her children.
Aurian suggests a demiplane be created with him and Ryselle.
Severin steps out to contact his parents.
Aurian points out that we have a guide to the sisters on our wrists.
There should be a circle with some sort of elemental map. We may need to find the others who bear the mark.
Aurian says that we should concentrate on the sisters. If Devon does to much to the ley lines, the Viceri Orderi and the Arcanis Mageri would get directly involved.
Ryselle and Darrick show up. Ryselle talks with the opal dragon in the language of creation.
After discussion, Aurian and Ryselle feel they can create a demiplane that would incorporate the features of this room.
The room needs to be empty. We go to get a snack and rest.
We get the dragon lady and her children emptied out of the rod of security.
They created an ideal environment for the opal dragons. They even supplanted some treasure.
Variety of food sources.
The created Demiplane is a mile in size.
Lusi hands over the coded ledger to Darrick to look at.
We snack and rest….
(13 dragon eggs that were there.)

Session 26 April 2, 2011
19 Elasis 2525

Awaken the next day. Eric is waiting for one of us to wake up. Lord Perrin was apparently busy this morning. His creepy friend may have seen him, so he pretended to be casing the house. Perrin called him because of ‘missing’ things. Sara has not been seen this morning. All of the servants are being grilled.
Terina has not been seen as well.
We eat breakfast with Aurian and the others. Aurian is talking with Lusi’s mom about merchantile stuff.
Artifact level magic quality robes are what Aurian wears. He is talking with Lusi’s mom about robes being made of this quality.
Lusi is given an item to call Aurian should Devon show up. He would like to speak to him.
Aurian pulls out a square pendant. After placing the dragonette on the pendant, it will get rid of the void magic. The item will have a block of it turn black, when it is full, he will need to come get it. Make sure that no other void mage gets their hands on it. If kept in an extra dimensional space, they will not be able to detect it.
We go to Perrin’s house to get Sara for shopping (this will see how she is doing).
Four guards escort us in. They do not talk.
Perrin says that Sara is not feeling well. “There was a situation, Sara did not fare well because of it.”
Creepy thin man suggests to Perrin that we be allowed to see Sara. We are escorted to her with Creepy Thin Man not far behind. We are led into ‘their’ bedroom. She is very pale – deathly pale. Apparently, she was poisoned. Perrin says that he had a mistress, she left and when he woke up this morning, one of the servants saw her pale. (He is not being completely honest). He is honest about the mistress being gone and that she possibly poisoned Sara, but is not telling the whole truth.
Creepy Thin Man definitely knows a lot more than he is letting on. He is not being as helpful as he could be. He has Lord Perrin cowed.
Creepy Thin Man claims to be a friend of the family. He was away on business during the wedding (apparently). He says his name is Melanus.
Eric says that the guild is getting fat off of whatever is going on at the Telford residence. Rumors are that they are paying of some other guilds as well (some not so nice).
Talk with Sevran and he recommends that I use official channels to get the court mage’s help with this. Once I request and audience, it takes about an hour.
Explain to the lady Rivalla what the situation is. She agrees to come with me.
Lord Perrin rushes out and greets us.
He is concerned. He is surprised she came. He seems somewhat concerned about Sara. He seems somewhat relieved to have the presence of the high mage Rivalla. Melanus smirks slightly when he sees her (crap, I placed her right in a trap – hope she is aware).
We get escorted upstairs, Creepy Thin Man does not follow. Lady Rivalla says she may be able to help discern what it is. She says that a spell is necessary. We need to remain outside the circle. She reinforces the magic already done my Lusi. The doors shut solidly – Creepy thin man has a curious look on his face before the door shuts. He is smirking again (Son Of A Bitch).
During this identify spell, my sword I took from downstairs gets identified along with the magic arrows Lusi has. (6 1 arrows of sleep, 1 arrow of seeing +2, 1 arrow of retrieving, 4 +2 arrows; Bow of Arcane Might [1 bow, can sacrifice spell to add dmg = to spell level]; Luckblade of Subtlety). Silver Lotus Venom is in Sara, Power Word Sleep is affecting her, and some sort of shadowy magic binding these and some other magics together to her (shadow magic).
Lusi gets pushed by Rivalla and Sevarin leaps into the circle shattering the magic pushing me out of the way. One of the panels flicks shut just at the end of that. The high mage and Sevarin are on the ground. Sevarin seems to be poisoned by some sort dart. Rivalla reverts to Ryselle and tells Lusi something. I go to the panel and rip it open – there is a new small passageway behind it. I look for any evidence that our hasty person may have left behind. I find a stopper of sort that is left behind.
