The Legend Reborn

The Tale of the Adventure as told by Muri, Part 2

Session 11 September 29, 2010
27 Kythorn 2525

We go back to the house and talk with mom about this. Sevran and Eric apparently do not trust Kirin enough to use the basement instead of the living room.
The statue is a weapon. It is from the less peaceful days of Nethril. There were two factions that faught for control of the magic. There was one that created the mythals and the other that did through fear and control. The statue was a means for this. The statue has six hands that each would have a gem of different color. It is with this that each strand of the weave can be seized. If the are able to peform the ceremony to attune it to the weave, then they can take control of the weave. It would not be good for anyone but them. Kirin was transporting the statue to be destroyed. It will take them several months to set up a ceremony. Kirin believes that we are a possible part of this ceremony.
Kirin asks who we are (we don’t say because we only really knew him for about 3 days).
Mom asks who he is – the Assimir Kirin of Mulhorandi. It is his duty to guard the ancient arts – magical items such as this statue is destroyed.
Mousoud was responsible for guarding the statue. No one knew what it was until it was stolen. The Nethril identified it when they researched it. The statue does not have anything on it identifying it as Nethrilize. It was Kirin’s duty to find it. He theorizes that we are a key to something they want to do.
They would give the statue to the Olinar Mentis if we are not there within the three days.
We discuss going to Nethril. We seem to have very little option.
We go and get things together with Eric.
After we go find Kirin. One of the girls of town is hanging all over him and he does not care.
We return with Kirin home. Rauld’s booming voice is inside.
We introduce Kirin to Rauld.
Kirin is shocked when Rauld calls the statue by its name – the Netharis.
The Calminol Luminis is willing to take the statue to be destroyed if we are able to get our hands on it. We will be given a device that will allow us to contact them when we have the statue.
Rauld is going to see what he can do to help mitigate the experience level of the Olinar Mentis that would be in the area.
We need to find out why we seem to be so significant.
Eric catches up to us and hands me the red haversack. (after poking me in the ass – and taking my pouch – he does hand it back)
Rayna is walking towards us with Sevran and Stefan.
Rayna has come to lend assistance with the Olinar Mentis. Rayna says that there were seven of these types of statues in existence. Each one has its own name. She believes that there are only three remaining (of which the Netharis is one).
Each of the statues serves different purposes. There was never any documents showing which statue does what. Using an identify spell has been known to drive the caster insane when used on the statue. There was a legend concerning the use of the statues according to Rayna. It talked about the great darkness returning the control of magic to the Nethril. These statues were ment to be used as weapons. The gemstones in the statues are miniture mythals. If you know how the use the statue you can bypass the goddess of magic and directly control the weave.
Devon and his ilk would want to use the statues to gain control of the weave. There are shadow mages amongst the Nethril. Shadow magic uses the dark side of the weave – usually used for evil. Shadow magic went ‘out of style’ about 1500 years ago.
Devon is part of an ancient multi-world organization that wants to take over everything. Far worse than the Olinar Mentis. Ryselle has confirmed that Devon is part of an ancient order that is dedicated to ‘darkness’. She cannot say their name for fear of that the mention of the name will alert a member nearby (e.g. on the same world). Devon is a fairly new member of the order – this is probably his way of showing his abilities.
The haversack did belong to Stefan’s younger sister, . There was no evidence of blood on it. Rayna says the owner of the backpack is still alive but cannot be located.
Rayna will be on Toril for a while. Sevran will contact her if we get in over our head.
We continue resupplying.
We get back to the house and our horses where Kirin is waiting for us.
Kirin poofs us from the teleportation pad.
It is another day and a half travel from here….
It is very desolate. It is the black road.
The day passes uneventfully. We pull off the side of the road for the night. A merchantile wagon is already there. We set up camp.
Sevran almost sits on a shocker lizard and pays the price.
We set watches…
Scorpions attack!

28 Kythorn 2525
We arrive close to Morridin the next day. Stefan and Sevran are going to go in separtely so thay do not appear to be with us. We go in about a half an hour after they do.
There are four inns in the town….

