The Legend Reborn

The Tale of the Adventure as told by Muri, Part 1

Pre-game Info June 12, 2010

Selunara (it was the city that was on Selune’s plane that’s what saved it from destruction) is directly above Silvermar (the Silver Marches). Mainly over Silverymoon. Thaltanthar (became Shade) was home to the Dark One. Lara and Felix converted the city. It is now called Layetha. Statues of the group that Lara and Felix were with are in the city. It remained above the Anorach. It and another city tried to reform the Nethril Empire. They were able to convert the Anorach from the desert it had become. It is now known as Nethril.

Waterdeep is now a city-state w/in 100 mi. of the city. It is the largest city in the world. The Spellguard expanded into a full army. This happened due to a battle that destroyed 1/3 of the city.

The guild masters (6 of them) rules Waterdeep. A seventh elected by the people the tiebreaker. The guild masters of the thieves’ guild and assassins’ guild openly serve on this council. The other four are held by the 4 most powerful guilds in Waterdeep. It is the largest trade city as well. It has its own navy. One of the sections of the city is exclusively for the army. A third of the population of 3 million belong to the army or the Spellguard. The merchants have caravan guards as well. The Faerun-wide merchant’s guild allows merchants to get trained guards wherever.

The Mulhorandi opened their ranks to women immediately after Lara’s ascension. It nearly doubled the size of its army overnight. It has expanded its borders significantly since then. Their population is above 2 million.

Silverymoon and Waterdeep have a relationship. Magic has become more proliferate. Silverymoon along with Waterdeep have mages’ guilds.

Silvermar’s eastern border is with Nethril. The Glimmerwood borders to the north, Starmounts to the south, and Evermoors to the west. Silvermar became a beacon of light in the world. It is one of the most stable countries. It did not vie for land and other things that other countries did. It formed an army of its own. It does not have a navy, but there is a river guard.

Silvermar is ruled over by a high lord and lady (via bloodline) – Lord (the heir) Vallion Truehand (priest of Torm) and Lady Miriam Elinathil (1/2 elf) descended from one of the noble families in Cormanthor. The people love her. They are guided by a high mage – currently Revala Moonsong. General Jerad VelErion is the head of the Silvermar army (husband of the high mage). The lady and lord ascended a couple of years ago after the mysterious deaths of the previous rulers. They seemed to have died in their sleep. No signs of foul play. The high mage and the general at the time were out of town on business.

Nethril is somewhat unfriendly {kind of like the American West}. There mainstay of trade is gems and gold. Nethril still has its share of dangerous creatures.

Cormyr is still a monarchy. It goes from sea of fallen stars to the Stormhorn Mountains. Suzale is still the capitol. The Dalelands are now a protectorate of Cormyr. This was because the orcs took over Zhentil Keep.

Cormanthor was cleared so the Drow and Orcs went into other areas around. Most went north to Zhentil Keep. The orcs had hired adventurers to clear Zhentil Keep. They have their own stronghold area around the Dragonspine mountain. The orcs must go through Cormanthor or around it to get to the Dalelands.

Some orcs tried to take the Dalelands as easy pickings. The orcs were using terrorism. Cormanthor did not help much. Cormanthor did not have many elves move back to it. Shadowdale was not taken due to its 50 foot continuous wall.
Sembia has now been absorbed into Cormyr.

After the agreement with Cormyr, the Dalelands were pretty much cleared of orcs. The elves were able to hold Cormanthor. Nethril was not nice to them when the orcs tried to advance west. Ulash, Moonlar, Hillsfar are also under the control of the orcs.

Daggerfall is a trade city-state on the Nethril border that gets military aid from Nethril and Cormyr to keep the orcs out.

The area around the Isle of Mists is held by the Jidar. A nomadic warrior race that is a Matriarchy. There are special status positions available for men. The entire island is a fortified city. The Jidar do have a navy. They are on houseboats that patrol the lake of mists. The Wizards of Thay do not mess with the Jidar. There is some form of agreement with some god that gives them immunity to magic.

The Rashaman like them.

The Mulhorand is still allied with Cormyr.

The Legend Reborn – Session 0 June 13, 2010
15 Tarsakh 2525 (Year of the Watchful Guardian)

Fifteen days before the festival of Greengrass. It is a busy time for Lusi and my parents.
A half-elf comes along to help Lusi and I hang some stuff. Mom calls him Julius. He hugs my mom. She seems to know him. He used to adventure with her. He claims to be a ‘perfect gentleman’. He had heard my mom was here selling her wares. Her old party is still together. She invites the group to join us for our feast. A huge man approaches and says that they would like to impose – he is handsome. He is wearing tan leather pants with a vest with no arms to see how muscular he is. He has a large sword on him. Rauld greets her politely. Flirts with us. Julius claims to be keeping an eye on them.

Mom used to adventure with them. One of the members of the group and her got into a disagreement so she departed. She adventured with them for three years. Julius is a gentleman. Rauld is a charmer.

Sara notices them (she is a friend of ours). She got a charm gift from her father from Waterdeep.

Her mother wants her to off to the academy or get married. She would rather get married than go to the academy. She wants to marry a handsome, wealthy man.

One of our ‘underworld’ friends, Eric steps out. He got a look of ‘don’t try that’ from them.

He found something that fell out of someone’s pouch. He gives us rings; mine is made out of gold with an Emerald in it. We hold on to them.

We go back and help finish the setup for the festival. We help set up for our feast.

At sunset some people arrive. One of them is an elven woman; she looks scantily clad wearing a very short skirt that is light blue with a gem-decorated body suit. Some strips of sheer material hanging from places. A holy symbol of Lara is holding her hair up. She is almost as tall as Rauld. She has a bow with her. Her name is Karissa. Julius and Rauld also arrive. Rauld seems to be completely oblivious to any stares. Behind Rauld there is a pair of people. A woman with long black hair that has intense amber eyes (her hair goes to her waist). She is wearing a set of green mage robes with tiny gemstones. She is arm in arm with a man who is fairly average looking, brown hair, and brown eyes. More than the others, he moves with a cat-like grace. All he has is a dagger on one hip. His clothes are black and green – matching with the woman he is with. The woman is named Sonya. The man’s name is Ellison.

There are two young men that look almost identical behind them. They seemed to be related to Sonya. They both have black hair one has green eyes one has amber eyes. They are moderately handsome.

Sara’s flirtations are not being received by Julius at all. Ethan (green eyes) and Erion (amber eyes) are the two boys’ names. They are traveling with their parents here for the celebration lead by Mielikki. Ethan has been learning how to track and fight a bit. Erion has been learning magic – any sort. They are originally from Waterdeep. Sometimes they spend time with their grandparents in Neverwinter. Their caravan escorts ended when they both got injured during a bandit attack.

Their birthdays are on the 21 Eleint [autumn equinox] (they are also 17). Erion figures it out immediately after we mention our birthdays, Ethan has to think about it a bit.

Julius is telling stories of their groups’ adventures.

The boys say that Rauld would beat them to a pulp if they ever run away. Ethan has the best chance to go adventuring. Erion may be to be sent to the academy to learn more about magic.

May be going to the academy in Suzale. Ethan has promised to ‘break him out’.

They are not sure how long they will be in Silverymoon – they will be here approximately 3 weeks. The lord and lady are supposed meet with the group.

Sonia has a scroll that she takes out and ‘delivers’ it to my mother. The lord and lady expressed an interest in meeting with my mother. They are supposed to meet with them tomorrow.

We go to her house and then come back. We are going shopping – Ethan and Erion volunteer to escort.
She leads us to Chevaise (the most expensive shop in Silverymoon).

A pouch is tossed our way and caught by Ethan. He pours it in another pouch for us. I call it ‘Tymora’s Luck’.

We get to Chavaise and it is nice and calm. Ethan plays with the helper by using a ring – a signet ring. Their mother is part of the Spellguard and their father is a lord from Cormyr.

We are warned to make sure that we are not cornered by nobles in a private area – some do not know the meaning of ‘no’.

We get dresses and accessories. Lusi mentions that Eric may lift pouches and gets others paranoid.