We start talking with Perrin and directly asking him questions. He hints about the basement – we lured him into talking. ‘They’ told him to marry her. He does not know who they are – they apparently know some things. All he had to do was find Sara, Seduce her, marry her, and get her with child. Terina showed up and threw herself at him and says that she was his reward. He gets sent messages from the messengers guild.
He does not know where he met Melanus, but apparently trust him like a brother. He does not know when they met.
The Spellguard teleports us to the living room. Mom is upset. Perrin tries to get ‘noble’ on her and is immediately discouraged from continuing.
Rayna and Morgana show up.
Rayna says that she needs to look at the magic. We scare the pants off of a servant.
Rayna forms the residual magic into an orb and looks into it. Apparently, Sara is bound in her sleep – the life leech is draining her life, it seems to be linked to the poison; there is some sort of reactive counter-spell that reacts to any ‘digging’. It looks like the shadow magic and silver lotus may be the foundation for most of the spell effects.
Silver Lotus should be native to this world. whomever made it, should still be here. The passage was formed by Nethrilese magic.
Rayna says that it is most likely the same poison that affected Ryselle and Sevarin.
We go down the passage to see where it leads. The passage is very direct. It was created in the thick walls used for insulation. It ends at a trap door.
Zandra come out of the shadows as I try to hand an ‘egg’ of gas from a trap.
She advises us to place it in a special container which she happens to have.
This trap door goes to another passageway. There is an odor of sewer coming from that direction.
I miss a trip wire – it was designed to ingnite us on fire. We get two more vials of greek fire on it.
It finally opens up into the sewers…
There is an earring, one that was from Terina!
We find an exit to see where we are. It is not too far from the poor quarter.
A drunk offers to buy us a drink. We go in with him to a very seedy bar, The Squinting Keg.
I get hit on by a very direct blacksmith looking fellow. His name is Jack (his friends are not impressed with his lack of tact). I apologize for dashing his hopes of having me in his bed tonight.
Terina apparently is usually seen at the fish and barrel (in with the whores there).
Zandra disappears and then comes back looking VERY different. She is very voluptuous with blue eyes. This identity is referred to as Winter.
We approach – Eric’s mother is hanging off of the balcony.
A man approaches and says ‘Ladies’. Winter says that she is not for hire yet. We are looking for a job.
We are acting as her guards.
A big fat man with a scraggly beard opens the door. He is dressed in fine clothes. He comes out. Winter says she has come to chat with him. The room is empty. It is a fairly large size office. He has splurged on the interior of the office. It is a moderate whore-house.
Lusi knocks him out apparently at Winter’s signal.
I look through the bookshelves to find possible books that are disturbed.
I find the ledger with the book with names and costs, etc.
there is a tall redhead in the book, tan green eyes. There is an entry for a final payout today, she resigned a couple of hours ago.
We get done up as whores to go get information on possibly where Terina went.
Zandra helps us change our look.
She suggests that we be more subtle in our questioning.
We are directed upstairs. On our way we bump into some girl. She mentions someone that we may be replacing.
The worst one just left. She was apparently a bitch from down south. A Cormyrian bitch. She tried to hide it, but was definitely from Cormyr. She was blowing off the rest of her appointments and blew out of here in a hurry.
The pimp’s name is Wilfred. The bitch that left should have been at the Eventree. She would not have lasted there – there are certain standards of behavior there.
After we talk to the house mother we can talk to her (Evi), or get one of the others. Lusi introduces herself as Allison and I as Teresa.
We get the house rules outlined to us. House takes 25% of what they make. We will be on probation for 30 days. If she likes us we will receive free room and board. She prefers to have at least a week’s notice.
We go to the common room and get to know the girls. The door opens and Eric comes in. We exchange hellos. He tells stories to the ladies. He tells us a whole bunch of bull about her day.
Eric starts the cascade about the red headed bitch. Apparently she arrived about two months ago and walked in like she owned the place. She did not exactly make friends during her probationary period. She was acquiring as many Johns as possible without encroaching.
“The kind of behavior you can expect from a Cormyrian bitch.” They walk in a mutch more restrained manner.
Eric offers to help us with our virginity issue (Evi says she can tell at least that I am a virgin by my behavior). Evi says that the red-head was really good about hiding her true origins.
The Eventree ladies charge about ten times the amount here.
Tessa is the name that the redhead went by. There was this one guy that she came in with all the time – he apparently looked like a mutant elf. She saw him a lot!
Eric suggests that we wait until morning and talk to the house mother about this not being for us.
We wait until morning.

