The Legend Reborn

Session 71 - Lusi

Session 70

22 Uktar 2525 / 29 March 2015

We go upstairs and join in the fun with the others; and spend the next day at home just enjoying ourselves.

24 Uktar 2525
We are sleeping gently and quietly.
Then the dreams fade to black. We find ourselves looking at the night sky’s stars. As we watch we rise upward to the dome of heaven and the brightest stars resolve into silvery dancing figures that turn into the Seven Sisters around a glowing ball of white light. The magic builds brilliantly and flashes into golden sparks. A feminine hand forms in the middle of the sparks and gestures them toward us. We are struck by a spark each; the voice says let the saviors of her daughters be blessed with the essence of the maker’s spirit. It fades back to black and we wake in the morning.

Eric is knocking on the window this morning; it seems that he’s been blessed by the good dream too. He’s accusing us of throwing him under the carriage with the gods…
We all head downstairs to get some breakfast.
Severin comes down with his hair damp and dressed casually, looking kind of annoyed. Zandra is already downstairs and helping out in the kitchen.
Severin’s annoyed because he was asleep with the vision/dream and it messed up his schedule.
Evie’s still mad at Eric… He’s still upset.
Aubrey comes down the stairs and says Avarun is still in his mansion doing something, maybe bathing or dancing. :)
Lusi goes to see if the Moms need help with breakfast.
Eric, Aubrey, and Muri go on talking about relationships; Eric tries to trap Avarun into agreeing with him. Avarun does not, and Muri restates his intelligence. Avarun says that Raistlin did not choose him as apprentice for no reason.
There’s banter back and forth about the dark dreams and whether they’re portents or current events between Alika, Muri, and Aubrey.
Breakfast is served buffet style since we have hoards of people here, as usual lately.
It’s a traditional English breakfast with tomatoes, potatoes, and kidneys.
Mom says it was something she had while she was in Sembia.
Eric asks if the hash is supposed to edible by humans. This leads to a discussion of food and trail rations for different peoples and races.
We’re going to wash up and then see what we see for the Star and the medallion Lusi got from Shar.
Ryselle waves and makes the plates march off to the kitchen after a stray comment about the army of plates to be washed.

Lusi is examining the amulet/medallion both mundanely and arcanely to see what might be here. The symbols are on the amulet as runes for the different stones. There are 7 symbols and one seems to be less emphasized than the others. The symbols glow when touched, but the symbol of unity glows less than the others. There is a line of magic leading somewhere from each symbol, the line from the symbol of unity leads directly to her staff.

Muri is looking for The Symbul with the Star of Mystra while Lusi is engaged with the medallion. (Chris rolled a 1, the Star is not working.)

Alika’s book is the holy biography of the Red Knight (bibliography, LOL). She is still not named in this. (No one knows her name.) It talks about her life on the farm and takes him through her journey from home to joining a mercenary troop and working her way to the top and the becoming of a great tactitian and impressing Tempus with her abilities and his elevation of her to deific status. There are some things that are mentioned as important to her: her armor, her weapons, a ring, her helm’s band of rank, tabard, vestments and other items as well.
At the end of the book she is shown formal court vestments (pants and long gown, gloves, circlet off the helm) and talks about the ascension to godhood and she left her mortal weapons in her first temple but the items were scattered in the Time of Troubles. Under the name of each artifact is a phrase that is some sort of enchantment. It looks like nonsense to normal people but Alika recognizes it. The words are a spell or the parts of a spell, he thinks.
Her longsword has an intricate set of quillions and the pommel stone is a carving of the knight piece in chess. The name of it is Checkmate.
(Alika has a tabard and a ring from her already.)

Muri tries again to activate the Star and try to find Allesarra. She sees the ocean and zooms in to the Pirate Isles (crap) and specifically to the Dragon Isle at the center and focuses on a massive ass mountain. Near the top is a cave that contains a black dragon curled up. The dragon has some nice jewelry on him as well his massive treasure. The place of pride has a cylinder with Allesara in it. Oh yay. More dragons. Dammit. She is imprisoned in fire. She looks pissed off. Eeek.

After a lot of discussion about this dragon and what it might require to get the Sister from it, we decide to go shopping since we’re obviously going to be out adventuring for a while. Muri looks up the dragon and the torc in the book. The torc could be doing anything for it, but it is ancient and does the live and let live thing with the pirates running a farm that raises cattle to feed the dragon.

Lusi: greater acid resistance 30 pts needed for this encounter with the dragon if it goes badly.

We need more info if possible on this dragon; Lusi does a Legend Lore spell from her staff to try to find the name so we can do more research.
The fallen one stands at the top of the world as the guardian of the shining star of Aglarond.