We return. Drop Sara off at her home. She will see us tomorrow in court (yay.)
We then get to bed and rest for the big day tomorrow….

16 Tarsakh 2525
We awaken early in the morning and get ready. We are warned not to associate with the nobles one on one if possible. Sonya’s sons will be escorting us to court. This is about mom’s group helping out with a situation in Silverymoon. They had told her that if they asked them at any time they would give them a favor. Apparently, the new lord and lady want to acknowledge the group they consider heroes. Sonya and the others thought it would be good ‘exposure’ for our families.

Mom and Elaina had a disagreement that she thought would affect the group negatively.

Mom comes back with some boxes that Lusi and I are given. There is a bracelet that matches my ring (from Eric). It has a ruby in it so it goes with my red dress.

We ride in a carriage and then meet up with the group. We go into court. A woman is there who is the seneschal – Veronica. She briefs us on the order of events. We will be presented as part of the entire group being presented to the realm. We are briefed on how we are to behave (perform for this presentation).

Lord Valion Truehand is in formal clothing, but not in armor – he has the holy symbol of Torm on. Sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes. High lady Miriam has flaming red hair with blue eyes. She is extraordinarily beautiful (she is not wearing a corset – she is wearing a dress much like ours).

The high mage Revala has indigo eyes black hair and is wearing a dress and looks more queenly that the high lady. She is next to the high lord.

Next to the high lady is a man in presentation armor with brown hair and green eyes. He has this casual valiant pose that inspires. General Jered Valarion – the lord’s champion.

Princess Yelena Elinathil is also up there – she is ¼ elf, she has strawberry blond hair and hazel eyes. She is about 14 years old. She has a chair next to the high mage.

There is another one for another child on the other side.

The filing in takes approximately 1.5 hours.

25 years ago, Valion’s parents ruled over Silvermar well. He mentions that there was an assassination attempt stopped by a visit from a young lord and his companions. They were not able to be honored at the time due to the other conspirators needing to be round up. The last of the conspirators was captured recently. Now thanks can be given to the people that the stability of this land is owed to. Without them things would have been different here and not in a good way. He goes to extend that gratitude formally.

The general hands a sword to the high lord. He knights most of the party.

Then my mom steps forward. She assisted the high mage who was responsible against the crown. She rises as Sir Lady Elaina Denoran. She is also awarded the title of Lady and given land to our family in perpetuity. The Silver Star is also awarded to the entire party.

A feast of celebration is prepared in our honor. After the nobles have filed out the high lord comes down “that was boring wasn’t it?”

He greets us and introduces the rest of his court.

We are invited to a more private celebration of Greengrass and these events on the 20th.

The high lord gives us advice as to not be intimidated by the other nobles since we are his guests and the daughters of the newest lady of the land.

We get drug over to other young lords and young ladies by Sara.

The princess joins us at our hidden table. She is down-to-earth. Lord Duncan wants to get betrothed to her (he is an ass). He is a lord in his own right.

After socializing for a little while, we are seated in the feast hall. We are assigned seats. Elsbeth makes it so she joins us at our table. She introduces us to her father Telen Nadir.

We go through the eight courses. One course is a cake that looks like a castle with representations of my mother’s group on it.

The high lord talks about plans for the festival during desert. It is the 500th Greengrass festival in Silverymoon since Silvermar was made a country.

Eric is leaning against our door when we return. According to him, the princess is friends with the prince of Cormyr. The prince of Cormyr seems taken with the princess.

We rest for the night….
We get awaken by a squeak of someone going down the stairs. There is a light of a candle going down the stairs. Whoever it is is going to the cellar. As I am looking under the ceiling – a door opens (a secret door) that my mother walks through.

I find the opening mechanism we leave the door open and sneak down farther toward the voices. There is a circle with a triangle and a cool sigil in the center. There are twelve chairs built into the floor. A number of people are seated in those chairs.

We hear the voice of Julius. He is surprised about something. ‘They’ have been seen throughout history. Her group is asking for help. He says that we seem capable of taking care of ourselves. Sonya says we will be in danger anyway if they do not do something. Elaina says they are safe while they are here – Rauld says they are not. “It says the shining silver will protect them.”

Mom says she left adventuring for this reason.

“Your daughters have just as much of a destiny as you do.”

One of them feels that she feels they can handle it.

Fighting secret societies. Elaina feels strongly about not letting us go.
You can’t wait; your daughters are at the top of the stairs listening…

There are several legends that speak of the daughter of chance and the shadow of the forest and variations thereof. Two young women born on the height of the full moon who will be as twins despite the separation of their blood.

The legend simply says that these legendary young women are supposed to defeat the hidden darkness. This is a prophecy of Calminol Luminis (champions of light). It is an order to which people become one. Mom became a member when she saved Toril. It is a large part of the reason she quit.

The Olinar Mentis (society of the hidden mind) is an evil society that is behind most conflicts. They manipulate the world to their benefit. They were the ones responsible for the attempt on the previous lord’s life.

Silvermar has to fall in order for them to accomplish their goal – background control of everyone in the world. The assassination attempt was the first time they had solid proof of their existence.

Silarea knows that Elaina is part of a secret society, but does not know the details. Our fathers do not know at all. Ethan and Erion come in behind us to join the meeting.

Scary stuff about destiny and us facing it or it finding us. Ao shows up and says that we have some time before they will truly be in danger. He says that we will need to learn. He can’t hold off the darkness forever.

In one year’s time, they will be able to find you – he will do it out of respect for what the group has done. They will not be able to find us until then. Ethan says that he will not allow us to be alone in this.

We return to bed and sleep….

Session 1 July 10, 2010
17 Tarsakh 2525

We awaken to a tapping at the window…it is Sara. She says we should not hang with lady Elsbeth due to her reputation. She is on a harness roped by Eric.

Julius is singing in the kitchen – Cormyrian Opera.

He gets slapped by mom for that Bordello Opera.

Eric comes in to join us for breakfast. Eric almost hears the secret. However, our fathers are stopped by my mom.
Eric is entertained by my becoming a ‘Lady’.

We go to Sara’s wall to see her painting of Rauld. Ethan and Erion catch up with us and see it too. She hesitates to admit that she made. She goes away after Ethan and Erion say that the are going to get Rauld and notice that Sara’s name is on it.

Ethan and Erion take us to the marketplace. I take Ethan’s arm.

I get a set of jewelry from a Mulhurandi vendor.

The Haversack (that has a magic that disguises itself as ‘normal’) is 5000 gp.
A senechel is approaching us. Lord Francis Wyman has invited us to lunch.
Lusi goes and gets Ethan and Erion to help us with this invitation.

Ethan helps accept the invitation for all of us to go. The luxurious carriage is grayish-blue and gold.

We ride for about 10 minutes to the other side of town. We are at about mid-level nobility section (wealthy merchants, etc.).

We are lead into the dining hall of the manorhouse. We are told about the Wyman’s history. The manor was built 150 years ago. The statue with the sword in the fountain is the original Wyman, who apparently slew a dragon.

Lord Francis Wyman is gangly, tall, pimply-faced in his mid to late thirties. His hair looks like it was coifed well as some point, but now is tilited. His clothes are impeccable. He has a massive gold chain with an amulet with his family’s device. Lots of jewelry and embroidery.

His son is looking for a bride. A joining of their families would be beneficial.

In his opinion is that the greatest thing a woman can do is marry higher than her station and produce a good heir.

His position on the Lord and Lady’s policies are too liberal – he thinks Lord Vallian give Lady Miriam too much privilege.

Marcus (his son) is busy right now – which is why he is not here.

We return home. We discuss what happened with mom.
Eric says that Marcus is a scholar.

I purchase a dreamcatcher mad out of amber and silk with the symbol of Mylekki in the center.
Someone is standing next to me ordering a dreamcatcher. Azuth, Mystra, and Azun symbols are to be in it.

It is Marcus. [he looks like Zac Efron]

We talk.Marcus did notice that Eric took his pouch. Eric sends it back via Lusi.
We go to look at fabrics next. I point out a high quality portable seamstress’ kit.
Lusi gets the kit for her and has Silerea embossed on it.
We pick up the dreamcatcher on our way back.