20 Elasis 2525
We get breakfast in the morning.
We then meet with the house mother. She is sympathetic to our position. She asks us to recommend the house to other men we meet. A box showed up for us this morning. It has our stuff in it. One of the bouncers takes the box with us to the corner and then suggests that we take a carriage out of this section of town.
Eric says that the redhead looked very hot. That and the rumors are that the Eventree uses a truth spell when she asks questions.
Perrin says that he knew that the assassin was aiming for us by looking through the panel (he can make them transparent).
Perrin met Terina shortly before his wedding.
Melanus was the one that apparently told Perrin to contact the mage’s guild the first time Sara disappeared.
Mom says that we will probably have better luck finding Malus.
However, since Terina pissed off the other ladies at the Fish and Barrel, they probably sold every bit of information to the thieves guild.
Rayna comes in and says that she has determined that the life leech leaves us about a month. The problem is that the binding spell feeds off the magic within the individual. Which means that it will be very tough to break on Ryselle.
The Seven Sisters may be able to break it.
The antidote must be on hand before we break the enchantment. This Silver Lotus poison only exists on Toril. The poison is distilled from it magically. It sends a person into a coma if it does not kill them. It kills the magic inside a person slowly. The shadow magic is preventing it from reaching its full effect. The contingency spell on them is some sort of backlash.
The contingency spell will need to be removed, the poison cured, the shadow binding dispelled, then the life leech, then after that the sleep affect can be done away with.
Darrick says that one of the stilettos thrown at us is standard issue for the Cormyrian Assassin’s guild.
Aurian is officially (according to Darrick), he is a member of the mages guild in the hall of worlds. He is a wordsmith that is a very exacting discipline. He may be one of the most powerful void mages in existence. He is from Alor. Morgana says that he is very well known in the hall of worlds as a seeker of knowledge. He seems to be seeking it more for power instead of just a scholarly persuit. More importantly, he was a student of Karathis. He left after he learned what he needed to know from Karathis. Aurian mastered spellweaving in a very short period of time.
Interestingly enough, Aurian has a lot of similarities to Ryselle. The one form he has not done anything with is elemental magic. Rayna has seen him a couple of times, but not talked to him.
One thing Darrick did not know is that Aurian challenge Ryselle a long time ago. Her position in as Archmage. She told him that he just needed to learn more and come back later.
We talk about going to Aurian’s demiplane to see if we can find a Silver Lotus flower there to derive an antidote.
Darrick says that he may ask Ethan to come (one of his sons) to help.
Morgana sends a message back in time so that Aurian knows to be here.
He shows up. We tell him about what happened to Ryselle and the others. He uses his miniature shadow dragon familiar to explore what is happening to her.
His name is Kol.
He can apparently smell the magic being drawn out of her. He can smell the shadow magic and the poison as well. He can also sense the contingency.
Aurian says they only look like they are standard issue – a powerful illusion. His guess is that they are dark shards. they are pieces of the darkness at the orgin of the universe.
We need to find a place that sells artifacts from other worlds. They hold a tremendous amount of magical energy, but once they are discharged they cannot hold magic again.
The Silver Lotus is most potent harvest at night, preferably under the full moon.
None of us have any idea of what it looks like.
There is a rustling in front of me and a shadow moves forward, it is the black unicorn that lives here.
Lusi and I follow him to an area. There is a crystal clear pool of water where the flower is closed. He touches the flower with his horn and sparkles in the moonlight. The silver lotus plant is called something different on Toril (that is why we were rackin our brains trying to figure it out).
This is a legendary plant. Supposedly there is like one that grows a century. It is commonly known as the star of Selune.
We use the proper ritual. The unicorn pricks my finger with his allacorn when I ask what I can do to repay – then he touches the flowers new bud created from the ritual and it fully blooms (I permanently lose 3 HP to help this happen).
As we return Zandra and Aurian are talking about how one of his family members betrayed him.
Darrick is sitting there with a person right next to him. He has dirty blonde hair almost kind of goldish.
Ethan was the fourth child. Alor’s name was changed to Arda within the past 3000 years due to a cataclysm.
A doorway is created and Ethan uses it to go start preparing the antidote.