(Will saves) Lusi, Zandra, Eric and Alika drop to the ground unconscious; Aubrey and Avarun are ok (nat 20).
Avarun tries a cantrip for fire on the assumption that if something changed, to start small and got a fire pillar out of it instead of a candle flame. Mom runs down and is concerned for us: there are more people unconscious upstairs. She runs back upstairs to make sure Ryselle doesn’t cast any spells in the house.

Was there a change in the Weave? If so, how did it happen and how can it be changed back?
Muri attempts to summon a holy symbol, it appears but takes a little longer than usual.
Avarun uses smelling salts on us to wake us. It works.
Alika is hurting a bit from the Spellfire he holds; Aubrey helps him drain some off so they don’t turn the release into a firestorm. Aubrey’s eyes turn black with that drain. Aubrey drops into a meditative state to get himself back to normal.

Lusi opens herself to the Weave very slowly and carefully. The warped chaotic insanity turns her stomach at the tiniest opening of the metaphysical eyes; she doesn’t yack. The connection to Mystra is gone, it’s like she’s not there anymore.

Lusi heads to the Temple of Mystra with Muri, Eric, and Zandra on her heels.
Eric knows a back way to the Temple.

The outside of the house is absolute madness; Eric leads us immediately into an alley while Muri fends off the masses to keep them away. The path he takes us is through a lot of places that we didn’t even know existed. The Temple is surrounded by people holding thier unconscious compatriots and the warrior priests aren’t letting anyone in.
Eric take the Star of Mystra to see if he can get us in.

Back at home, they are discussing magic and tell Alika that it’s a good thing that Aubrey drained him otherwise it would have become explosive. The protections are all holding on the house. Magic items seem to be anchored and functioning alright.
Derrik leads Alika to join us at the Temple.

Alika joins us about ten minutes after Eric leaves us. Eric shows up a couple minutes later and says to come on. We head in and tell the masses on the way about smelling salts.
The priest that let us in stays behind to try to calm the crowd.

The High Priestess is in the main Temple, praying for Mystra’s return and aid. She’s also asking for Ao’s guidance. Lusi wants Muri to use the Star to try to communicate with one of the Sisters. Muri wants to hold that in reserve.
There’s a disturbance next to the alter and reality shifts for a moment. (fort saves) Eric and Lusi are totally nauseated for a moment. A scholarly, elderly looking man appears in the center of the room with a woman in his arms. he stumbles forward and the priests come to help him. The priestess calls him Azuth; the god of magicians and says “poison.” One of the priests takes the woman from him and he falls to his knees.
Muri looks for Dark Shards or the darts of the Obsidian Brotherhood. What would the Black Lotus poison do to a god?
Azuth is in bad shape too.
One of the acolytes summons us to the infirmary to talk to the High Priestess. Aubrey and Alika come with us though not invited. Eric wants nothing to do with this.
They don’t have much time: Muri summons the Sisters with the Star; a massive surge of energy later and the windows blow out – their bodies appear on the floor.
Derrick is just outside so we have him get Ryselle; she appears with no fanfare whatsoever with Raistlin beside her. They are lead over to the gods to try to work on them.
The novices set up a room with pallets for the Sisters.

Lusi sets up in the corner of the Sisters’ room and starts meditating: she is trying to stabilize the Weave in the Temple area – she remembers in time that Ryselle and Raistlin are more powerful with this kind of magical environment so she sets up the anchor points to finish when they’re done (spent my bonus point for this and rolled really damn well).

The Temple starts vibrating; Lusi heads for the infirmary while Alika and Eric head for the outside. Eric and Alika see a magical storm that looks like Alika’s Spellfire overhead.
Ryselle and Raistlin are tracing runes on the floor and Derrick is requesting a sample of the Gods’ blood. The High Priestess is falling apart here; Muri is trying to talk her down.
Azuth’s blood is glowing gold and Mystra’s is glowing white.

Outside the sky ignites – the clouds are burning spellfire and the lightning starts hitting the ground. The crowd’s running.

Muri asks what can redirect lightning;Lusi tells her a lightning rod and explains what it is then tells Alika to charge it with his Spellfire. Maybe we can get this directed there instead.
She plants the rod in the ground at 20’ high and it works here to protect the Temple at least.