Eric is there waiting. Sonya is singing in the kitchen.
Eric has something for our mothers. He wants to show us something after dinner.
Sonya and Ellison were pretending to be pimp and prostitute when they met as they were trying to break up a smuggling ring.
We give our gifts to mothers.

Eric says he found something – he does not know the unconscious guy that he got a small rolled up sheet of paper. He pulls out a very nice man’s bracelet. The unconscious man had Cormyrian money. The paper says:

retrieve @ 21:00; Chandros

Chandros is the name of the 4th planet in this crystal sphere.

The gifts he gives our mothers are wooden puzzle boxes.

Chandros must be a code name.

Ellison looks at the bracelet and finds that the gem pushes aside and there is some sort of signet there. It is the signet of the Lord Marshall of Cormyr.

We go with Eric and Ellison to find this person who found the unconscious one. This could be bad. We are in darker clothes.

Eric calls him Burns. Eric tries to bribe him with food. Burns points him in the direction of the prostitute. I see something in the shadows and hear footsteps coming so we hide.

A teen comes by that has blonde shaggy hair [looks like Jesse McCartney]. He has a sword at his hip. The belt he has is a very fancy belt (darkened silver or gold) with rubies in it. He also has a ruby in his ear. His boots are extremely nice like high noble’s stuff.

When he can’t seem to find something he is looking for he says, “he’s going to kill me.”

When he finds it, he put it on a chain.

Ellison calls him Stefan. He swears as a Harper that we are not there to harm him.

Stefan thought we were there to do the same thing to him as his parents. The ring belongs to him and his friend. We show Stefan the bracelet and paper with the writing on it. Stefan does not know if he should trust the Harpers. Ellison suggests a neutral place.
We go to a tavern that has a secret area.

We introduce ourselves. He is King Stefan of Cormyr. His parents and entire family were assassinated two days ago. The man that was unconscious was the Lord Marshall of Cormyr. Stefan is the third child.

The assassins were able to get by all the protections by the Harpers, guards, etc. into the protected area of the palace.

Eric is to get a wagon and we’ll use it to transport them both to our house. We are to meet him to the tanner’s place. We get there in a roundabout way led by Ellison.

Eric comes with a leather transport wagon. We travel in a roundabout way to our house. Ellison has an impressive disguise as we are a ‘delivery’

We get Stefan fed. Mom comes downstairs saying that he should awaken in the next couple of hours. Ellison and Eric return during the meal.

Stefan tells us about what is going on. It was his sister’s 21st birthday party. She was supposed to be vested as the heir tomorrow. He has no idea where the assassins came from. He woke up and Sevran was telling him to be quiet and get his things. They needed to go now. Assassins snuck into the palace in the middle of the night and killed everyone. The ring he was looking for was his father’s signet ring. The other rings he has are his and Sevran’s. Another heir cannot be named until the sophisticated process to create another ring or find the real one.

He has several cousins that need to be warned.
Mom places Stefan and Sevran in the secret area for them to sleep safely in.
We rest…

18 Tarsakh 2525
We get breakfast. Stefan insists that he be allowed to warn his cousin that is here, but we insist that he and Sevran stay in the secret chamber.

Sevran is handsome (even with a 5 O’clock shadow). Green almond-shaped eyes.

The Zarharas family (Ellison, Sonya, Ethan, and Erian) seemed to have left overnight.

Eric has been listening to rumors this morning. They are that a Mulhurandi cult of assassins were responsible. They think that Stefan is dead. They are looking toward the second cousin that actually lives in Cormyr. Stefan says that he is the ideal ‘puppet’ for someone to use.

Besides Marcus, there are two other full cousins one in Waterdeep (female) and one visiting Mulhurandi (female) whom Stefan says is proably the safest right now.

Eric has gotten us a caravan of food to Palensdale. Two wagons.
We go to the library to see if we can find him there. He is on the level that Eric was searching.
We take Marcus back to our house. We explain to him what is going on.
Mom says she will supply us a pack. She also gives us a voucher for adventuring gear.
We get adventuring items for our party and return to the house while Eric escorts Marcus to talk to his parents.

Caravan leaves tomorrow morning. I get all the paper work from Eric.
The caravan has two drivers and two laborers, a cook and a cookboy. They have already been paid.

We have a casual dinner.
The others will be changing their last names in order to hide their identities.

Then we rest…

Session 2 July 24, 2010
19 Tarsakh 2525

[Gweneth Aldhelm is the cousin in Waterdeep. The one in Mulhorandi is Sophia Cadar.
Roland Cathal is the ‘puppet cousin’. The one they seem to be trying to raise to the throne in Cormyr.]

Stefan changes his last name to Kelladin and Sevran changes his last name to McAllistair, Marcus changes his last name to Tenelli.

Stefan Kelladin, Sevran McAllistair, Marcus Tenelli, Muri Denoran, Lusi Wainwright, Colin and Fitz are the drivers, Jonas (also Louise and Colin’s older son) and Layland are the laborers, Louise (cook – married to Colin) and their son, Travis (12 years old) is the cookboy.

Colin and Fitz are old hats at this. This is Layland’s first caravan.

Lusi and I get a set of matching masterwork daggers.

We head out on the wagon with Sevran having a warhorse. He is definitely suited and ready to defend. Palinsdale is the destination for our caravan.

We will travel 25 miles per day. It will take us 20 days to get to Waterdeep. It will take us 9 days to get to Palinsdale.

First few days are well guarded and uneventful.

During these first days we discover the relationships between the caravan crew.

Colin and Fitz have been doing caravans since they were 18. Travis was born on the road. Jonas is hoping to caravan guard someday and is actually carrying a short sword.

Layland is down on his luck – he had a gambling problem and lost everything (his money and his stuff). The only way he can make a living is with a caravan to replace the last laborer (who is now driving a different caravan). He is hoping to make enough money to return home. Louise actually met Colin on the road. She was a tavern wench. Colin ran the same route for a while and visited her tavern often.

Colin and Louise want Travis to have a better life. Travis is more a scholarly type than his brother. Marcus and Travis get along great – Marcus tutors him.

Jonas has the opinion of anything worth doing is worth doing with a sword.

Layland eyes us and looking and flirting heavily with Lusi.

The first four days pass uneventfully.

All the way until….day eight (27 Tarsakh 2525) ”God fucking shit! You stupid piece of crap!”
There is an unusual looking wagon twice the size as ours – it barely stays on its side of the road. The wheels seem to be covered in some sort of material. A gnome is kicking one of the wheels. She is in a dress. A single horse seems to be hauling it.

We end up helping her. She wants to know how she can repay us. We ask for food. She goes to get us a haunch of beef. Marcus goes with us to get the beef. (Layland says that he is not going in there – “chicken”).

We hear the hum of something inside. Her name is Denari – she says that if I think this stuff is weird, we should see Nethril.

We have a delicious beef stew that night. Layland is not happy with us.

We travel the next day 28 Tarsakh and arrive in Palinsdale. We are taking our delivery to the “Home of the Hero”.

It is an inn that seems to cater to adventurers. It is right off of the road. The innkeeper is a dwarven woman, Tova. We arrive in late afternoon. Since we are the caravan owners, we go inside to talk with the innkeeper.

We get a voucher for the agreed upon price plus 100 gp.

We get one night in the common room for free – upgrades are our own responsibility.

The voucher is for reimbursement for supplies and travel. It is 500 gp.

Colin suggests that we use no more than half of it. Divy out 1-5 gp out to each person as a retainer. He says we should get a caravan to Yartar. He says we should register an account with the money changers guild when we build up enough money. We propose that Colin become our caravan manager in order to help us.

We leave half the voucher with Colin to see if he can get some goods to transport to Yartar.
We go to the money changers guild to establish and account with the money changer’s guild and an account for the caravan and get Colin access.

We are to stay in town for three days.

We should have no problems getting a caravan after Greengrass.
Colin suggests 1 wagon of adventuring gear for Yartar.