Session 27 April 16, 2011
20 Elasis 2525

Ethan can prepare up to six doses of the antidote from the flower.
Darrick departs for the court and takes Perrin with him.
Tymora apparently has indicated that we have peaked Cyric’s interest. Since we have a prophecy attached to us, we are of interest to most of the gods (including Cyric).
Basheba is apparently helping the other side.
“Quests are like ropes, all are intertwined” says Tymora.
There is a silver coin in the place where the avatar of Tymora was.
We return home to go through the items that we acquired. [Nicole has full list]
I check the jewelry box for traps before I try to open the lock – I am struggling a bit. Then I take 20. Then I open the box.
There is a pair of silver combs with moonstones in them, a string of very nice looking pearls, a gold dragon shaped comb, small gold ring with jade and eye agate settings.
The huge scroll case that was in there has two oil paintings. One is a landscape of a really nice-looking house in the countryside. The other is a Lordly portrait of Perrin Tellford.
A scroll case with the heraldic seal of Perrin’s. I break it and there are papers inside. It is a manuscript for Magnificence Born: The Life of a Lord by Lord Perrin Telford.
There is a book on the Seven Sisters amongst the bookcase. Books on noble fashion, books with images of naked women, books on pleasing young brides, and a blank book.
Lusi sends me upstairs and then there is a knock at the door. Standing there is a very tall woman (6’3”). She has black hair, ivory skin, and metallic gold eyes. She is definitely a fighter type. She has a symbol on an amulet that I do not recognize. Her name is Chrystiana – the next person to watch over Ryselle. She does not like to travel to other worlds since her goddess (Allora) does not have a connection here. Chrystiana’s nails are also metallic gold. After reminding Rayna that she needs to return from the library some point, she excuses herself and heads downstairs.
Lusi calls me down and says that Aurian went to take care of the problem that she did not want me go balisitic over. She then says we need to go to the grove of Mielikki outside of town. Eric is entertained by this prospect.
I see the Unicorn horn and barely hold back the tears long enough to get to the center of the grove. I show it to the high druid there and then she tells me to dedicate it to the pool. I have it sink to the bottom as others come to sing a dedication. As it hits the bottom, the glow grows and fills the pool, swirls and a horn rises up out of the pool with gold in its horn the hooves and tail are golden. It is a mare. Walking out of the forest is Mielikki (at least her avatar). The mare will be with me as long as my quest lasts, after which she will return to the grove. She chose to help on her own – it also brings her satisfaction that success in our destiny will pay back those who did the unspeakable act.
Her name is Vanya.
There is a ‘natural’ saddle for my unicorn waiting. Her hair dims and her eyes become more normal, as well, the horn disappears when we are out of the grove.
At Vanya’s suggestion, I tell Sunset that he may become the mount for Aurian – a stallion of his stature would sure qualify.
It is late evening. Eric sold the manuscript. Once the news hit that Perrin was under arrest for conpspiricy to commit murder of Lady Rivalla. There were many people interested, even more after he disappeared. He was able to sell the manuscript for 250,000 gp plus royalties.
He commissioned Evi to clean up the original writing. He also agrees to give Sara 100,000 gp for her troubles.
A knock at the door, Rayna is there with a young man dressed in monk robes with her. It is her Nephew, Alika. He wanted a more active role in helping Ryselle. She goes to identify the items and I bring Alika in and introduce him to Eric and Lusi. He says he wants to help with the ‘more than an antidote’ part of helping Ryselle.
He is tanned – sapphire blue eyes, a very dark brown hair up around his ears, typical red monk outfit, tattoo of the Red Knight on his left arm.
He was apparently born here in Silverymoon. He grew up in a monestary to the Red Knight in Silverymoon.
Ryselle is his grandmother. His father is Therin, one of her sons.
He was apparently only told within the past year about his extended family.
Alika went to the monestary at an early age (5-6).
Rayna has finished identifying the items including the current value of the gems at the time of the casting. All of the items are labeled.
After finishing dessert Lusi looks at the book on Nethril artifacts that Eric got for us.
The Nether Scrolls are 50 in number. The most well known artifacts. They are the collection of the combined knowledge of the mages of Nethril at their height. There is one complete set known to exist in the main library in the city of Tholtanthar. One of the requirements to becoming a mage lord is to read them.
Glow stones can reacharge any item that requires charges. Very
The Great Druid Staff – usually carved from a heartwood of an oak, or from a Treant. It allows the abilities of a druid, dominating animals, resistance against magic. Can absorb magic, but it is risky.
The Elf Blades – Originated in Cormynthor. They were originally created for specific families. The most famous one is The Crown Blade. The blade of the leader of the Elves. You have to bond with the weapons and the must accept you.