Ryselle and Raistlin are going to suspend the Gods in time; they’ll have 1-3 months before whatever happens at the end of this process happens.
Lusi has a view of two of the most powerful mages in the universe cast a crazy powerful spell. They are putting them in two domes and stopped time completely and then layer shields upon shields upon shield with more time suspension spells encased every few layers of shields and the last thing they do is a dome to encase both the domes with more layers upon layers of shields; then more and more stuff she doesn’t even recognize. There is a wierd sensation to this last bits of the spell like the feeling she gets around the gods.
Holy crap: this is about 8 hours of casting.

Aubrey yells “yes! I can do this!” He has modified a spell to protect the populace from the lightning storm. He casts it and is pretty close to unconscious just like the other two. Lusi makes sure the novices take care of the exhausted mages after all that ritual magic.
Lusi goes to the Sisters’ room to trigger her spell. Lady Morganna shows up right before that and she does something to the dome the Gods are in. The dome rings from the blow, then seems more solid after that. She rejoices and says fuck you to Valas Thann… Guess it was him behind this?
Lusi goes to set off her spell; Lady Morganna says it’s a good idea. Lusi sets off the spell and feels the magic fall back into the normal patterns she’s used to.
The Sisters are breathing and have color in their faces now though they’re still unconscious.

Lusi chats with Derrick for a while about the lab and poisons then other things. The lab gives Derrick the components; he’s stunned and furious. The maker of the poison has access to the Origin. This gives it the effectiveness to affect the Gods. The rest of the poison is a modification of the Black Lotus poison. Derrick has people that can procure the other components that are nearly impossible to find.
Lusi contacts Cyrus; they’re mostly ok but busy. Eladriel sends a basic busy signal; at least she’s still in contact and able to respond. Lusi gathers up the group and takes them to the palace to check on the High Lord and Lady.

The streets are clear at this point since it’s entirely unhealthy to be struck by lightning. There are some bodies still on the ground but the guard are trying to clean it up. We make our way unmolested to the palace. The guards at the closed gate stop us and demand our names and why we’re here. After the introductions Lusi suggests that perhaps Princess Yelena would like to see us.
A page sent to her returns and says she will see us; we are escorted into her waiting room.
We explain part of the situation to her and suggest that her parents would want to hear the rest as well.
The Lord and Lady are shocked and appalled at the explanation and tell us that an outworld visitor (Valas Thann) offered to help with this. He walks into the room while we’re badmouthing him.
We talk to him for a bit, then the Lord asks him to leave while we talk. He does. The concensus seems to be to ask for the consequences of the help from him since he’ll help just to tweak the tail of his enemy; whomever that may be. We’re thinking it’s Eonarin, the dragon-born demigod son of Raistlin, but we could be wrong since we know nothing of his whereabouts or aims.
If Avarun came here to help us by Raistlin’s command, then perhaps he’s been here and needed to leave and return. Causing this kind of chaos so that Ao would be too busy to enforce the restricitions on the entry to Toril to any Void mages may have been what he was after…
The Lord decides to talk to Valas Thann and find out what the costs will be of his help then make his decision.

Session 69 - Lusi

22 Uktar 2525 / 13 Dec 2014

The night passes uneventfully… (Lusi doesn’t sleep)
More delicious breakfast smells… Moms have been cooking this time.
Muri wakes and stretches; she looks at Lusi and asks if she slept last night. Lusi is nonchalant and says no. She’s not tired.
There’s a voice from under the bed; apparently Eric was sleeping under Muri’s bed and has been doing that for some undetermined amount of time. There is a big, scary dude sleeping in the guest room now, so he decided to sleep there. He seems more scared of the dude than of our Moms… We’re stumped by that.

We go downstairs…
We have lots and lots of food to feed the hungry hordes in the the house.
Aubrey seems to be back to normal. He thanks the girls before breakfast.
Valas Thann has no more purchase on Aubrey, according to Raistlin, but his tie to this plane is much more fragile since he’s been dead and on to his afterlife once already. Raistlin doesn’t know what will happen to Aubrey when he dies the next time.

Muri meditates upon the Star of Mystra to try to find the location of Qilue Veladorn, the Maiden of the Underdark. Alika helps with the dishes while Lusi keeps eye on Muri.

Muri sees the dark elven face of a Drow woman with long white hair. Her eyes are closed; as the field of vision expands she is suspended in midair, surrounded by a Wall of Force kind of effect that is in a clearing of a grove. The grove is near a sparkling river and the trees get darker and more sinister that farther from the grove we go; there is a trade road that goes over the river but just outside the forest and a large city to the SW with hills to the NW. It’s in The Reaching Woods between Baldur’s Gate and Cormyr.
Mom2 says The Reaching Woods wasn’t always a menacing place. Something happened there and the area was tainted. It used to be a place where Green Men lived and many druids lived. It was mostly peaceful till whatever it was happened and the trees started changing. It was not more than 200 years ago. The druids maintained a small area of the woods near the river that is still magical and peaceful. The rest is taken over by goblins and orcs, mostly goblins.