He gives us a couple of options. There is a wizard and his apprentice willing to pay 100 gp to return to Waterdeep. They will provide supplies to which they are accustomed. They expect to be treated very well.

A couple bit of supplies for Yartar – adventuring gear, food stuffs, luxury food stuffs.

Celebration galor!
I go and celebrate with the Milikkian clergy.
[leaving Marcus by himself….unfortuneately]

We return to the room and I start to go to sleep quickly – I am worn out from the celebration.
Marcus is missing.. we go look for him.

Lusi and I split from Sevran and Stefan (we are to meet back in an hour).
I see Marcus talking with a woman with red hair –very red, very beautiful.
She talks to him about a group of people that control governments. Marcus is appalled by this. Her name is Luciana.

He was asking her about legends and what not.
She says that according to legend that they prey upon the greed of others to get control. They serve their own ends. She says that there is a group opposite of them – the Calminol Luminis.
There was talk of the return of Nethril and a darkness that would return and use Ao’s own power to destroy it. Some heroes of long ago founded the Claminol Luminis 300-500 years ago. They have been making the Olinar Mentis’ lives a living hell.

Marcus had come across a reference to the Olinar Mentis. Luciana is a sage.

We go to meet back at the bonfire with the others.
We return to the inn.

Sevran tells Marcus not to isolate himself in his current situation.
The rest of the night passess…..

1 Mirtul 2525
Lusi asks about Sevran not sleeping that humans need sleep – “who says I’m human”.

We wash up and get ready for breakfast.
We wait for Sevran and Stefan to get ready.

Marcus and Travis are already at breakfast talking about the history and culture of Greengrass. Colin and Louise are happy their son is enjoying himself.

Colin says we have an appointment with the wizard today.
We are to join him for lunch in a private room at a restaurant.
Leyland brags about his experiences openly until Sevran stops him.

We will be headed to the Valiant Unicorn to meet with the wizard.
It is a really nice restaurant. It is in the more affluent part of town.
The wizard’s name is Milanthius.

The entire restaurant is carpeted. The tables are shined wood with glass tops.
The dance floor has a chandelier over it. Gold and green seem to be the theme of the restaurant.
The door at the end of the private hallway is called ‘the garden’.

It is a huge room paneled in shiny wood – it also has a chandelier.

Milanthius seems jovial as he requests three of their best wines. He is balding. What hair he has left is blond. He has arcane tattoos on his forehead that appear to be done in gold (they are very light). His skin tone is tan and has an exotic look to his features {like part Arabic}. His lips are colored. He has earrings in both ears and rings on his fingers. He is fairly well built. He has a torc and a sleeveless tunic. He appears in his late 30’s early 40’s.
Sitting next to him is a man that looks as if he is in his mid 20’s. His hair dark with pale skin. {Brandon Routh – looking}. His name is Kirin.

Milanthius’s amulet is the only thing that appears magical. His robes are very colorful. His tattoos are also on his fingers. He appears very fit.

Kirin is very quiet. He is in a plain black tunic. The necklace he has seems to have a tooth on it. A plain ring and leather armcuffs. He has a short sleeve tunic. He is wirly muscled (teen like muscle).

We are given menus. I order shrimp while Lusi orders roast chicken. Milanthius orders lots of food. Kirin orders some sort of kabob.

In exchange for transporation he is willing to pay us 100 gp to take them to Waterdeep. His requirements are that they have usage of one of the wagons, a place to sleep (wagon will do), cook availability. He does not require guards – he is just a wizard returning home. Colin mentions his apparent wealth. He says he will dress down (Kirin does not seem to think he will dress down).

Kirin says that guards would imply that there is something of value on the caravan and may attract more attention.

Milanthius says that he does not use his magecraft for violence.

Kirin clarifies that 1000 gp per person (2000 gp) is a reasonable since they will not be participating should trouble erupt. Milanthius chats and he is from Waterdeep and is an academy graduate from there. He thought of becoming a spellguard, but does not like violence. He is an artificer and just recently took Kirin as an apprentice and is willing to travel wherever his master goes.

He came here because he was picking up some supplies for getting items that need to be harvested under the full moon on Greengrass.

Milanthius dispises teleportation.

Milanthius pays for the entire meal. Colin wants to pick up some more goods. We leave in two days. We are to pick him up at his inn – The Golden Teardrop.

Colin wants to get shipments of adventuring gear for the wagon.

Stefan and Sevran are walking out of the restaurant – they had a table outside.

Sevran is going to take Stefan to get a horse for roving patrols. He suggests I get myself a horse when we get to Waterdeep (to keep from having to get more supplies for the caravan).
We go to the horse market in the noble section of town.

They are of high quality and breeding.

The noble side of town – it is the old section of town – is separated by another wall.
Stefan and a very graceful and picky horse who seems to take a liking to.

The merchant purchased him from a group of adventurers. The horse that they found rarely bonds with anyone and usually stays bonded to the one they find. Sevran negotiates a 750 gp purchase that includes another horse and tack.

Stefan calls his horse Moonstone.

Sevran is giving me his horse – his horse Thunder was left in Cormyr. I pick out a saddle appropriate to his horse. Sevran will be taking the other horse he purchased (‘the prince among horses’).

Stefan changes the horse’s name to Moonshadow (which the horse approves).

The horse that Sevran was using was chesnut in color with a black mane. This horse seems to be a disciplined riding horse (somewhere between riding and warhorse). The horse’s name is Sunset.
His new horse is a medium warhorse (named Duskblaze). Moonshadow is a light warhorse.
Sunset is a calm horse. I ride around letting her and I get used to each other.

Colin says that the gear will be loaded tomorrow and we will be ready to depart on time.
The rest of the day passes uneventfully.

2 Mirtul 2525
We get supplies with Louise. When we return to the inn – the supplies are getting loaded.

3 Mirtul 2525

We head to the Golden Teardrop to pick up Milanthius. Kirin is waiting outside and goes inside to inform Milanthius we are here. He grandly strides out the door with 4 bellhops with various items on carts to load onto the wagon. He is wearing the vibrant colors of nature in his robes – his version of traveling robes.

It will be 11 days to Waterdeep (14 Mirtul ETA).

The first six days pass uneventfully…..

10 Mirtul 2525
Kirin was okay traveling inside the wagon for the first few days, but asks to travel outside. He is up early watching the sunrise and they get there lessons going in the morning.
Lusi hears something – then I look and see someone aiming an arrow at me!

We triumph! The leader ran away. Most surrendered or were put to sleep my Lusi.
All of them have daggers, three of them have long swords, three have short swords. All six had long bows and a quiver. They each have a pouch with 10 gp and 5 sp. One of them has a small piece of jewelry. Their clothes are ratty traveling garb and using splint mail.

The closest road guard station is a day away from hear. The leader said that this was a caravan that was lucrative and not well guarded (helpless female, blah blah). Roger (the leader) apparently has informants all over the place.

We let the bandits go with just their daggers.

Stefan meditates and his hand glows slightly and he heals himself.

We continue on for another day or so until….

12 Mirtul 2525
It is the morning and we have been traveling – then we hear someone screaming for help.
There is a woman who is tied to a tree and Stefan is cutting her loose.

Sevran asked what happened, she says that they came out of nowhere – her companion died and then they tied her up and that the guards were coming.

He asks her to show Sevran the sight of the robbery as Lusi and I return to the caravan.
Ten minutes of waiting and they have not returned.

I track them for a bit after we return to the place the lady was tied up.

She is weeping and there is a chest in front of her covered in dirt. There is dirt on her arms. There is a man run through on the ground nearby.

Apparently they chased after her because they stole their treasure.

There is something slightly off about her behavior.

She calls herself Terina.
Lusi asks for a last name – she is hesitant.
Terina is getting worse with her waterworks.

She talks about how she tragically had to become a lady of the evening.
I end up slapping her which does not sit well with Stefan.
There is a strange look when she sees Leyland.

He ‘claims’ not to know her. I go to talk with Colin about that.
We just need to watch him closer.

We plan on having Malinthius take a look at the artifact tonight at camp.
Kirin has not been with Malinthius for long.

Jonas and Leyland have first watch. Leyland kneels down and does something on the ground near a tree.