The Shemarin – sparkling jewels – tiny elements of null magic that can be used to nullify magical affects on a person.
The Crown of Horns – contains the essence of the former god of death Myrkul. Blackstaff destroyed the original and then reformed it later with more abilities. The crown loves fucking with followers of Cyric. It allows the individual all sorts of control over undead. Alters the user. Since it is possessed by Myrkul, it cannot be removed until Myrkul says so. Slowly the wearer will become undead.
Magus Crown – supposedly there was more than one of them. Anyone who wears one can see invisibility. Can reflect spells as spell turning. It operates as a spellbook and doubles the number of spells per day.
The Dragontear Crown – protects the wearer’s mind from encroachment, necromancy, or transporation effect.
The Imask Arcana – series of seven artifacts: Crown and scepter are the only known pieces.
The Star of Mystra – it is an amulet tied to the hearts of her children. It apparently allows a person to speak with them or find them!
The Mythalar – The large pillars in the center of the cities that generate a massive bubble of magic that allows the city to float and powers other magical items in the cities.
The Netharis – there were originally seven now only three remain. Six armed statue with sockets for nine gems. there is one for each hand, one for each eye, and one for the soul gem in the center of the chest. Each gem must be created and then inserted into the socket in the correct order. The soul gem must also be created and requires the use of a willing living soul. Each gems are essentially small mythals. One the statue is empowered – you can use it to bypass Mystra or the weave.
There is a diagram of how the statue works. After activated, the six hands form six lines of power. As long as you pull power from six different laylines, you can accomplish any magical work. It completely bypasses any requirements for any discipline, including void magic.
We give the intelligent dagger to Eric (it sounded just like him).
The blank book requires a certain condition to possibly read. Unknown to us at this time.
Rayna apparently has something for the two of us. We get Haversacks.
I take the Bracers of Quick Strike (MIC81) [make one extra attack with weapon one is holding at full attack] and the Vest of Escape (4 to open locks; +6 to escape artist), Amulet of Natural +1, and Arcane Thieves Tools (2 circum on disable device and open locks). Spider Climb Potion (3 doses).
Zandra comes in at some point and gives a questioning look to Alika until we introduce him.
We discover that Eric is a spellthief – and according to Rayna they are very rare.
Apparently Eric has some stuff for us as well. He leaves for couple of minutes, comes back with a couple of boxes and a bag.
Inside the box is a mug, 2 pouches (1 sm and 1 lg), and a spool of rope. The mug will fill with water, cheap ale, or cheap wine; small pouch is trail rations that can be eaten all day long; the spool has rope that will never run out; large pouch is awesome – survival pouch – inside has trail rations for a full day , or a waterskin full of water, or a coil of rope, or a shovel, or a tent and two bedrolls, or a campfire, or a composite short bow with a quiver of arrows, or a mule. Can only use it five times per day.
He also gives us a field provision box. Food and water for up to 15 people a day or 5 horses.
Also a mount provision bag that can be used once per day.
We plan on going to Nethril to research the location of the Star of Mystra.
The statues and the sisters could be used in conjunction with the sisters could have farther reaching affects.
Sisters’ souls in stones? (not yet)
During our discussion about Melanus, Aurian comes in and states that he is a minor Void mage. He simply brought him to the reward that would have met him after death.
He insinuates that he sent him to one of the levels of hell.
He senses my unicorn, Vanya, and I tell him about the circumstances.
He suggests that I bring her by his grove at some point to meet Kir (the black unicorn).
Melanus is not a member of the Vicari Orderi.
Aurian wonders why Melanus would want the opal dragon’s voice – he would not be able to use it.
Aurian feels that Lusi has the best chance of defeating someone linke Melanus. Aurian shows us the origin of the universe. He says there are shards of void and creation throughout the universe. The gods got their power from the Origin. Ao received his power from the Origin itself.
The Lady Ryselle is priest as well as a mage.
The magic of Creation can be used to counter the Void. Priests can access the power of creation.
Aurian has requested a forbiddance on this world from the Vicari Orderi. No further void mages will come here.
Alika says theorizes the unbalancing of the weave could cause the entire realm to become unbalanced.
Aurian says that he has not heard the Star of Mystra in a long time. It was a pendant that was made for Elue (their mother). It was last seen around Elue’s neck.
Rayna says she died of old age. It probably was returned to the temple of Mystra.
Lusi asks where the main temple of Mystra is. It may be in Cormyr. Possibly in high moon.
We need to head there. We plan on going to teleport if we can afford it.
We offer a place for Alika to rest.
We go to rest…