Avarun showed up just in time, since he’s the embodiment of Force for our quest.
We’re going to try a standard teleport into the clearing. As it’s a druid protected area, maybe standard teleportation won’t be blocked. Lusi’s thinking that a plant based movement spell would be blocked.
Dammit, we bounce off a blocking spell. Will save… (44)
We remain conscious and appear in the broken down ruins of what might have been a temple of stone at one time. It’s moldy and fungus covered everywhere. The stench assaults our poor nostrils. There is a possibly female figure that is very, very old. Like the classic Disney evil witch (from Brave), and she and her robes are filthy. The sky is darker here; like it’s overcast. She gestures like she’s taking something from the air. Fortitude save. (38 with an action die roll)

A globe of light rips out of our chests (except for Alika and Severin) and inside are our still beating hearts. They become smaller and smaller and she puts them in her pouch.
She has a creaky voice and says the gods have sent her gifts.
200 year ago something fell from the sky in to the Lake of Solitude. Everything became dark and icky.
If we fix it she will return our hears and grant us a boon. Every hour in the lake will risk us being cursed with death or worse. Great.
Lusi says she can strengthen Aubrey’s bond to the Prime Material Plane if necessary to give us more than the day or so that he should be okay. It’ll take a couple of hours to do the spell, so we’ll have to be careful of the time.
Alika uses his spellfire to localize the magic to a section of the lake, then Muri creates a barge for us to take into the lake so we can avoid as much exposure to the cursed water as possible.
Lusi casts water breathing on everyone but Alika and Avarun. It’s 2 hrs/lvl. Just before we get in the water. Lusi casts Endure Elements on herself, Alika, and Muri, Avarun casts it on himself, Severin, and Zandra. Avarun and Zandra are staying in the boat.
The water feels oily… Gross.
We follow Alika down into the water since he’s using Mage-o-vision at the moment.
It’s about 10 minutes down, but it’s not really that deep. We’re pretty much flailing downward instead of actually swimming much. We reach the murky bottom, and the magic is powerful and brighter. Lusi can feel the magic crawling along her spine (like Malice is whispering sweet nothings in her ear). YUCK!!!
We see that there is a large point of light that is a dark purple color. We can’t quite tell what the “container” is though.
There’s some sort of remains of a stone container broken open and in the center of the ruins is an intricately carved gemstone in the head of a staff that is pointy and creepy and made of some metal we don’t recognize with magic is pouring out of it. Severin thinks the metal may be adamantine. The staff is just remains, like it was broken off. (Legend lore at 56) There was a master that used to be very powerful and was called the Dreamlord and he used mind magic to do it. Some countries still have stories about the boogeyman that the Dreamlord would come get you if you weren’t good. Terror, discord and aother awful feelings in dreams. The staff really resembles his: glowing gem wrapped in a cage of metal brambles that enhanced his abilities. It was called the Mallum Sominus: The Staff of Sleeping Evil.
Muri sends out the nice paladin energy for Lusi to use to make a modified force cage that is mobile. The cage is a solid walled sphere that is white and happy instead of being invisible. The evil magic immediately stops pouring out of it and Lusi is mistrustful and we get out of there so she can levitate this thing out of the lake.
We row back to the island with the thing trailing along behind them.
Muri casts Blessed Sight to watch and see if the force cage is being corrupted.
Alika notices that the water where the artifact was is lighter and starting to glow. The lightness continues to grow in a circular pattern out from the spot.
We get back to the island without mishap.
Muri says that her positive energy is being drained slowly from her.
The lady hobbles out of another doorway from nowhere and comes to look at the force sphere; Lusi is very watchful so she doesn’t steal the thing out from under us.

The lady congratulates us and returns our hearts to us. Aubrey gets his heart back when one of the heart orbs is wandering around without him. The lady takes the force sphere. Lusi asks the lady who she is. When asked if she truly wishes to know, Lusi says yes with little hesitation. The lady transforms to a human woman with raven black hair, purple eyes and swirling dark clothes. The pupils are blacker than night. Kinda creepy. It’s Shar… Mistress of the Night.
Lusi gives a little curtsey and says nice to meet her. Muri and Alika also greet her.
Shar will grant us a boon now or not at all…

Lusi wishes to know the locations of the rest of her staff pieces. Muri wants the polyglot ability. Alika would like to know the locations of some of the Red Knight’s artifacts. Severin asks to have his mother protected from Void magic. (Shar hands him a vial for Ryselle to drink.) Shar hands Lusi a box after flipping a coin to either bring the pieces to her or simply tell Lusi the locations of them. Alika’s request cannot be accomodated, but Shar tells him to wait a moment and disappears. She reappears with a small white box and a red chess piece on it.
She leaves in a poof.