I go and look in that spot before going to ‘relieve’ myself.
There seems to be just a grouping of pebbles there.
It may be a message to someone who is following us.

13 Mirtul 2525
Hear Milanthius “holy shit!” It is an evil artifact that is designed to bring something bad that requires a ceremony on the night of the full moon. It might be Nethrilize or a bastardization thereof.

So was she the intercepter or the delivery person? He tells us that it would be better to destroy it. Kirin was paying closer attention when Milanthius mentioned Nethril.
Milanthius asks about where Terina got the artifact….she tries the sob story which he finds ‘interesting’ and walks off.

Marcus threatens Terina with a dagger about how many ways he can kill someone if she continues.

13 Mirtul 2525
We are along the trade road – inside the outskirts of Waterdeep. All of the sudden we hear a fireball in front of Stefan at the front and the back.

There is a man walking through the flames. His hair is completely shaved and has a beard. There are six men in black robes stepping out from the sides. A woman in black robes is coming from the rear. He says that he wants what simply belongs to us.

The head person is looking and staring at Kirin. They are both staring at each other. He says to ask Kirin who he is if we want to know. Kirin mutters under his breath in another language and then tells us that he is Mussaud. There is an argument about why Kirin does not refer to him by title.

Kirin talks about Mussaud risking why he is here. We hand the item over to Mussaud. He says something in his language and they all step back and vanish. Kirin hopes that Mussaud and he do not meet again (they are apparently brothers).

Kirin shows us a mark on his wrist – the mark of the magi – the guardians of magic. It is their duty to keep evil magic items from bringing harm to the world. He asks us not to tell anyone.

14 Mirtul 2525
We arrive in Waterdeep!
We drop of Kirin and Milanthius at his house. He gives us the 2000 gp and then gives each of us 200 gp bonus each.

Louise recommends that we turn her in. We deliver our adventuring gear and then we turn over Terina to the guards and give our statements.

We relax for the rest of the day.

We go to the Purple Sword (recommended by the adventurer’s store) for the inn to stay.
We plan on staying for at least three days.

We have a business dinner with Colin about Leyland and agree to release him. Colin also wants to warn other Caravan masters of his behavior.

The night passes somewhat uneventfully…Leyland returns late, a bit drunk.
Colin and he get in to a verbal altercation which ends up with Sevran telling them to leave.

15 Mirtul 2525
We discuss taking care of our business in Waterdeep first before deciding what to do with the caravan.

We are planning to take care of our business after breakfast.
We get together to discuss….

Session 3 August 12, 2010
15 Mirtul 2525

Get a delivery of a message for me (with my full name). It is my signet ring and family crest.
We need the guys help in figuring out how to address Lady Gweneth. Sevran recommends that we talk it over lunch.

Lusi and I go shopping. We go to a clothing market. Albert shmoozes us to follow him to cloth us to show our ‘shining beauty’.

There is a discount for the wonderful dress down to 175 gold. The guildmaster’s birthday is the occasion (the mother of Gwenth is this person). Her name is Dominique Aldhelm. If we wish to send our good wishes – there is a booth at the exit for gifts and donation.

The dress rolls up into the bottom of a backpack, but must hang for 24 hours to get the wrinkles out. He offers to teach Lusi how to dewrinkle with a cantrip.

We go back to the inn to get Severan to help with the calligraphy to send a letter. The guys are in the practice ring. We watch the clad calvacade of combat challengers. Sevran provides a lounging lesson to Stefan.

A woman who says she is a massuse approaches Stefan. There is a huge brute heading toward Sevran.

He is very tall (taller than Sevran’s 6’+).

The massusse says that that’s Rex. She says that he is the champion gladiator that he is undefeated. I put my money where my mouth is and bet 5 gp that Sevran will win.
While Rex does get first blood, Sevran does embarrass him a bit by using the flat of his blade to hit Rex.

Rex tries to poison Sevran with a needle of some sort that went flying. Sevran staggers, but recovers and knocks Rex out.
Sevran sleeps for an hour.

Then we go to a private room for lunch. Sevran offers his father as an escort for us. He says that he would be unfailingly trustworthy.

He goes to call him. We put together a letter to send to Dominique to request dinner with her for her birthday.

Sevran’s father shows up and is very very handsome. A little shorter than his son. His name is Darrick.

Darrick is to be our guard as we go to meet the guildmistress. Gweneth’s father passed (he was a Duke in Cormyr) a long time ago. If the royal family was alive, she would be seventh in line for the throne. She will become a Dutchess when she is of age.

We suggest that Marcus not be staying with us to be more safe. Darrick suggests a magical academy in Nethril.

We go to get ready “so Sir Darrick, do you have any embarrassing stories about Sevran…?”
Darrick verbally assists us in hiding our daggers and other weapons.

We go the the Lady Dominique’s birthday celebration. We get invites and a carriage comes to pick us up.

Darrick summons a gift for us to give Lady Dominique.

Darrick will remain the silent guardian in the background, but he will be available for consulting via a gesture.

Session 4 August 19, 2010
15 Mirtul 2525

We are greated by a weasly looking man. I introduce us as he asks who is calling.
Dominique has blond hair and blue eyes. She is a little tanned for an indoor person. Yellow dress, several rings and an elaborate wedding ring.

I tell her why we came here. Of almost all of the royal family being murdered.
We wait and drink fruit juice while waiting for Gweneth to be fetched.
Great, it’s a sleep poison.

We are out for a while and are awakened to the feeling of being in a wagon.
We are in prison shackles. Lusi shouts hello.

A bald wirey man comes around. We are being transported. We supposedly have been duely tried.
We are headed east on a trade road of some sort.

At some time we hear we are off the road. We hear clanking noises and we are transferred to another wagon. The ‘box’ we are in was moved.

We then transfer sometime later to another road that is not maintained.

Towards nightfall, the wagon pulls off and stops. There is a mutter conversation and argument. The back is unlocked and a dark haired man thin pale angular features without being elvish.
He seems to be offended that we were not bathed. He is Leatos our caregiver. He says we are headed to the market.

I leave a piece of fabric behind when I go to relieve myself.
We are bathed and fed. It is a good meal.

I look around and try to determine where we are with the flora and fauna around us. I think we are just north of the high moor – probably near Secomber or Loudwater (south of the high forest).

Leatos says there is two ways we can approach this – in luxury with blankets and pillows.
We travel in this wagon for approximately one week (10 days).
We are near Telavi, one of the trade cities in Nethril.
We are being taken tomorrow morning to meet our new masters.
We are given soft satin shifts to wear with silk underthings.
We rest and are awaken at the crack of dawn. We are put through a rigorous beauty routine.
The robes are very nice.

We are now placed in gold plated chains (oooooooh). We are in slave belts. They have guilded our cage.

We are raised to one of the cities in the sky.

A pair of female eyes look over. We feel giddy and happy after our chains come off. We don’t feel the need to flee.

We follow her. There are two incredibly gorgeous men who step forward. They are not apparently related. They are about 18 charisma.

A man named Cyrus approaches Lusi and she swoons over him as he touches her.

Another with green eyes and a tan dressed as a prince (Persian-like) His name is Roshan.
They have apparently been searching for brides for some time. The woman leaves after checking to see if they were satisfied.

We are taken into a dining room for lunch. It is very exquisite.

This is one of the newest sky cities. They have been working at it for a while and have not had time for.

Roshan walks out after explaining what happens.

A woman wearing robes similar to ours comes up to us. Her name is Jasmin.

Apparently we signed a contract that says we will remain faithful to our husbands.

Lysandra (the slaver) has a betrothal service. Their father expects them to be married by 20 (the age of majority). So they recruited Lysandra to find someone who were friends. Vashturi is their last names.

Lusi goes looking for them as I start to cry shortly after she leaves.
Lusi gets me back and calms me down.

Lysandra says that she would be able to find their mates of the spirit.
Women are completely equals in their society.

This is where the lady Lara and Lord Felix freed them. (not exactly this city).
There is someone at the door.

It is Darrick and Ryselle.
He asks what did we do?
We ask Darrick to fill us in.