Session 28 May 21, 2011
21 Elasis 2525

Awaken and pray at the dawn.
I end up forgetting and going back into my room (where Alika is staying) by accident. This slightly upsets my mom.
Morgana shows up.
She is here to stay depending on if something happens (we are not allowed to know).
Alika apparently had a strange dream last night. He started in a long hallway with different events on murals (time of troubles, etc.). At the end of the hall – there was an orb that was gold that emitted a silver light. There were some metal armored figures fighting what seemed like elves. They at least had the same sharp angles. They defeated the armored beings. Several more of these elf-like figures. They were leading 8 women in. There was a man with red robes, bright red hair, and an odd red ring around his eyes (same color as his robes). He seemed like he was in charge ordering the lackies to place the girls in certain locations. He had a star-like amulet. He started a chant that sounded ominous. Some sort of black chains kept the girls in place. The star shot out a beam of black energy at each of the women. The orb shot a beam of light at the amulet and the darkness crept up tarnishing the orb until it was black and the girls aged quickly. He was then slapped out of the dream….
Morgana makes a comment about the dreams happening at the rise of the dark moon.
She also talks about the mage in the dream being a creepy bastard.
Morgana says that the orb is the orgin.
We get our stuff together. Rayna is willing to give us teleportation scrolls to allow us to travel. She says that she would like a nifty book for her if we come across one. Morgana wants a crème filled pastry. Fluffy with powdered sugar.
Morgana makes some very tiny scrolls.
Eric shows and Ethan agrees to make him some chocolate waffles and crapes.
Eric say that if we need to get information, we are to give them an item to the guild (a slip of paper with a dirty limerick). It will allow them to sell us information.
Zandra gets some of Ethan’s breakfast food when he comes out from the stable.
Lusi reads the scroll which just stays “ouch”. According to the scroll she has horrible pronunciation (she said it questioningly).
We appear just outside of High Moon. It is a very large city – spires shining in the sunlight.
It is near a forest and on the fork of a river. The mountains are in the distance (about 30 mi.).
We are just off of the main trade road with a lot of traffic on it. The flag of High Moon does have the symbol of Mystra on it.
It is smaller than Silverymoon but still large.
The Main Temple is in the center of the city. The main road will take us there.
We go through multiple gates. Guards being more attentive as we go inside.
The last gate we are charged a gold piece per person for going in.
We get to the temple. We go through inside. The Atrium is huge!
In the center there is this floating shining star.
Ask to see the high priestess. Then use the votives and pray to have Mystra help with this.
A woman with dark hair and green eyes with the robes of the priest of Mystra.
She asks about what we plan on doing with the eight sisters once they are found. We tell her the truth about wanting to save Ryselle, keeping them safe, and possibly having them help with saving the universe.
The object we seek is not here, contrary to popular belief. She cannot say exactly where it is. She does say this:
The youngest daughter lies beyond the mists in the realm of void and shadow. Follow the way of gold to the daughter of Midnight. Only in the dark of the moon should the stars be revealed to the light.
She (Mystra) also sent a message to me. Betrayl is the way of darkness, and has cast the soul of the shadowed one in jeopardy. Know that the light of the truth may bring him from the edge of the abyss. And only then will he be worthy of the task set upon him.
The high priest opens drawer and hands me a symbol of Mystra and states that it will help us on our quest.
Lusi requests the usage of the temple library. We are led there.
Lusi is going to look up the Star of Mystra.
Alika about the Origin.
I will look up information on Aurian.
Zandra will look up information about the Gythanki.
I stumble across a small book (handwritten) that talks about mages of other worlds. The World Travelers: Mages from Other Worlds by Elden Faerlin. In it is a small table of contents with a list of several names (many of which I recognize – Devon Rehaltis, Malus Blackthorn, Rayna DeJordain, Laurayamara Sulari, Ovis Maysteri, Melinda Hamilton, Merlin, Erichtho, Rune Brightstar, Karathis, Ryselle Spellsinger.). There are about a half a dozen others that I don’t recognize. Aurian Kadayna is one of the ones in the table of contents. I go and get a copy made.
Zandra says that the Githyanki originated on this world. They were once slaves to the Ilithid. They were the product of a selective breeding program. They are resistant to psyionics and freed themselves. They killed many Ilithid. At some point they broke the back of the Ilithid. Eventually there was someone who said that after their empire crumbled that they should stop others wanted to destroy them all. This split them into the Githyanki and Githzerai.
The Githyanki left Toril to live on the Astral plane. The Githzerai live in limbo.
They both have a very martial society and have cities all over the place, but none know on Toril.
Lusi found the elemental correspondents and their colors.
Alika found that the universe was created in a golden light.
We head out of the library and Lusi asks about a good inn. The recommendation is for the Spinning Coin (founded by a follower of Tymora).
Thadius is the name of the provider of the inn.
Lusi goes downstairs to enjoy herself.
I go and read my resently copied book. I read about Aurian. He was born on a world that was known as Alor (now Arta). Was born Elvaris. He was born in the middle of the civil war that was happening there. He was very young when his mother died in the war, his father not too long afterward. Aurian swore to protect those he cared about apparently at any cost. He became a scholar and studied the high temple of Allora. Traveling and gathering knowledge. He finally gained access to the Libris Ominius. He spent literally hundreds of years gaining knowledge of magic and other worlds. He returned to Elvistani where he offered his services to the court and then mocked by those who thought he was asking for a station higher than he had. He bided his time and ended up saving Elvistani with his words. The king gave him a boon. Aurian was obsessed with learning everything. He wanted to study with the spellweavers. This is how he became Karathis’ apprentice.
The author says that when asked, Aurian described himself as having difficulty learning spellweaving dispite learning it quickly. His teacher explains that Aurian’s mind did not match well with his master of words. The similarity allowed Aurian to bend the magic. Karathis is the one who suggested that he move on from Spellweaving to other stuff.
Aurian is known as a master of True Magic (the magic of words). That combined with his mastery of spellweaving makes him unique throughout the worlds. As a result he was able to tap into the power of creation with his words. According to the author, he actually knows some of the words of creation.
Aurian achieved a level of power only achieved by a few others on his world. He decided he wanted to give himself the ultimate test by challenging Ryselle. Aurian though it was time for a new Archmage.
She handed his ass to him. She suggested the he needed to master himself before he could truly master magic.
At this point, the author is not sure that Aurian truly understood what Ryselle was trying to say. That is when Aurian began learining the magic of the Void. Apparently his grandfather was a master of Void magic and a member of the Vicari Ordiri. The author speculates that Aurian’s talent in Void magic lie in his great discipline. For the first time a void mage came about that actually knew the words of creation. It seems that his grandfather killed him when he heard that the Vicari Orderi wanted to offer Aurian a spot (which can only happen when there is a slot open…).
Aurian was devastated not only because his grandfather forced him to kill him and that he was betrayed by his own family. The author says that Void mages usually end up being dark. Aurian seems very good at walking the tight rope of being not good, but not evil either. There is also talk of his own demiplane. He is probably immortal and has live around 3000 years.
The evening passes….
The night passes….

22 Elasis 2525
We gather our stuff and teleport ourselves to the teleportation square and then head to Cyrus’ house.
Cyrus’ house has been destroyed.
We head to Roshan’s family’s house. Apparently someone was supposed to get a hold of us. By all accounts Cyrus went mad and destroyed his house. Both Roshan and Cyrus are missing. Cyrus’ parents are in a council meeting and cannot be disturbed.
Apparently the messages were sent magically. Ardeith and Asura were able to get out shortly after.
The explosion occurs three days ago. The Spellguard found that Cyrus’ magic was responsible for the destruction. If Cyrus and Roshan are not found soon, they will forfeit the privalage of building the city.
We get taken to the building where Cyrus had locked himself away. Usually when murals are signed, they are neat. There is some sort of scrawl in a place where there are the pirate isles are mapped. Roshan’s mother, Lavanna, looks at and waves her hand. It says “Help us R C”.
Zandra says that this isle is a very bad place for anyone to be taken. She grew up there. People who grew up there are trained to kill or die.