Session 12 October 6, 2010
28 Kythorn 2525

Converse with a ‘beggar’. She recommends the Copper Pot for great food. She recommends the Laughing Lion for an inn that does not have prying ears. An inn with ale-loosened lips is the Screaming Dwarf.
Kirin wants a middle of the road in. Stefan makes a comment about the bad guys and Kirin curses something in another language.
We head to the Copper Pot. Kirin mentions that people tend to watch the more affluent inns.
The wood here is ironwood. Impressive.
It is getting a bit busy.
Stabling services offer healing for extra. It costs 1 gp per night. 3 gp per night for rooms.
Bar on other side of the door. Locks are simplistic.
Kirin and I go to stable the horses.
There are bathing rooms in the basement 1 sp for common pool, 1 gp private.
We have an eight course halfling meal for the next two hours. Main course was ham steak.
We rest.
29 Kythorn 2525
I wake with a serious hangover. Sevran takes me on a run and then some sparring. Then we go to the public baths to get cleaned up and relaxed.
Then we go for breakfast.
Need to find a group that may be guarding something that just drifted into town.
I return to the beggar I met yesterday to ask her about this.
She says there was a group of likely fellows that seemed enthusiastic, but agitated about something. They are currently staying at the Emerald Inn. They seemed the unlikely sort to be staying at such accomodations. It seemed above their station. There were six of them. She does not see any of them nearby now. She says they are seeking friends as well and that if we go there. They are specifically looking for a Anasasi man escorting two women who bear a striking resemblance to my sister and I. She suggests that I stay away from the corner near the Lapping Lion. Not all those who are on corners are as kind as her.
There are some rude guys on the corner that appear to not belong. They look like Kirin’s nationality. They seem to think they are all that. There are only three of them on the corner. They are about our age.
The mouth off at us and idiotically at Sevran. They shoot his flipping coin with a magic missile. He says they will meet again.
The Emerald Inn is too secure for us to get it from there. We are harassed by those guys again on our way out. We keep on walking.
Lusi hears someone ask the uncouth guys if they have found who he is looking for, they state not yet and he tells them to go look.
We return to the inn and Kirin is there. The meeting is set for tomorrow at noon outside of town.
Kirin says there were three others in town.
We feast again and there is CAKE!
We rest.
The next day dawns.

30 Kythorn 2525
We eat breakfast. Our meeting is at noon.
We go to the meeting place outside of town.
They have no intention of letting the statue go…”Take them”

Session 13 October 12, 2010
30 Kythorn 2525

Kirin used a shot of Eldrich energy (he may be a Warlock)
Devon shows up as the one we were supposed to meet with tries to leave. Devon takes him away to chat.
According to the last one standing, the person who we were supposed to meet has the statue.
“Uncle Karathis” shows up looking for Devon.
If Devon had the statue, he could do whatever he wanted magically in that area (forbidden spells, etc.).
Karathis suggests seeing the library in Nethril, a sage specializing in ancient artifacts or Nethril, or talk to Eliminster (what!)
We search around where Omari was standing, there is something shiny! I pick it up…..
It is a lightning gem, I get severely shocked and drop it as I scream.
Severin says Rayna is supposed to show up soon. She arrives and takes a look at the gem. It is a lightning gem. The ones that are from the deepest parts of the plane of lightning do what that did.
She says it is cut very unusual. The statue requires six gems and a soulstone to work. There were not any gems in the statue when the merc saw it. This gem may be one that Devon already collected.
Lusi drops the gem in a leather pouch from off of one of the dead mercs.
Rayna desintigrates the remaining bodies before we return to the copper pot.
We rest the night.
1 Flamerule 2525
Get breakfast. Then we head to the weapons shop to sell the weapons that we will not be using.
We make 8 gold trade bars.
The merchant suggests that we create an account at the banking service at the mages guild.
He shows a set of armor that is very fine chain made from a metal that is from another plane.
We sell the merc armor.
It is Solinarium from the Celestial Plane. He wants 25K gp for it.
We head to the mages guild.
Identification is 1250 gp for all of the potions.
Lusi says we should look for an Alchemist. We find one near the big (rare) apple tree.
She say her standard fee is 50 gp each. She needs two hours.
Two hours later she has them done – 5 healing potions, 2 increase manual dex (cat’s grace), 1 displacement, and 1 neutralize poison, 1 endure elements. Each are tagged.

Session 14 October 16, 2010
1 Flamerule 2525

I take 2 of the healing potions and the neutralize poison, and displacement potion.
We return to the weaponshop at Severin’s sugesstion. (Jabir is the name of the weaponsmith).
As I am looking at weapons, a man comes in and answers “You should get whatever you want”.
It is Devon. We try to negotiate a deal with him for the gem. He says that he will offer us an opportunity to shop at ‘Union City’. He wants the gem. We accept an offer from him to have whatever we want withing the armor and weaponshop in exchange for the gem. I get some dragonforged swords and Lusi acquires some shirken. The weapons are of enchantable quality.
Dragonforged swords cannot rust, never need sharpening and considered keen.
We go to the armor smith. Janar’s armor shop. I heavily suggest that Lusi get the Solinarium armor while I look for some magic armor of my own. He has three options.
Elven armor made for a nature sort. It is elven chain with a special ability to protect from fatigue and exaustion.
Typical elven chain.
Very light very flexible green armor.
I choose the nature armor set. I am immune to fatigue and exhaustion with it.
Devon pays for that as well.
He disappears just after Karathis shows up.
We return to the copper pot.
We need to find the trail of the Haversack or get to the scrying room on Cormyr.
Karathis allows us to sample Fried mushrooms from Alor.
Severin goes to blow off some steam with his father after we inform him of our deal with Devon.
We go to change into our new armor and weaponry.
We plan on looking for Astara. Karathis suggests the reverse of a locate object (locate person) could be use. However, she is protected from such things.
Stefan says that she would have most likely headed toward Silverymoon.
We discuss getting Ethan and his brother to help us. Karathis suggests that we keep Stefan in Silverymoon. He mentions that Princess Yelana is Stefan’s ‘girlfriend’. They were supposed to be introduced eventually.
Karathis mentions that Ryselle and Darrick are in the palace in Silverymoon.
They are the general and the high mage there. They are there to protect the high lord and lady as well as their daughter.
He recommends finding some people with either Clerical skills, roguish skills, or both.
Karathis says we need a few things: finding her is a noble goal, but may be over our heads at this point. He says to take it whichever way the wind blows us. Tells us not to get in over our heads.
Severin returns. Karathis departs.
Severin agrees to join us while leaving Stefan in the care of his parents in Silverymoon.
Stefan gives Lusi a Harper token. He speculates that she may have been rescued by the Harpers or the thieves guild.
Among other things, he gives us an item that will allow his sister to recognize that we are from him. We are to tell her that we got it from the rose garden – where they used to play tag to their mother’s dismay.
Ryselle shows up to take Stefan to Silverymoon.
Ryselle gave us a provisions box to use while on the road.
We are to leave the next day. We can fill the box with tonight’s meal.
He pays with a gem and the recipe for his mother’s Baklava.
While we are resting Eric shows up!
He found that he got the pack from a couple of slavers. They do their work north of the Dalelands, east of Nethril.
He also gives us something that he found while hovering around Sara’s Fiance’s house.
He had a scroll in a secret compartment under the bed. The symbol on the front is a statue with six arms.
I put the scroll in the new belt.
Sara’s wedding in two weeks. The Fiance’s house is under constant survaillance (much to the guild’s dismay).
The guild is interested in him in another way. Eric was to look for something weird.
The guild in the dalelands is cool.
The one in Cormanthor is good, but elven.
The one in Nethril, usually consorts with slavers, but may be able to get one to roll for the right price.
The one in Cormyr, is very rule-focused and loyal to the crown.
The Sembians are backstabbers.
We invite Eric to dinner with us….