Two weeks ago, Darrick was guarding and all sound in the room stopped. We were not there, she was weeping. We were too late – Gweneth must abdicate her claim to the throne if she is to remain safe.

There is a mage apparently, whom everyone is scared of. Ryselle suggested that she be let at her.

We were unconscious for about a week.

Ryselle keeps looking at us and saying “interesting”. Mages…..

She says that we four have been given potions. She can make it so that it will be dispelled, but we will have to go elsewhere. She waves her hand and a door appears.

We are on a grassy plain. After she dispels, I no longer feel love toward him – he is attractive, but that’s all. Lusi and Cyrus do feel a connection. We are all aware that we were magically manipulated.

After being completely angry and wanting to burn someone to a crisp – a lady appears.
She says that it is a bit dark. It is the lady Lara. The spell that Lysandra uses skirts the line of what is permitted. If we find her we need to find the spellbook that has this potion/spell in it.

It is very important that we find out about those women that Cyrus and Roshan are supposed to marry (besides us) – Lara says that while ‘her father wasn’t looking’.

Ryselle will send a message to a mage here to help us when we are ready to leave. Sevran has our items. Marcus will no longer be traveling with us. Stefan and Sevran will continue with us.
We are invited to dinner and then shown to our chambers to get ready.


1500 xp

Session 5 August 20, 2010
6 Kythorn 2525

Roshan has gone off to do work on the city. Cyrus has stayed behind to see what we want to do while we are here.

We send a message to Sevran to get his but up here and join us.

It will take a while to get a response back.

The 20th birthday reqirement is an ancient law. Thousands of years ago, the Nethril Empire was second to none. When magic was damaged by Karsis (tried to take Mystara’s power).

He recalls the story of the Dark One’s corruption. The reason for the law is for population purposes. It was made to rebuild the empire.

Used to also have a rule to have two children minimum. This was removed within the last 200 years.

Cyrus has six months, Roshan has 3 months.
Cyrus was supposed to marry Isura Roshen.
Ardeith Camari was whom Roshan was supposed to marry.

Isura is a money lender. She is very greedy, cold. Thanks to her, the east quarter of the city is not going to be what his father hoped it would be. In 1374, the second age of Nethril began.
It took them 500 years to reestablish an empire. His father used to serve on the council in the capitol city. He intended the east corner designed to be temporary housing while people settled in. Isura blocked this motion with enough support. More rich housing will go there instead. She only wants to marry Cyrus for his father’s connections.

Vashti is the name of the city we are in (or on rather).

Roshan’s father is one of the few mage lords in existence. He is the one who enchanted the Mythal in this city. Ardeith is the daughter of an extremely wealthy merchant (presumably through glassblowing). With Roshan’s father’s connections, there would be mage connections.
There are only a total of 12 mage lords in Nethril.

Cyrus suspects that she actually got her money through the slave trade.
Both of the guys’ mothers are in the capitol city.

Roshan’s mother is undergoing the trial to become a mage lord. Cyrus’ mother just got on the Vashti council.

Ardeith also would want Roshan for his high magical potential.

Cyrus says that he believes that Roshan would not stay after the city is finished.
Cyrus gives us a tour of the city.

Vashti is about the size of Silverymoon. He shows us the Mythal in the center of the city.
There are multiple levels. He says that we are a few thousand feet in the air. The gardens are underneath the city. An underground forest that has an artificial light source. The mesa is not large enough for lots of farms. So, there are farms underground.

The east corner – he points out a group of townhomes that were built initially.

Isura is building huge mansions nearby.

Cyrus gets greeted by many passers-by and he seems to know them by name.
Isura lives in one of the big manor houses in the east corner.
Ardeith lives in the wealthy merchantile section.

A lot of people get married with people they met in school. They were building the city though. Roshan helps with the magics. Cyrus likes working with his hands more. They try to bring Cyrus’ father’s vision to light.

Roshan does work with his hands, but uses more spells.

Ardeith and Isura get along – sometimes even go shopping together.

Isura invites herself to our table. Isura claims to have attracted people to the city and the houses there. She has long wavy dark plum colored hair. She has brilliant green eyes. She has maroon robes, long nails.

Sevran and Stefan find us here. Isura seems to have taken an interest in Sevran and Stefan as well.

Isura eventually leaves.

The last place we stop is the work site. They are currently building the state buildings. Roshan currently has a large gold dome levitated in the air.

A red-haired woman is nearby. She is wearing green robes and a white dress.
Ardeith is the one standing there.

Stefan distracts her from Roshan.
We return to the house. When Roshan and Cyrus return they are very sweaty.

Cyrus requests reservations at Pashtal’s. He gets a private room.
Sydira will make sure we have appropriate clothing.
We have a nice quiet dinner.

Over the next couple of days, Cyrus helps Roshan most of this time.
Roshan and Cyrus’ fathers wanted Vashti to be a place where those who currently can’t afford it, could be given a chance.

We rome around town. Ardeith has plenty of rumors that she and her family are part of the slave trade. I do hear a rumor that she is the associate of some foreign mage woman and seen in some areas of town with her over the several weeks.

Isura has her eyeballs on a seat at the head of the council. The only reason she apparently wants to marry Cyrus is because his father was a member of the council in the capital city and his mother is current council member. This would give her many contacts. Cyrus’ father promised his son upon marriage, would get an ancient Nethril artifact that has been in his family for generations.

They are both greedy bitches. Ardeith would sell out her father if it would get her ahead. She also probably wants to be the mother of a possible mage lord. There are stories of a child of an uncrowned mage lord who will come and do amazing things for Nethril. This child is supposed to bring Nethril into a golden age.

The rumors are that Isura and Ardeith are connected to some men – unknown men.
Roshan’s and Cyrus’ parents are considered the de facto leaders. Most women do not want to deal with the consequences of marrying them.

We plan on following Ardeith away from the worksite when she goes to her apparent appointment just after lunch.

We rest…..


Session 6 August 26, 2010
15 Kythorn 2525

Cyrus and Roshan are not there this morning. They left early to try to get a head start on work before Ardeith shows up.

We talk with Stefan and Sevran about royal duties and how he is enjoying just being out free.
Sevran advises us to act like we are shopping and make sure that we buy something.

Sydira suggests the Pheonix and Dragon to eat. That and the other restaurants that are north of the main marketplace are good sources of information.

We go by the dome. Roshan and Cyrus are placing a statue on the dome.
We let them know that we are going to the marketplace.

We start in the shoe area. The helper (Erin) shows me a perfect pair of shoes to go with my dress.

We hear some people in red tabards with mage symbol on the front. They are well outfitted. They are not wearing the same symbol. There is something in the middle of the eight of them.

The four behind block the entry points to the store. Then they split. There is a young woman 5 ½ ft. tall blonde hair blue eyes (unusual for someone from Nethril). That is released from the middle. She is wearing a read silk dress with embroidered robes. Something like the Cormyrian royal robes. The same symbol of the guard is worked into her embroidery. She has an amulet. A cirlclet with rubies embedded in it. She is very young and very beautiful. She is about 17 years old.

Standing over her (a foot taller). He looks like he could kick some ass.
There were about a half a dozen people in this store before their entry.
Lady Yakona is the lady’s name that entered.

She is a mage lord. She may have become a mage lord last year. They say she may be as powerful as Karsis. She normally lives in Jathayr. It is towards the center (500 km from here)
Jathyr is mostly dedicated toward the school of magic there. As you get deeper in Nethril things get more different from what we know of the rest of Faerun.

Since there is a mage lord in the city. There may be a welcoming celebration. Mikala says she hopes that her presence here may mean that Cyrus’ mother succeeded. Roshan may be related to the original high lords of Nethril.

One of the guards stops me from dancing. I take and return them. Motion out of the corner of my eye. It is Yakona the mage lord. She says she did not think shopping would become so complicated when she became mage lord. Her bodyguard, Veleric, approaches and gets her attention. “It’s okay, Veleric.”

She introduces herself. I trip over introducing myself which causes Veleric to get a bit paranoid.