Session 29 May 30, 2011
22 Elasis 2525

21,000 XP (62,300 total) (go to 11th level)

Zandra recommends that we go to Sanctuary first instead of going directly there (in the midst of assassins).
Lavanna transports us there.
We appear in a courtyard on a mosaic in the shape of a star. short robed uniforms with spell pouches and short swords. It is very hot.
The buildings are made out of a pale grey stone (sandstone).
The shimmering in the air stops after we pay our 5 gold each and the horses.
The guards spruce up when the appear to recognize Zandra.
We step out of the courtyard into the chaos of the area. The guards seem to not care very much about what happens.
Sanctuary is a place of refuge for anyone – no questions are asked of where one is going or from. The council of thieves is very specific on what is allowed.
No killing – unless they pull a weapon first. Rape is frowned upon. If we steal something 50% is owed to the council. The guild controls everything here. This is not a place for the fainthearted. Don’t steal any ships (most likely pirate vessels).
Zandra usually wears some sort of torque around he neck, except now. She has an elaborate tattoo on her chest.
Zandra recommends the One-Eyed Dog as the best place for us to gain a ship.
Standard fare is about 20 GP per person unless we want a more quiet arrival is 100 GP per person.
Zandra usually has short black hair green eyes. Typically has black and grey vest.
We boldly walk into the One-Eyed Dog.
The bar is in the very center. Bartender is a one-eyed huge man.
He moves like a warrior of some sort. He does have some sort of weapon on his hip. He seems to know everyone.
Most of the people in here seem to be seapeople. There are some travelers and mages as well.
Some men motion us over to their table. Zandra says they are part of the merchant marine.
They are wearing a blue shirt with their names embroidered in them (denim). The guy who called us over has more marking than the other on his uniform.
His name is Jered. He says that this is definitely the place to find a really good captain.
We tell him we need to go to Aetris, Morridan. He says their ship is too bottom-heavy to make it there.
The entire island is surrounded by reefs.
The Bay of Morridan is referred to as Kelemvor’s Shipyard. He mentions that Captain Quinlin may be in port with the Star Raven.
He says that Captain Quinlin most likely will be in this evening.
The other fellow is Remus and knows some tall tales. According to him, his ship can face ghost ships and is nigh invincible.
Waylan is the quiet one at the table. He is the ships chronicler. He is also the math of the navigation. He is basically a scholar who decided to go to sea when his wife left with another man.
We talk with him about why we are here, not disclosing much.
A woman with long red hair steps in. Everyone seems to know this pirate captain.
Jered calls her “Queen of the Raging Seas”.
Remus says that according to the stories, Capt. Quinlin was out doing pirate stuff and there was a huge storm that was going to ruin the ship. She screamed to the heavens and told him that if she one an arm wrestling match with him that her vessel would not be touched by storms again.
If we ever happen to be in a port of call and the Tanzer is there, he asks us to look them up.
Capt. Quinlin comes over after Jered motions her to do so.
It will be 50 gold per head per way plus 20 gold per horse. They will wait outside the bay for two days. If we do not call them in, they will leave with our other portion of the gold.
They are leaving port tomorrow morning. She says she should have the Star Raven’s crew ready by then.
We leave to go find ourselves an inn for the night. We go toward the nicer section of town.
We take their pouches and leave. I go in search of a beggar to get me a facilitator.
I ask to have a facilitator with the weaver’s guild. I am told to wait in the café.
There are boxes with the ‘weaver’s symbol’ for deposit. The facilitator leaves and leaves behind a small little wooden coin that I take and put away.
The small coin is a voucher for my fee. Zandra takes us over to the Randy Candle.
It is 5 gold per person and 5 gold per horse for superior treatment.
Zandra says that our things should be safe in our room.
We go downstairs and eat dinner. Our table is given a wide birth.
the night passes uneventfully….

23 Elasis 2525
We head down to the Star Raven.
It is a large three-masted ship. It is armed with cannons. Cannons are creations of dwarves and gnomes.
It also has a war deck with ballista at either end.
We will be staying in a common cabin. We turn our horses over to the stableman.
We prepare to get underway….

Session 30 June 11, 2011

23 Elasis 2525 (continued)
We head out to sea and are heading north.
Lusi gets seasick….
The first mate gives her a brew that seems to help.
I enjoy the sea air.
During lunch we are told to make sure we eat an orange.
It is going to take about three days to get to Morridan.
There are other vessels in the area. The first mate explains that the pirate isles that are erroneously named. It used to be for those fleeing the Cormyrian Navy. The pirates formed a city-state of sorts. There is a blanket treaty over the islands. The council resides on Sanctuary. They negociated a treaty with Cormyr to leave them alone – the terms being that they police their own.
Morridan is typically one of those isles that one does not want to go to. Few people go there, and if they return, they don’t talk about it. Most don’t return.
Where Zandra is from is a place of orphans trained to do various things for various reasons. They have a code that they do not violate. Roshan and Cyrus do not fall under that code (‘fair game’).
While we are with Zandra we will have one day’s safe passage. Afterwards, we must have special dispensation to stay.
We pass into night. It is extremely beautiful!
We rest in our bunks for the night….