The overcast has disappeared and the lake is glowing and sparkly with magic running through it. The water is cleaning away the slime on the beach. We’re still filthy. Bath time! We all walk into the water to clean off. The waters are purifying; any diseases, attribute damage, hit points lost, etc are taken care of.
The happy sparkly water gives us a fuzzy sensation flow through us like a hug in the winter. (Happy sparkly rainbow water again)
We are nice and clean and fuzzy happy people.
The shore is cleaning itself slowly.
We teleport to right outside the clearing this time so we don’t bounce off the protections.

The pointy wooden spears wielded by forest creatures just kind of appear. They want to know who we are and why we’re violating the forest. Lusi says it’s time to release the sister. A druid steps out of a tree when she says that. He’s a middle aged man that has long brown hair edged with gray. He has a lion pacing next to him.
He asks for proof that we’re the ones to free the Sister; the elemental symbols on the wrist aren’t enough. Lusi tells Muri to show him the necklace (Star of Mystra).
Muri tells him that he can send someone to check on the progress of the lake.
The clearing is warm and wonderful to feel.

Aubrey sends a ray of frost at the wall of force and it collapses. He sends a force based spell to shatter the ice bonds; she falls and he catches her. We exit the clearing and the druid bow to the Sister/Aubrey, they wish us success and we teleport home.
We walk into the house and into the den area; they are all playing a game of Jenga.

We go downstairs (after watching Derrick screw up Raistlin’s move). We keep our laughter to ourselves at least till we hit the stairs…

Lusi casts a heal spell on Qilue; she wakes and we give her some information and she decides to go to her sister Storm. She does change her appearance to a regular elf instead of a Drow so she won’t be shot on sight.

[Lusi got the equivalent of fast healing 1 for spell points from the happy sparkly water= regenerate 1 spell point per round + 1 per 10 levels so three spell points per round at this point]

Session 68 - Lusi

Session 68

20 Uktar 2525 / 11 October 2014

Ooh, breakfast scents!! Yum!
Avarun is fixing breakfast for us all. Wow. Mom2 is up and chatting with him. Severin and Alika are up practicing already. Lusi is sleeping.
Avarun is in his red robes and Mom’s frilly apron cooking something that smells spicy.
He’s good with a kitchen knife. There’s a cauldron on the counter that isn’t Mom’s.
Muri wakes up Lusi because Lusi’s missing all the “magicky stuff.”
It’s only a couple of hours after sunrise and Lusi’s not tired. Hunh. (Lusi no longer requires rest, but doesn’t know it.)
Avarun looks good in the white lace against his red robes. He’s cooking and using the one seasoning shaker liberally.
He looks quite comfy in the kitchen.
Eric, with some advice from Alika, manages to get the box of dishes open and set the table. It’s a full formal set, so he’s trying to remember the order of the dishes in the place settings.
Avarun’s got a nifty set of cooking pans, they don’t require the heat of the stove to cook and are controlled by small touches on the handle for heating and cooling. He grabs more stuff from his pouch, including a white waxy ball of something and some jam. He pulls out flat breads from the oven. He pulls multiple trays out of our normal sized oven…
The white waxy ball turns out to be cheese when he starts cutting it open, placing it and the jam on the breads. Eric gets to take the small plates to the table with the breads on it.
The cauldron turns into a deep skillet and heats it up with a sauce to pour over the rice.
The skillet gets tapped again and it turns into a serving dish. There is a barely visible magic shield over the dish. Mom2 takes it to the table. The table is COVERED in the full formal place settings… LOL Poor Eric. Avarun snaps his fingers and half the dishes disappear. He also gets out a samovar from the bag for us to get tea from.
He offers some coffee too. The girls are surprised by the fact that there are different flavors of coffee. The only stuff they’ve tried is bitter. The coffee is from a place called Kerr. The tea is from his home, Ergoth.
We all try all the dishes. Lusi likes the bread and cheese dish the best.
Mom1 comes in just after we all sit down at the table and hands a nicely embroidered scarf to Avarun. He thanks her for letting him look at it. He’s going to leave a set of his formal robes to look.

Evie shows up on the doorstep and after accepting the offer to have a package of food from Avarun proceeds to che Eric up one side and down the other. Eric is stuttering through the whole explanation and Evie is righteously pissed. After the argument, Lusi and Muri walk Evie home. She has appointments to keep today. We have to keep him out of danger while he’s with us, and we’re going to take him out of town for a bit, assuming that he’ll come along.