I get advice to introduce myself properly (using my full name and where I am from).
She produces and invitation to the celebration. It is good for the two of us and two others.
The invitation placard has both mine and Lusi’s full name on it and a guest for each of us. Formal dress at the capitol building.

Ardeith knocks Lusi out of the way on our way out. She goes to Erin and demands assistance right away. [I did not see this]

She asks for the most expensive shoes they have. (she says that she will have a dress made to match the shoes). Gaudy….

Isara comes running. She loves the gaudy shoes.
We go to the Phoenix and Dragon for lunch. It is comfortable sit down restaurant {ala Applebee’s}.

The big news is that a mage lord is in the city. Everybody is speculating why she is here. Most suspect that it is to present a new mage lord with her symbol. The symbol and guard are provided by the Nethril government. Some are saying this could very well be a wake.
We eat our lunch.

We determine that Ardeith will not be going to their usual destination.
There is a man and a woman chatting and keeping an eye on the door.
The glance over there often. The woman has blonde hair. She seems irritated. They have a big appetizer tray picking off of it. They may be waiting for Ardeith. So we wait to see if she shows up late. The man looks average height, dark curly hair, tan, fairly ordinary looking.
The woman’s hair goes down to her waist. She is wearing a the classic Nethril style outfit in greys and dark blues. She appears very attractive.

At the end of our desert, the guy looks up with that ‘about fucking time look’.
Ardeith apologises that she had to take care of. The lady says that her shopping was not more important that their meeting.

She makes a comment about wasting her time. They apparently supply her with plenty of money. She says not to let it happen again or they will find someone else. She leans forward to discuss something with them (I don’t hear).

After they leave, Lusi mentions that we need to talk. We head back to the house to do so.
Mostly Roshan is being targeted by them. Lusi says that in may be Lysandra, we were given to her for a reason. They want Roshan to take the trials – their plan will only work if he is a mage lord. She suggested a love potion on Cyrus so that Roshan would be distracted. They are irritated with Ardeith and her lack of progress.

We return to the building site – it is complete and no longer looks like a construction site. There is a fountain and doors on the building. Stained glass and great stonework.
Stefan is talking with a mage.

We go inside to see Cyrus and Roshan. There is a chandelier and a marble floor.
Sevran used some of his mother’s spells to help them finish the building. Lusi goes to find Cyrus (and Roshan by proxy).

Sevran has his mother keep an eye on the building of the city (it is being built magically, but Roshan is not comfortable leaving it on its own.)

Sevran says that someone will be here to watch. Light fills the room and sparks coalace into a woman in the room. Long black hair, blue eyes, royal blue robes. Similar to what Ryselle wears. She is very beautiful. She looks around and smiles, gives him a big hug. She was apparently spending time at the library. Her name is Rayna, Sevran’s sister.

We notice that the metallic part of her robes are silver. She has a silver necklace on then there appears to be eyes loking at us blinking. She gets a comfy chair and a book with the wave of her hand.

We depart to the house. But not before Rayna makes a feast for the boys.
Sevran says that Rayna is better than her mother at transportation magic.
We discuss things with them that happened.

Roshan is going to ask Rayna to the celebration. Cyrus and Lusi (of course). I will take Stefan with me to the celebration.

Rayna returns. She gave a scathing remark to Ardeith on her way out….
She takes us out shopping.

Rayna promises to take us shopping at a place that everyone should experience at some later date.

She tells us to pick out whatever in exchange for showing her the Mythal here.
The formal dresses we get Rayna gets enchanted to make the dresses portable.
We also get new shoes. She mentions that Erin’s race is slightly clairavoyant and that they use that ability to find the perfect pair of shoes.

We prepare for the celebration….


Session 7 September 1, 2010
15 Kythorn 2525

Sydira helps us get ready with casual use of magic. (make-up, hair, etc.)

Rayna is wearing a dark iridescent blue dress. She has a tiara in her hair.
Rayna gives me a set of Emerald jewelry. A bracelet, earrings, and a necklace. There are no apparent flaws. Mine is in a traditional style. Lusi gets topaz jewelery. Hers is more in an ‘Egyptian’ style.

Rayna’s jewelry is a mix of sapphires and diamonds with lightning flickering in them. (gems from the elemental plane of lightning).

We attempt to hide our weapons (first an 11, after Sevran’s help – mod. 20).

We join the others and get in a horseless carriage (very smooth ride).

Lusi is lead to the table of honor where we are introduced to Cyrus’ parents Vanko and Nadia.
Vanko is a mage lord. Silvering hair, tan, strong features.

Nadia is a blonde, she does not have the stole yet. She has blue eyes. Mage dress style of robes. Extrodinarily beautiful.

The rest of us are at a table not too far away.

There are 7 other people at our table.
Ardeith is at our table with someone (member of the high council). He seems to be infatuated with her – but she is just not into him.
Rayna, Roshan, Muri, Stefan, Sevran, Ardeith + arm ornament,

Elven magic is the subject of discussion at our table (via Rayna). This interests the dean and professor. Julius (capt. Of spell guard) and Sevran have looks of polite indifference and are scanning the room non-shalantly.

There are speeches made of congratulations for Nadia.
Lady Yakona is to present Nadia with the mantle of Mage Lord.
The plain mantle transforms – it deepens to a wine color and symbols appear on it.

Faydra and Joseph “perhaps they are the one they spoke of” ‘something extraordinary’.

The 12 course meal is delicious. Music is omnipresent.
Ardeith is upset when Rayna claims to be the daughter of Ryselle.
Isara seems to be drawn to this conversation.
Rayna is supposed to prove it tomorrow.

Isara’s arm ornament is named Javras (very rich merchant)
Feel kinda weird, but that’s it.

Roshan introduces Stefan, Sevran, and I to the people at the high table.
Roshan’s parents were with us instead of Kiara and Rogan (priest of mystra and the artificer).
Ivanos helped design city. Used to be member of Thaltanthar council. Retired to design this city.

Cytheria is a newly elected council member here in this city.
Dinner ends.

I get in line to congrat the new mage lord.
Lysandra congratualates Cyrus and Lusi on finding happiness. Glad to see her matchmaking worked.
As Rayna goes through the line, she moves with high regalness. Nadia thanks her, but seems to be trying to puzzle something out. Cyrus’ father gives her a nod – his eyebrow shoot up and an odd look on his face.

We go to the reception. We dance the night away.
We go home for the night.

All four parents come back to the house with us.
They hoped that we had nothing lascivious planned.
Nadia makes a localized portal for her and Vanko to return in.
We sleep…..

16 Kythorn 2525
Rayna is very cheerful. So are Lusi and I.
We are all so cheerful.

We go with Rayna for her to prove her familial identity.
Ardeith and Isara (Lysandra and her ornament are not far away) come forward.
Yakona is there as well as the other people at the table from the night before. The guildmaster is also there. The guildmaster and the Yelana woman is also there.

The ornament uses his amulet to suck some energy from Rayna and then disappears.
An assassin tried to kill Stefan as well.

The assassin disappears when Stefan hits him with a dagger.
Roshan is able to get some sort of magical bands around Lyssara.
The mage lords make sure that Ardeith and Isara stay while evacuating the area.
Ryselle shows up. “What the hell just happened?!”


Session 8 September 9, 2010
16 Kythorn 2525

I tell Ryselle about the challenge and the Ardeith association with Lysandra as a possible setup.

Ryselle recognizes Roshan and mentions how Rayna talked about him.

Ardeith, Isara, and Lysandra are taken into custody.

The mage lords are instructed to turn them over to the Archmage Ryselle for questioning.
Ardeith won’t shut up (even though no one can hear her). Lysara looks extremely frightened. Isara is completely shocked.

Ardeith had warned Lysandra that she needed to watch herself. There was someone claiming to be the daughter of Ryselle in town. Lusi asks why she needed to watch herself.

Lysandra has been helping her with her business, she said she would assist her and Isara winning the men that they want.

Isara complains that it was supposed to work where the love spell transferred to them.
Ardeith is skating the question.

Isara admits to the others being involved in slavery. She does the money laundering.
She was also promised a council seat.

Devon (the man Lyssandra was with) said that we should be left alive.