Session 15 October 24, 2010
1 Flamerule 2525

Sara apparently received a makeover from a traveling group. This was the same group apparently that was in Cormyr just before the royalty got assassinated. (Coincidence?)
Eric says that he will get us a book that he won on rare artifacts (if we get him something cool [must be acquired and not bought]).
We head to the practice ring to look at the scroll.
I check the scroll tube for traps before opening it. It is made out of brass w/2 caps. Both are nicely carved with a [middle-eastern] look. There is a sigil in each cap.
I try to disarm it, (I roll a 1 – son of a bitch). I only have one trap go off.
It explodes in my face – OUCH!
Next I barely avoid getting hit with a beam that shoots out.
The seal on the scroll is the symbol of the slavers (Nethrilize slavers).
IT is a map with a mountainous area and some symbols that I am not familiar with.
Severin deciphers what it means. It has cooridinates and words (possibly passwords).
This map is most likely of the Anorach.
This could be a special map for the slavers.
We plan on heading there after breakfast in the morning.
We experiment with the magical map. [It works off of our knowledge]. It was able to pinpoint our location within the inn.
A girl? Dressed in simple robes who is bald gives us a gentle warning from her mistress not to look at Thay with a magical device again.
The night passes uneventfully.
2 Flamerule 2525
We eat breakfast and a to go order along with the preservation box (it will approximately hold two weeks worth of food). A halfling man comes out. He is Raben the chef.
For another recipe, he will fill the box.
We get our stuff together and stop by the mage’s guild on our way out of town to deposit the money. We get an amulet to identify us to the guild. We should be able to get our money within hours (immediately at the larger guilds). The messenger’s guild is also an acceptable agent. IF we have the amulet taken there are methods of identifying us.
There is a small charge for transporting money from a large establishement to a smaller one.
We head out toward the cooridinates.
It passes uneventfully.
It will take us nine days
3 Flamerule (day 1)
The day is cooler…a caravan passes us by.
4 Flamerule (day 2)
5 Flamerule (day 3)
It is even cooler on this day.
6 Flamerule (day 4)
HOT damn HOT on this day. There appears to be a very large dust cloud streching across the horizon – a sandstorm.
We are trapped in a tent with our horses during the sandstorm for 5 hours.
We dig ourselves out and continue on….
7 Flamerule (day 5)
We see two armies streched before us. They are screaming insults at each other.
We here someone say from behind us that “you will come with us”.
They are of the Jidal. I have heard of a tribe of nomads called the Jidar (but they are from the far east in Nethril.) We are accused on spying.
We are taken into the midst of the armies. We hear what sounds like a lovers quarrel (it is not). The female makes the ultimatum that in the morning she will cut his balls off.
We are taken to a large tent where we are thrown inside. We are told we will stay here or die.
The leader who is here is Tedir. His mistress orders him to leave. He threatens us with death if we harm her. She is the Rahid Samir.
She mentions that only those who have sworn their alliegence can ever find the place.
She indicates that she believes this situtation will be resolved tomorrow.
She had brilliant green eyes unlike the rest of her crew.
A woman named Kassima greets us.
She leads us to another tent. I look for our horses as we journey to that tent.
It is a luxurious tent. There are three different sleeping areas. There is a large bathing tub as well.
We have now been taken in as honored guests.
The warriors in black are called the Tebari. Rahid means chosen leader of the people.
Severin requested someone to explain what was going on. We clean up.
Severin gets ready to take his bath (Lusi and I sneak a peek…).
Severin comes out of the bath without his shirt (it is actually a piece of armor).
Akil is the “great brain” and will be a guest with us to dinner. Dinner will be brought to us.
The others are the Nijir. The Adimir Hasan has done something very bad.
The only way he knows of to find the slaver city is to have the password for the city.
The city is somewhere beyone Vereska.
It is rumored that the city is in the vinicinity of the Ebersay. It is rumored that the flow of this river quells the fire in the caldera.
The great mages cannot even find the slaver city. Some rumors have it that the Red Wizards were responsisble for hiding the slaver city.
Akil warns us to be wary of the crystal scorpions. Their poison is extremely leathal nad painful. It takes days to die. If they are completely still they will be pratically invisible. They tend to burrow.
He says we have been marked by the gods like the Rahid (our green eyes being and indication).