While the girls are gone with Evie, Ryselle and Derrick show up at our house. She gives Alika a hug and kiss. They were apparently back on Alor for a bit.

Avarun sees them and is absolutely floored by their appearance. He drops a spoon he was holding when Ryselle mentions a dragonlance.

Aubrey still hasn’t woken up, and Alika goes up to wake him. There’s food to share if he’s upset by not being woken.
Aubrey doesn’t answer to the knock. Aubrey is still asleep and writhing in his sleep. He’s got a red gow on his chest and black energy stirking sround his hands occasionally. Alika yells for Lusi and she teleports up there. The rest of the horde of people comes running.
The glow is coming from inside his chest. Shit.
His eyes pop open when Lusi is within a couple of feet and they are completely black.
He manages to tell her to back off, so she does.
Lusi looks into the weave of the spells; the magic is not merely divine but actually deific magic here. She can’t do this alone.
Muri eventually begins to pray to Lara for help on how to help Aubrey while Alika tries to get Ao to let Raistlin in to help now that we know this is deific magic.

We’re all thinking and some are praying so time stops for a “moment.” Alika has prayed to the Red Knight and she got him an audience with Ao; he’ll let Raistlin in on the condition that Raistlin will have no direct contact with the deific magic.
Muri has to take Aubrey’s place; it must be someone with a pure heart with a reason to stay and people to help fight.
Raistlin walks into the room; he feels avatar-ish without being deific.
Ryselle borrows the Orb of Alternate Realities from Alorra again to help with this task. Ryselle will be combatting the deific magic; Alika gets an ability to channel Creation magic with his Spellfire; Lusi will be keeping back the Void magic from Ryselle while she works; Muri is taking Aubrey’s place in the fight.
Muri puts on all of her gear except weapons.
We take the bed with Aubrey on it down into the basement the the circle that was sanctified by the avatar of Alorra.
Raistlin casts some more protections on the room. Lusi casts several spells on Muri, as well as Raistlin and Alika setting up some spells on her too.
At the end of it all, Valas Thann runs and we manage to get rid of the Void magic and the deific magic from Aubrey and Muri. The militia ended up being called up since there was a large contigent of personnel with Valas Thann.

Ethan, Raeyna, Ansalon, Christiana, Raynard, Damon and Dalia, Vedric, and Zandra all ended up back here to help defend the place while we took care of the business inside.
The number of bodies in the area looks like the small army was not an exaggeration – there are hundreds of bodies. There are no local people back there now – Ryselle froze time in the local area to keep the locals safe.
Lusi wraps the container in Creation magic that the amulet is in.

There are lots of people helping with lunch while the family stays together for a bit.

Ryselle takes Lusi to the bank in Union City to get a high security vault with Lusi as the contact point for it.
At home the horde settles in and talks for a while. Lunch is being prepared while that happens.

Muri and Alika give short talks to Aubrey while he’s unconscious and let him know that while no one would blame him for leaving, he’s needed and wanted here too.

Finger foods for lunch!!!

Aumbrey stumbles up the stairs a little before dinner; Lusi and Muri rush over to give hugs and a shoulder; Alika gets him some food.

Session 67 - Lusi

Session 67

19 Uktar 2525 / 9 August 2014

Conversation ensues about getting ready to fight with Anskarard about taking her masterpiece even though she agreed to it.
We go through the house portal rather than plane shifting… Eric is there with his feet up on the table eating a big sandwich. Muri scares him by shouting like Mom does about the feet on the table.
He’s upset about Evie; he asked a question that made her mad. We suggest that he take chocolate and flowers.

We teleport out to the circle that is the entrance way to her cave.
We activate the “doorbell” and appear in her little cave space…
She shows up fairly quickly and we are escorted into her gallery of art.The masterpiece is not there; it is in her hoard.
Alika is talking her around to it and get the masterpiece. (David rolled a 54 on diplomacy) She tells us to take it before she changes her mind.
We gtfo because Muri’s about to turn to turn colors. She says Lara’s temple, now. Lusi teleports all of us to the door and we escort Muri in.
The novice takes Muri to the high priestess who is busy kicking something with her spiked shoes in a practice room. They talk and they go to the priestess’s rooms and call on Lara.
Lara shows up before the priestess calls on her. The priestess is surprised that Lara and Muri greet each other. There is some talk about what to do with the dragon and her art pieces; the temple will take care of this while we continue on our quest(s).