Ryselle mentions that Ao frowns upon their type being here.
Devon was the one that picked us for this (and destiny).

Ardeith is threatened with death if she talks, Ryselle tells her that she may die anyway.
Ryselle takes Lysandra away to question her about Devon.

Ardeith says that she was to marry and have a powerful child by Roshan.
The prophecy speaks of a child of an uncrowned mage lord becoming the savior of Nethril.
Ardeith said that Lysandra told her to have Rayna prove her familial heritiage to hopefully get Ryselle here.

Ardeith has had Lysandra helping her locate special types of slaves. We were originally supposed to be slaves.

Ardeith traffics in mostly concubines and body slaves.

Devon was the one who was ultimately responsible for the love spell according to Ardeith.
Ardeith’s family has been in the slave trade for years. We were supposed to go to a Red Wizard.
I set Ardeith up to expose herself as a betrayer of her friend.

Roshan goes and gets the spellguard to retrieve the two of them. Roshan does not return.
Cyrus’ grandfather was a spellguard and took great joy in ridding Nethril of slavery.
I change out of my dress and spar with Sevran to work off some of my aggression from the discussion.

Stefan does the same.

After everyone cleans up we get together for lunch.

Afterwards, there is a knock on the front door.
Ryselle comes in. She says the spellbook was probably taken by Devon. Lysandra placed the spell on a scroll and was going to frame Ardeith for all of this.

Ryselle says that Devon and Lysandra are the only ones who know the spell. She suggests that we go to Ardeith’s house to retrieve it.

Ryselle needs to find how to remove the link Devon has apparently created with Rayna.
Ryselle says the if Darrick shows up to ‘help’ us, tell him that we need this experience on our own.

She does give me a scroll that will help should we get caught breaking into Ardeith’s house.
We go to Ardeith’s house. There are four watchers at the house. They are well hidden.
There also appears to be one or two people inside the house itself.

As we explore the house, we find a library. Lusi finds a few scrolls (Leomund’s tiny hut, a magical map of Faerun, and a scroll with the sigil of the messenger’s guild on it addressed to Assimir Kirin [was Malanthius’ apprentice]). She keeps the messenger’s scroll.

I take the magical map of Faerun.
We then go toward the front and then upstairs.


Session 9 September 16, 2010
16 Kythorn 2525

We search the upstairs.
Find a Guest Room, Dressing Room.
Get to library and search around. I search the writing desks.
First desk has some scrolls and love books.I take some of the scroll that seem to be love letters to different people in different handwriting. With notes Lysandra and a number on it.
Next desk has sealed scrolls, books on ancient history. The drawers had a magnifying glass, writing implements, ruler [t-square], compass, and some sort of thing I don’t recognize [a sextant].

Lusi looks over the library shelves. She finds a book – Cormyrian Metalworking: A Complete History which has a paper with numbers on it. She jots the book down and page number on the paper.

The next desk – It has envelopes arranged alphabetically. Very nice envelopes. One contains an invitation to a party in a couple of weeks to celebrate her birthday. Two books – a book of styles of invitations and an unmarked book. The unmarked book I open is screaming. People are coming. We run into the next room. It is an executive office. The book is still screaming in my backpack.

I look in the middle drawer (#1) of the desk. Nothing of consequence. Except a keyring with three keys. I take that.

Next drawer on the lower left (#4) – it was trapped! There is a lockbox inside – I just take the box.

Right middle drawer (#6) – it was also trapped – a sudden surge of incredible pain. Through the haze of pain I happen to see at the bottom there is a ledger and the papers that were with it.
My greatest fear is in this room – we feel an uncontrollable urge to flee. We flee all the way out of the manor past Sevran and Stefan.

We get away with the aid of Sevran and Stefan. We are paranoid when we stop.
We return to Cyrus’ house where we get the fear dispelled.

We go inside to go through the stuff.
The ledger is trapped with needle traps. The papers have papers for her to sign. One is an order for a new carriage. The ledger has numbers for clients. The maps has an X on the country of Nethril.

The box is trapped. It is trapped 4 different ways. I disarm and find quite a few different traps with Darrick’s help. I get the lock open. Inside there is a scroll case, pouch, six gold trade bars (250 gp ea), and a small box.

I look at the scroll case. It is trapped with a trap that would destroy it and the contents (a modified explosive rune).

Darrick helps me with checking the scroll itself for traps. The scroll is Lysandra’s Lascivious Lovers.

I look at the small box while Lusi goes to pray about the scroll and Lara retrieves it.
The small box has a very nice looking ring in it. It is magical.

There are gems in the pouch.
We take the rest of the day off.
Darrick goes away.


Session 10 September 23, 2010
17 Kythorn 2525

I spend time in the glade and touring the city with Stefan.
Next few days spent meditating in the glade. On the 20th tour the city with Stefan. While Lusi hangs with Cyrus and his family to get to know them and each other over the next five days.

22 Kythorn 2525

Lusi gets a charm bracelet that will help her contact Cyrus for help or Tymora if she has trouble contacting her (through an extra planar portal) from Cyrus.
Cyrus says he knows someone that can identify the ring for us.

I help Lusi get ready for a proposal dinner. She gets a gift from Stefan that is jewelry that changes to match what she wears.

While Lusi goes to dinner, I get a vantage point to watch. This restaurant has tables at different levels and are suspended in midair on platforms. With tables on the floor as well. There are two dance floors as well (one floating one on the ground).
We are in the upper gallery at a table.
We watch as Lusi and Cyrus at their floating table.
We celebrate.

23 Kythorn 2525
Cyrus’ parents show up to travel with us to Silverymoon. They are mage lords.
We go to see Phaedra (Cyrus’ friend) to identify the ring.

Cyrus’ mother, Nadia, takes the ring and looks at it. It is a ring designed to go and bind someone’s will to a particular action – it is close to artifact power, but not quite there.
She suggests we get rid of the ring in a temple of Azuth in Silverymoon. Roshan will take care of sending our horses.

We appear on a teleportation pad.

We go toward our house. Eric hides us from Sara (who is engaged and wants to rub it in our faces).

Our mother makes us explain ourselves. We give the highlights.

We go to entertain our guests, but is being entertained by Eric.
Eric gives a couple of gifts to both Lusi and Cyrus.

Go to 3rd level (Michelle will give us xp total later)

The visit goes well for days…

I make sure that the ring is turned over to the temple of Azuth with a description of what it is and that it should not be used by anyone.

We also get the gems appraised by Eric.

We plan on taking just our horses instead of our caravan.

Lusi also summons a familiar at this time…

Sevran goes to visit his family while we keep Stefan here.

We stay for about 5 days total.

Eric keeps Sara off our back. He takes one of the 500 gp gems as compensation.
2 days before departure, Sara shows up.

She is engaged to a man named Lord Parrin Telford. He owns the Telford vinyards south of the city. He has been treating her well. They have not set a date. They were engaged a couple of weeks ago. She calls him Perry. They met at a function at the Lord and Lady’s of Silvermar.
He proposed in a huge engagement party event. We are invited to meet him at lunch. Sara reminds me that I should wear my nobility ring. I go get it and she drags us to lunch.

He is tall, thin, has dark hair, brown eyes (average looking). He walks around with a swagger that he is ‘king’ of all that he surveys. He has a unibrow and his nose hairs are long. He has a very thin ‘a furry thing died on his face’ mustache. Clothes are velvet and silk, buttons are gemstones. Shoes are some sort of baby dragon skin (copper).

Lusi mentions this to him as ‘sick’. He says “It is of no matter to me.”
Eric says that I should have seen the gold ones….
I depart rapidly and head to spar with Sevran.
Stefan does not recognize this noble’s name…
We head back to the house.

There is some Mulhorandi person looking for us (it is Kirin)
We get our adventuring gear and go catch up with Kirin (who Eric sent on a wild goose chase).
Lusi gives him the message scroll. He was looking for us. The people who were supposed to hav the statue destroyed got attacked and it was taken. They mentioned ‘the girls’. If he wants the statue back, he must take us to Moradin, Nethril within three days.

We head back to the house….



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