He says that Kassima has been marked by the gods to serve magic.
We eat. The ale is good and very smooth.
The tale is of tradgedy, lost love, and betrayl.
Every year in the spring time. There is a fertility celebration. This is done by lying with another. Some 18 summers ago, Rahid Samira and Admir Hasan, found themselves chosen to be together (there are no tribal boundries during that time). There was a child concieved during their rare union. Her name is Saphina, Rose of the desert. She was not marked for rulership, but a greater destiny. A tool of the gods, a chosen, a representative. The child remained with the mother, spending time with her father. The father gave the daughter to the slavers to save the armies (dumbass bastard). The slavers had threatened to attack both tribes.
Saphina’s eyes are violet. Extremely rare. Were they not leaders of their people, most likely the Rahid and Admir could have bonded. Their spouses were chosen within the tribe.
Akil believes that the Admir does not like the slavers.
I offer our services to try to resuce Saphina in order to stop the bloodshed. Besides we are headed there.
Severin will act as a slaver in order for us to get in. He suggests that we not get into our slaver mode until we are approximately a day out.
The Rahid says that we will need the proper restraints and says we will rest and talk with Admir Hasan.
The night passes….
8 Flamerule 2525
Kassima summons a body servant for me.
The body servant does not speak common. Apparently he thought that he was supposed to have sex with me! Lusi does bridge that language gap and turns it into just a massage.
We go to a tent that has been set up right on the black road.
Hasan is a large man that makes Sevrin’s hands look small.
Akil will grant us the ability to speak their language as Hasam does not speak much common.
Hasan does have some restraints that the wearer can get out of.
The closest outlooks are about 1 – 1 ½ days away. The head of the slavers is a very sleazy baster who has an eye for beautiful young women. Our purity will make it so that we are kept off limits from the other grimy paws. Slaves will range from children to old men.
He suggests finding the rumored underground tunnels via the old mine. There are stories of a tribe known as the lost tribe. The supposedly dissappeared 1000 years ago. They were a tribe of assassins that knows the secrets of the desert. Slavers’ customs will be taught by Tamir.
while the slaves customs will be taught by Nazira she was once a slave.
Nazira comes with us to camp. She tells us stories of that were very horrible things. The important part being that we not meet the eyes of anyone.
The stick is a magical device that can cause immense pain without causing any damage.
When we are on display we must act with exquisite poise and grace.
When we arrive, they will ask what we can do. Cooperate until we can escape and only escape when we are sure that we can.
I pray to Mielikki for our success.
They party to celebrate that they are not killing each other. We celebrate with both camps and get trinkets (formal dresses, carved boxes and stones, and jewelry of their culture). Each of us is given from the leader of each tribe:
Samira gives us a necklace that has a small crystal scorpion on it. It is a very beautiful necklace.
She will tell us the significance if we succeed.
Hasan gives each of us a ring that seems to be made out of entwined threads of opal and silver.
We each get a masterwork kukri.
I was given two crystals that magically bond to the sword.
One of the crystals develops a sheen of frost around the blade. (Crystal of energy assault – +1 cold damage)
The other is for quick draw. (Crystal of Return – grants quick draw).
A talus deck, perfume, hair ornaments, couple of necklaces, a portable lantern with a container of the oil (it will shine as bright as a normal lanter and the oil is concentrated – also bug repellant), and a nice box that has a set of inks in with a set of really nice quills (I can write on anything with them – they are perfect for ‘marvelous pigments’ drawings that can be made physcal these items are more durable than normal and can be magicked). The tents they give us are designed to survive sandstorms. In addtion there is a pavillion tent for the horses that is just designed to be used for shelter. Also a traveling mess kit.
Set of ivory toothpicks, 7 really nice ceremonial candles (very nice), nice set of embroidered hankerchiefs, a really nice pouch (pouch of holding), and a set of jewelry made of emerald.
The night passes…

9 Flamerule 2525 (Day 6)
Severin summons his sister to us to talk with Severin about plans for rescue and to have Sparky get taken care of. Rayna also offers to take our new possessions to a special storage facility.
We head out with a new camel that hold all of our supplies.
We ride…..
During the night a slave runs into our camp and is being persued by slavers to be recaptured.