Muri looks much better now, and is quite happy with the course of things. Evidently, Aubrey adventured with Lara and Felix.

Moms and Dads are home when we get back home. Lots of hugs and updating of the parents on our doings.
We head downstairs with Sylune and meet up with Zandra. Muri mentions that the crystal is a modified form of Temporal Stasis.
Aubrey dispels the crystal on the second try. Her cuffs are lighting chased metal; she collapses into Alika’s arms because he’s the only one fast enough to catch her.
Zandra asks Lusi to borrow Sparky to dispel the bonds.
Lusi casts a Heal spell; we’ll see if it does anything.
Sylune asks about Shadowdale; Muri opens the Tome of Knowledge and gives the rundown to Sylune.
Sylune heads out to Shadowdale; her sister is there (Storm) and it’s part of her demesne.

There’s a knock on the door as we head upstairs for dinner; Muri answers it. There’s a stranger at the door. Muri asks if she can help him and he introduces himself as Avarun Salinar (?) and says he needs to speak with her and her compatriots. She’s a little surprised and disconcerted, he says he knows of our quest and what we just accomplished. Lusi tells her mom there’s another for dinner. She says ok. Mom 2 comes in and introduces herself. We’re having chicken – he doesn’t recognize that; Lusi facetiously suggests yardbird, he recognizes that. Weird.
We all introduce ourselves. He recognizes Severin in a slightly different manner than the rest of us. He’s a master of the red robes of the tenth circle on Krynn. Lusi brings out her staff; he tenses a bit but relaxes when she doesn’t do anything with it but a Legend Lore. (46 roll)
Eonarin is his former master (half dragon Void mage).
The box the dragons were in was what locked them away from magic. The souls survived, nothing else did. Avarun was the one that dropped off the box to Anksarard. Eonarin imprisoned the dragons.
Eonarin and Avarun had a difference of opinion and Avarun had to find a new master.
He is here to help us at the behest of his new master, Raistlin Majere. Holy crap. So we’re needing to try to stop Eonarin. We need to get the statues together and make sure we’ve got the Sisters since together they are the key to the power on this planet.
Muri and Alika notice that Avarun has a mark on his wrist, it is Force.
Zandra decides to leave and take a message out to the Magi about the statues.

We are going to look for Qilue in the morning. Lusi heads downstairs to spend time with her baby dragon, then studying for a couple of hours…

Glorious sleep…
Dreams… It’s night, the stars are bright and new moon. We are on a plain in front of a large stone circle. Very old.
There are sigils etched in the stones and the center there is a set of columns. There are six with one in the middle of them. A man, Valas Thann, is bare chested with the glowing amulet on, barefoot and he steps on the stone and the sigils light in red glowing power. He is carrying his staff and begins walking in an odd pattern that leads him to one of the pillars that begins to glow red. He starts chanting then shatters the column with his staff. The area has grown colder and more quiet. The pattern begins again, with the chanting and breaking of the column. The area is glowing very bright red with a dome over it and a shield of red energy around the central column. He walks up to it and places his hand on the amulet and starts pushing the staff through the shield; once it gets to a point the shield and dome disappear. The column splits and a man is inside it. The man is dark and shadowy. The armor is dark and has a jeweled gauntlet. His eyes snap open and he gets a cruel smile on his face then says ‘you have freed me, my son’. “No father, I have not.” Stabs him with the staff and the red energy flows into the man, and starts coming out of his eyes and mouth, then a brilliant flash and he drops to the ground. Valas Thann pulls out the staff, shoots a green ray of energy that makes the body disappear, smirks and walks away. – Bane is his father.—
Alika and Aubrey mention a guy in black on black robes in the background of the vision. Muri and Lusi didn’t see him at all.

Toril and Abeir were once one world, so taking the magic of one world may end up taking over the magic of the other. No one knows what having the Primordial at the center of the planet would do to the magic. Toril is a very high magic world considering the Weave. What would have happened to the Primordial here when Karsis fucked up his spell?

Muri calls on Eladriel for help. She shows up in the living room. She did not know about Bane’s son, so she calls Ao in. He didn’t know either. Abier is running with business as usual. Asgarath is the Primordial at the center of Toril.
Cult of the Black Hand had a circle of columns to feed or feed upon a magical being.
There may not be much power left since he’d been fed upon for 2000 years, so maybe, just maybe, Valas Thann didn’t get as much power as we’d feared.

—Sisters, statues, Terina / mysterious redhead with Duke Kalere, wedding of Stefan and Yelena / destruction of Cormyr and Silver Marches, Olenar Mentis, Eonarin Aerithdeu and Valas Thann, Primordials and magic’s status on Toril and Abeir, Lusi’s staff parts.