24 Elasis 2525
At the crack of dawn – the day for the ship begins.
There is no land in sight.
There are dolphins about. Lusi finally gets up and the first mate is not exactly gentle in the giving of the elixir to her.
About midday there is another ship that sails past. Someone signals them that we are not pirates. They are privateers blue and white sails and the sanctuary flags. This ship flies under Captain Quinlin’s personal symbol.
Inside the second reef around Morridan are the sharks. They serve as guards and a test.
There is the trade city (that is the only area accessible by visitors) then there are the cliffs that is where they live.
There is only one path that ships can take to the island that is safe. We will be taking a longboat to get to the island (so that the captain does not damage her ship).
The trade city is controlled, but it is not as harsh as the rest of the island. Zandra says that we should seek information as soon as we get into the trade city. Roshan and Cyrus may have been taken there.
The captain gets oranges from Jacenta and stores them in some sort of magical container.
The female sailor calls the people of Morridan the Ashun.
The local council in Idis officially control the island. The are there so the Ashun don’t have to deal with the niceties.
According to what she has heard, the Ashun start training them when they can walk until they either leave the island or die trying.
She feels that they increase the population by taking people (orphans etc.).
The Ashun have a heiarchy. There is the one in charge (The Ashun), the trainers, then everyone else. Everybody else is ranked based on their capabilities. According to the stories, Zandra is approximately the ‘royal princess’ of assassins. The Ashun went nuts and sat at the council to tell them that they would look for her. Apparently there is a reward for her return.
Apparently Morridan gives the Captian and the crew the creeps. The sailor’s father is apparently a cook.
The rest of the second day passes and we enjoy dinner.
The Captian eats dinner with the crew, but eats breakfast and lunch in her cabin.
We rest….

25 Elasis 2525
In the night (early morning), a storm comes up. There is rain, but the seas are not rocking within 100 feet of the ship. The ship is not affected at all within 100 feet.
We all go out on deck to see this.
There is a Beautiful Sunrise after the storm clears.
We go to breakfast.
We return to rest for a few hours more of sleep before we go to the island.
There is a ship firing on us that is larger than this one!
It is flying a pirate flag.
The pirate ship is called the Vanguard.
I run screaming when Capt. Bloodstone tells me to surrender. The doc gives me some liquid courage when I get below deck.
I return in time to hear Lusi say “ your boyfriend is waiting for you!” just before she lightning bolts a girl to death.
There is a god on deck with the captain holding on to the trident with her.
There is a very fluid masculine voice say “Surrender”.
Many people running all over the ship.
A tarnished bronze dragon leaps out of the water of the sinking Vanguard and flies away.
Talos (the god) says “He should not bother you again, beloved.”
She says that we can take a longboat (it would be a couple of hours to get there). They will have to drop off the horses later.
She estimates it will take about five days to repair.
She will be moored here for a couple of hours.
I go and talk with Vanya before we leave and that we will have to leave her on the ship. She tells me “Call me if you need me”.
The captain calls Zandra the Ashura Zandra.
The captain turns into a mermaid as she dives toward the wreckage of the Vanguard.
The sailors follow the signs through the safe passage into the trade harbor.
The entire island is protected from teleportation in and out. There is a guild teleportation pad in the trade city.
We are welcomed to Aetis by Farin.
We are given a map and some directions. Access to the tops of the cliffs are restricted.
We just need to send a messanger to the docks to tell them where to send our horses.
We head to the Regency Inn to lay our heads down.
Grecian architecture. This is an extrememely clean city.
There are very nice flowers everywhere. The people wear very little clothing.
Every person is wearing a choker, amulet, or ring with the same size stone, and of the same primary jewel colors.
We are greeted by woman in a nice toga.
Each room is charged by the person 1 gold soverign per person. Suite is 10 gold soverign.
Each room includes the three standard meals. An additional fee can get you more refined meals. There is a bathouse out back. They also have extensive stables out back. Standard stabling comes with the suite up to one per person.
This lady has a blue stone in her ring.
After Zandra comes forward, we get handed a fancier set of keys. She addresses Zandra as Ashura.
We are guided to the top floor. He bows and says I am Zeylan I am at your service, Ashura.
Zandra corrects his assumption that we are her servants.
Zandra says that there is a loose organization of thieves here.
The gems are an indicator of the person’s place. Blue indicates merchantile.
It is more occupation and capability.
Black stones are for criminals. Those who have been convicted of a crime. The rings are required for identification in some areas.
We must wait for our vistitor stones to arrive before we go out and look for Cyrus and Roshan.
The would have been given purple stones (for mages). The stones are attached to a person’s aura.
We need to go to the mage’s guild to talk to someone about track a person’s gem.
My gem becomes clear, but the rim around it it red. Green means priest (Lusi).
We head out and go to the mage’s guild.
There is a girl there to greet us. She tells us that we need to have a higher mage talk to us. We are asked to wait in what looks like a small room.
Two seconds later, a corridor appears to which leads a large door. There is a man at the desk, he is GORGEOUS! (His name is Tarial)
He says it will take about 12 hours. If the signature or hidden via a protection against scrying he will not work.
We head back to the inn.
Lusi and I bathe and relax the rest of the day away. Tarial is there … he has a full set of wings tattooed on his back.
After that, we rest the night….


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