Session 16 October 25, 2010
9 Flamerule 2525 (day 6) (night)

The main slaver pulls out a scroll, reads it and disappears.
One of them breaks his wand and causes a huge explosion. The rogue who gave me lip after surrender I kill quickly. The remaining one is killed by a thrown dagger from the slave. Afterwards, I offer my waterskin and a bit of food to the slave as a peace offering. The slave is very beautiful. Her hair is possibly white with silver eyes. She has very fine features.
Severin suggests that we leave her as she has been through a traumatic experience.
I return to my tent to continue to rest.
Then I take up my shift to watch.
10 Flamerule 2525 (day 7)
The former slave goes and performs some sort of kata in the morning.
3000 xp (go to 4th level)
The former slave has seen a couple of the people that match the description, but nobody knows names on purpose. To prevent having an identity outside being a slave.
She has seen the woman with violet eyes and black hair. Has attracted the attention to the Vizier.
She will be able to lead us to the location of the stronghold. The Vizier apparently likes strong, willful, important, beautiful women.
She says that if we can get her back to her home, then we will have allies that will help in the destruction of the city.
She calls her mount.
We need to get a distance away from here and then she will change (into what exactly?).
Around lunchtime we stop at an oasis with a well. She changes behind a curtain.
She comes out wearing tight grey pants, matching thigh high boots and a form-fitting grey tunic. She is now armed with different weapons. No weapons obvious (except a dagger) until on her back there are two short-sword sized curved blades hilt downward along with a hand crossbow. She also has a bandoleer of throwing spikes and daggers.
Her name is Zandra. Under her tunic there is the sparkle of some sort of silvery material.
Rest of the day is HOT, but uneventful until evening…
another sandstorm. It passes quickly.
We stop here to rest for the night.
Zandra’s tent is close in color to the sand. She fixes us a spicy dinner.
Night passes uneventfully.
11 Flamerule 2525 (day 8)
We stop for lunch. Zandra indicates that she feels the city is underground. She will only be able to get us close as they are unconscious going in.
Severin asks about the mine nearby to Zandra. She indicates that it is Tajezdad.
Kuhzdul is translated as jewel of the desert. It is a tributary of the Evisir.
Merkirrul is literally “path to nowhere”.
She does not know what Rehzan is.
This may be directions – Kuhzdul to Tajezdad into Tajezdad (mines) find Merkirrul and then use the password Rehzan.
There was a crystal scorpion heading toward Zendra.
She speaks when Lusi saves her from it. The sign langauge was being used due to a tradition that does not talk around men.
She agrees to help us get into the city. She plans on killing the Vizier.
She suggests that we not go in as slaves as it will limit our ability to move and we will most likely be separated.
The rest passes uneventfully.
12 Flamerule 2525 (day 9)
It is cooler today, much cooler.
We get off the road and take a path that goes toward the mines (supposedly).
Some blue scales come up out of the sand. A dragon holds down Severin, snarling at him.
Lusi’s horse bucks her off – I am able to get the horse to not run away.
After a while the dragon removes its claw and turns into a human woman.
The ancient tunnels are in a mithril mine. It would be approximately a day from here. Its entrance will be hidden.
We get out the magical map and we indicate her domain on the map.
She says that we may speak to her as Nediva.
She shows us the approximate area where the entrance may be.There may be a small partial path in that area.
We give her a fire opal in apology and appreciation. Severin gives her a draconic broach that has a sapphire. Nediva says we may pass through, but are not to trasgress into her mine.
We travel.
The night passes uneventfully.
13 Flamerule 2525 (day 10)
the day passes unventfully. About midday, the path ends. Severin can see the possible entrance to the mine with his spyglass.

Session 17 October 30, 2010
13 Flamerule 2525 (day 10)

It will be about another few hours to arrive there.
Zandra removes a mask and she seems more beautiful (22) than before (18). She replaces it shortly therafter with another mask that changes her appearance (13).
We approache the caved in entrance. It is an illusion. I go through with Sunset. Zandra and Lusi have a little trouble disbelieving.
We are in a wide tunnel wide enough for a wagon. Sevrin said that the tunnels were dug by a dragon.
I find a pressure plate and disarm it.
Lusi finds a section of wall that is a different color. I touch the area and some sort of energy discharge goes off.
We go through the darkness and it is a parellel tunnel.
After we step through, it is just normal darkness.
These tunnels are magework and covered in runic symbols.
There is a door blended into the wall after a sharp turn.
On the other side of the door is a waiting room. There is a beautiful carpet on the floor.
Lusi points out some Mulhorandi symbols on the walls.
Sevrin points out a door and as I check it for traps – I set it off…it pricks me (I shrug it off).
I pick the lock and slowly open the door.
It goes into a dim room with glass across the far side of the room. There are chairs and little tea tables. There is a city on the other side of the curtain. There is a city a couple hundred yards away from where we are. Very strange place this is.
We return to the tunnel and continue on.
I get pricked again as I try to unlock the concealed door (and shake it off). I open the door slowly and there is a small stone platform with a bridge beyond the door (with a feeling of vastness) this city is in that direction.
We try to mark this door. And return to the tunnel and continue in the same direction.
After tossing the poison needle a metallic little spider cleans it up.
I unlock this concealed door after breaking two lockpicks.
Severin gives me a set of masterwork lockpicks.
It opens up into a vast cavern with a bridge that opens up into the darkness.
The chamber behind us lights up as bright as sunlight (ow.)
The wall is miles away. The city is huge, probably bigger than Silverymoon (about Waterdeep size, maybe larger). Beautiful spires and the shape of a pyramid in the center. The stone bridge leads straight into the city. There are some machines around. Down below is very deep. The city appears to be on the top of a gigantic rock. (much like a floating city).
I keep an eye out for traps on the bridge.
A cube of energy springs up around us.
There are klanking marching sounds coming our direction. They arrive. Four of them are lizard men dressed in armor (spears and sheilds, short-swords). Three humans: one dressed in robes with the eye of Thoth, mage robes (she is wearing Isis symbol), the leader-like person is wearing a chain vest on, slacks and boots with thick armbands (he has the symbol of Osiris).
They talk to us in Mulhorandi and Sevrin says they ask why we trespass. We tell them that we were looking for another city and they take us (in our cage) into custody. They presume we are slavers looking for the slaver city.
We are taken through the streets (where things are thrown at us) into the center of the temple.
After the cube is placed, the area of rock rises about fifty feet. We are put in a spotlight of some sort that shoots out in four directions that end in platforms. People come off the platform to stand next to the cube. They are dressed in standard Mulhorandi garb.
Each of them is wearing a mask. The faces on the masks seem ageless.
We are warned that we will be tested – to fail means death. They hold out their hands and start chanting. The four of them each start to manifest and element. We are in front of four elementals and then we are elsewhere (alone).
The body test goes well, the mind test is okay (it seams that the beings were not fully satisfied), it is unknown if the spirit test went well, and the test of the heart makes it so that I kill my mother (but a boon from them brings her back).
Four arches appear and have a glowing gem above each of them except the emerald (earth). I go through the one for air (diamond).
We are returned to the platform, “you are not our enemies”, welcome to Amaretris, skycity of the Mulhorandi.
The woman with the symbol of Isis that steps forward. She claims that it is not cruelty that compels them to test us, but the will of the gods.
The council will make a choice if we are allowed to stay. She says to take the gifts we have received from here and use them wisely. As they step back, but platform lowers.
The servant of Osiris gives us a courteous bow and guides us away.
I see a symbol on Lusi’s wrist. There is also a different one on my wrist. Severin and Zandra also have one (Zandra seems pissed at hers). She does not appreciate being marked.
The priest takes us from the temple down a few streets to a state building. We are in a room with lots of seats (that are empty). We are led to a table with four people at it chatting.
One is a matronly woman (friendly-looking), the men: bald man looks priestly, and another who has some hair [looks like a ‘roman’ senator in egyptian garb] (fairly charismatic-looking), another woman has a wiry frame (she looks like a warrior).
Each one has a symbol we are not familiar with and the other symbol matches each of the symbols on our wrists.
The charismatic-looking man smiles and summons us inside.
Chairs are brought out for us to sit in. We sit down (Lusi and I are still holding each others’ hand)
we are apparently blessed and chosen ones of the gods.
They feel they do have a guide that can lead us very close to there. The path there is hidden by great magic. They agree to provide us shelter. Lusi asks about the symbols on our hand.
The older woman and the charismatic-looking man have poker faces on. The bald man and the warrior woman are shocked, and the man says that we have been marked by the gods and gifted by them. The four gods that are protectors of this city the order of Kefnu (order of knowledge).
The city has been trapped underground for thousands of years. This is because Nethril fell before theirs was finished.
This city is sheilded by their gods in order to protect them from the Shade.
They speak of some sort of agreement that the Nethrilize can fufill now that the mage lords have returned. We are to be shown to guest quarters.
Severin says that according to the master archivist, there were rumors that there were cities that were unfinished. If this was a construction facility, that would be reasonable why there may be two cities here.
We rest the night after eating….

Session 18 November 1, 2010
14 Flamerule 2525

In the mornning there are voices in the living area.
Lusi pushes me out of bed. Severin comes quickly, worried.
Ryselle is also here. We go to the living area.
I listen to a bit of Ryselle and Sevrin’s conversation. Ryselle mentions that Severin should discuss his experiences with what happened yesterday. He says that we are too young, she says that he is as well. Ryselle is going to visit with the elders.
Severin and Rayna grew up in Celestine – an ancient city with a great academy. That academy covers the entire island. His mother founded the academy and his father perfected it.
Rayna and Severin lived an idellic life – everything was a game.
Severin was given an choice – save his family by becoming evil or watch them die. Severin apparently chose to become evil (he said it was far too easy as well).
Severin tells of his family and the history of his father here.
After suiting up, we go and join Zandra at the sparing ring.
After Zandra gets a little to overzealous, Severin puts her in her place. Then he practices with me.
After holding my anger for a while, I lose it and Severin says that I should never lose my temper in combat.
Lusi and I get into a water fight.
The person that is supposed to guide us to the slaver tunnels will meet us after lunch.
The guide is a middle-aged battle-scarred person.
We follow him. We end up going back the way we came with our horses.
He takes us toward the secret tunnels. It takes us a good day to travel through all the tunnels. We arrive at what appears to be a dead end. He says this is a secret door and where his journey ends.
He departs and I check the door and unlock it.
There is a Y-split. The heavier traffic goes to the right.
We go left.
After traveling a while, something comes out of the darkness gibbering and it has eyes and mouths in some sort of slime (EEEEWWWW!)
It spits and grabs on to me with vicious teeth!
We defeat it and move on.
800 xp (7100 xp total)
Lusi spots a skeleton. She tries to take the backpack and it grabs and slams into her. After defeating it, there is some treasure in it:
Small bag of gold coins, 3 gems, a wand, pouch with 4 vials, small jar of salve, and a really nice wooden box that has arcane symbols on it (has small lock on it).
We find a spot to rest.
I disable the dusting trap. After taking a long time to try and unlock the box, Lusi uses Knock to open it. There is a candle inside wrapped in paper. Lusi and I cannot read it.
Lusi casts comprhend languages – she says it reads “may the flame of truth reveal all”.
This candle, the salve, and the wand are magical. Zandra says the vials are alchemist’s fire.
600 xp (7700 xp total)

Session 19 November 06, 2010
14 Flamerule 2525

Zandra is sitting there in the morning with a mask painting it. The rest of the night passes.
15 Flamerule 2525
In the morning, Zandra is doing kata and Severin is cooking breakfast.
Severin asks about why we took up adventuring. We are not sure we can say. Lusi mentions that we have a year and he would have to ask our mother (?) about it.
We travel and are not accosted through lunch. There is a glint of red off to the side. There appears to be a uncut ruby or garnet of some sort. Severin rips it from the wall for me.
Zendra says that there were rumors of a gemstone mine that is said to be haunted in this area. Haunted by the dead.
We hear moaning of something ahead.
ZOMBIES! (boy do they stink)
300 xp (8000 xp total)
Lusi goes through the bodies – yuck.
Zandra takes a pick just in case.
We stop for dinner after a while.
Then we rest….
During my watch (last watch)…a bit of a wooshing noise and an echoing cry of a woman. It calls me by name. I wake Lusi. The being claims to be trapped.
According to Zandra ‘mind magic’ could explain how the being knows our names.
We go into the trap, I mean down the hallway. It is apparently coming from one of the side passages. I am first down the dark and ominous halway.
A small outcropping of rock with some light.
Inside there is an archway with elaborate symbols carved into it. There is a glowing white light from behind it.
“When light is extenguished, then eternal darkness will be the reward.” (what the runes say)
Severin asks about the seven sisters. He tells us about Mystra while in mortal form, gave birth to seven sisters. The seven sisters were given gifts of the weave to help protect Toril. They lived for several hundred years and then they disappeared (at various times). The last one to disappear, was called the symbol. There are seven stars each with a colored stone, three on each side and one in the center.
Lusi goes up to touch the violet gem at the top of the archway.
Nothing happens.
There is a very light tracery of lines on the floor. After removing the dust, it is an illustration of the night sky. The seven sisters’ constellation is on the floor.
There is writing there as well. It is in the same language as the arch.
Zandra says the first part is the rhyme associated with the seven sisters:
Seven bright stars in the sky I see.
Seven for those who watch over me.
Seven be the smiles down they send.
Seven be the troubles swift they mend.
The rest says:
Seven elements to set them free.
Seven quests to enlighten thee.
Seven moments of death shall be.
Zandra says to take a look at the stars – each of them have symbols on them.
Lusi asks if it would be more beneficial for us to remain on which quest and flips her coin symbol of Tymora (it just sits and spins there).
We leave Severin to identify the items we have aquired. He will require 8 hours rest afterwards. We may end up going through the portal if we can figure out a way to keep the horses protected and fed while we are gone.
Severin comes back after 8 hours, tells us what they are and then actually sleeps.
He sleeps very restlessly. He says he does not like sleeping.
We eat breakfast. Severin summons Rayna to help us (hopefully with a rod of security for our horses).
We will owe her something in return. She is finiding Toril more facinating that she expected.
Lusi asks if she has any more information on the statues. The crystals to power the statues are powered by the elements. There are seven crystals required to activate. However, there are eight elements (earth, air, fire, water, lighting, acid, cold, and force).
When Rayna enters with us this time, the amythst at the top lights up. The rune matches the rune on the floor.
Rayna tries to touch the archway and her symbol appears and she is frozen for a moments and the white clears. It is a woman floating suspended in the room. She is bound by orange ropes of energy and her eyes are closed.
Lusi says it may be Alustriel, the founder of Silverymoon. She apparently has a favor from Devon. He was not always the man we know. She was bound there by the ones who hunt us.
Lusi tries an acid spells on the bonds binding her and they disappear. Then she gently floats down and thanks us for freeing her.
Alustriel says that Devon changed quite a bit after he apprenticed with Kelbun Blackstaff.
She gives us a rod of security. We go and place the horses inside.
We go back and in order to get through the door Alustriel pointed out to us (that leads to the tunnels to the city) and there are people waiting….
It is a man dressed from head to toe in black. He has a rapier, “Welcome to the party – Inelex, we have guests.”
“Telon, stop playing.” (Telon must be the person I am fighting).
Lusi gets hurt badly by Evard’s black tentacles. Inelex says, “I think I have seen enough,” and twists a ring and all the people that were alive, disappear.
Rayna volunteers to create a magnificent Mansion. We will hide out in there and rest in case someone comes out.

Session 20 November 19, 2010
16 Flamerule 2525

We stay in one day to fully heal ourselves.
17 Flamerule 2525
3,000xp (11,000 total)
Rayna identifies some items for us. [Nicole has the details]
We give a dragonscale mask to Zandra.
We divide the magical items amongst us.
We then leave the mansion and go towards the door pointed out by Alustriel.
We find ourselves in a vast cavern (it is extremely well lit).
The bridges are well lit. There are low walls around the city. This looks like an unfinished city. There is a tower in the center of the city. It has a very [“Arabian”] flavor to it.
We discuss the plan of entry again. Rayna argues with Severin about being the slave that goes in.
We talk with Zandra about one or both of us going in as slaves.Zandra mentions that I may go in as Lusi’s guardian for a lady of her station. This would give us a high chance of getting in. It is suggested that we be from Waterdeep.
Zandra says that she can take care of our looks. Rayna says she can make it so that the magic items on us do not appear magical. We are also not detectable. There is a contingency to dispell in six hours.
Severin suggests that she be Lady Rose Kellian (Eric’s last name). I will be her lady in waiting Matron Ruth.
Lady Rose was sold into slavery to settle a debt. His name is Lord Jacob Killian. A merchant lord who got too much in debt. He could either lose his business or sell Rose into slavery (he does have two other daughters).
He has paid the protection fee (her virginity stays intact and not be harmed).
Severin is the slaver Radburn Alder.
We are let through. Radburn says we are here to deliver Rose to the Vizier.
After being assessed by a fat man, we are allowed to the processing center via a magical disk.
We reach the top where there is a long hallway with a unic about every 10 feet in an alcove.
They are armed with a short-sword.
We are allowed into the throne room. Amongst the women and cushins is a young very handsome young man. He is Vizier Karuvadati.
I look around with my eyes while Radburn and the Vizier discuss business. Saphirra is near the Viziers feet, but she is drugged out of her mind. We are to be housed accordingly until the transaction is complete.
The Vizier has a buyer in mind where Rose will be treated like a princess. Rose is put on display.
It has been about three hours.
The door slams open. A man wearing a turban elaborate robes and a symbol of Cyric comes strutting inside. He looks like he owns the place (no bowing or the like). His name is Shetan.
Shetan wants to get what he is promised. He cannot get what he is promised because Shetan has not given the Vizier what he has asked for.
Shetan is surprised that with the Vizier’s resources has trouble finding two young girls.
All others beside the slaves, Shetan, and the Vizier are shooed out.
Shetan is amused by the trouble he is having locating these two young women.
The Vizier says that he does have the other girl. Shetan says that the people who saved her sold her into slavery. Shetan came to see if she is okay (what he is supposed to do with her is none of the Vizier’s business). Shetan says that he will convey the Vizier’s incompetence to ‘them’. He says that the Olinar Mentis is growning impatient. They will send Devin to show a new pain. He says that they have three days. He wants the girl delivered to the temple, he does not trust her in his care.
High ranking priests of Cyric can see through disguises. High priests can see through any type of disguises (including shapechanges).
We get out of our room with Zandra and Severin’s help.
Lusi talks with one of the other slaves. Her name is Calinda. The collar around her neck must be removed before Sapphira leaves the city. Astara is in a hidden room off of the Vizier’s chamber.
There are two guards guariding the Vizier’s chambers. Lusi uses hold person on them both.
We are able to rescue the two girls and we work our way to a secret passage. Zandra had set the Vizier on fire. Quickly put out by Severin.
Both have some sort of collar. It requires a special set of keys. We think the major domo may have them. We go looking for him while Severin and Zandra take the girls to get their things.
After some coaxing the Major Domo tells us that the keys are in the treasury which requires both his key and the Vizier’s key.
I spot a corinet with four gemstones. There is a key inside one of the gems.
The device is painful to use. I get the collar off of Astara. We meet up with Zandra and Sapphira.
We signal Rayna and lightning and obscuring fog are all over the place.
We go back (nine days of travel).
During the random encounters, Astara is off to the side directly protected by Severin. Sapphira does know how to fight.
26 Flamerule 2525
We return to the camps. They feel they owe us a great debt. Perhaps Sapphira may be the one to unite them all.
The necklace indicates that we are a member of her family. The rings indicate that we are friends to her and Najir. It will be recognized by any of the desert clans.
The necklaces will provide us some protection from many of the tribes except the lawless ones.
There is a HUGE party.
Rayna takes Astara to her (Rayna’s) parents.
We head towards Silverymoon. Zandra decides to journey with us.
We ride for a day or two.
28 Flamerule 2525
One night while we are camping – an arrow flies into the camp with a note attached to it with a black symbol. The acadians have us surrounded. Zandra distance her hands from her weapons.
We are to come with them to answer some questions or die (sound familiar?)


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