Session 66 - Lusi

Session 66

19 Uktar 2525 / 28 June 2014

Lusi and Aubrey (and Carathus) are still out cold…
An elven woman in white robes with white hair shows up. It’s Illyana, Alor’s goddess of healing. We are all taken to Paradise to recuperate under her supervision.
It’s like Elysium on earth, for lack of a better description. They feel energized but relaxed.
There are two temples joined by a bridge; one has a lot of people fighting (training); the other has many people in blue or white robes and is where we are taken.
Illyana has told her priests that we are also to be treated with the Waters of Life while we recuperate. They bring in three bowls of sparkly, clear water.
The rest of the party is free to explore while they are here. There is a small town nearby, and please don’t swim in the lake that is also close by. It is the source of the Waters.
The temple of Tavor is next door and will allow anyone to join them in combat practice.
The three trying to recover are having happy, flippy, rainbow dreams.

We are out for about 3 days, recuperating.

Lusi wakes up feeling refreshed and has had the best sleep of her life. She hasn’t felt this well rested for a very long time!
Muri comes running in and bounces into a hug.
We’re going shopping!!
Waters of Life, Tears of Alorra, Fireflowers… The Tears will enhance any potion or salve made with it. The Waters enhance holy water and make potent healing items and can heal wounds short of a death wound. Using the two together can make a Heal potion or a Restoration potion.
Lusi buys one of the Fireflowers at 1000gp. She gets a set of 6 volumes of alchemical recipes; from very basic to very advanced. There is a tome called Illyana’s Grimoire of Healing… 10K gp, but this is a complete copy of the scrolls of healing written by Illyana. We all pitch in to buy it. Zandra gives 1000, Muri 2000, Alika 1000. She spends a ton of money (5000gp) there getting a lot of rare components for the new alchemy skills.

We get back to Ryselle’s plane, then off to the demiplane that Lady Yderia and the babies live on. There are hundreds of dragons there, including a huge gold dragon, a steel dragon, an amethyst dragon, and a silver dragon. Ethan and several of the other children are in human forms there.
The dragons appear to have no memory and no past to speak of; they remember nothing because there is nothing to remember. The problem is deciding which dragons will be adults, which youths, and which will remain children. The demiplane is crowded and as large as it can get. Apparently Ryselle is going to contact Aurien to see if he’ll host some on his plane.

A rift appears in the sky and a gold and black pegasus flies in with a woman in armor. She lands and pulls off her helm. She says that Alorra says that the dragons have no mem- oh, we’ve already figured it out. It’s our quest to finish.

The artiste dragon had dragons in her art pieces…. All different ages and types.
She told us she just wanted to stop having to guard the gems…

Alika, Aubrey, and Zandra are going to see the artiste and find out if the aura of magic is the same on her art pieces.
Severin is staying here to help with the dragons.
Lusi and Muri go to the Libris Ominus to research.

Lusi starts with dragon memory; for Torillian dragons. We end up at the biology section.
In the generic section – dragon memory is at least psuedomagical if not truly magical. The memory encoding uses magic and they don’t degenerate like a human’s would. The magic supporting them will supprt the memory.
Torillian dragons are very dependent on their lair and the treasure; the magic permeates the treasure and is trackable by them since it’s a part of their magical selves. If the dragon loses the lair it will severely affect them; illness, possible death. This makes them one of the most aggressive species of dragon in the known universe since it their very lives at risk. The may avoid some of these issues by locking up their treasures where noone can get to it and wander around in a non-draconic form. It speculates that the recent disappearance may simply have been a mass exodus since they had too much notoriety. They simply dissappeared into the native population. A footnote by a small group of specialists on dragon physiology says that the dragon removed from it’s treasure may lose all memory of even being a dragon; that they may not even realize they’re dragons.
Some changes in the Weave from the Dark War and succeeding events may have affected the dragons’ memory… What events??

The Weave as originally mostly ley lines; a pretty large number but more more free and flexible. The Netherilese mage went nuts and almost destroyed all magic on Toril and would have except Mystara sacrificed herself to re-establish the Weave. It was made from her will and was inflexible and unchanging. Over time the Weave loosened some. The TIme of Troubles began to fracture after Cyric tried to kill Mystra; the rumors of Mystra’s death disrupted the Weave (her near death). The Weave became more complex after her reascension but still inflexible. The Dark One came from the Shadow Plane, and came with Shade when it returned from the Shadow Plane. His mere presence chaged the Weave. Shade influenced the Weave through the knowledge and use of Netherilese magic. The Weave loosened up a little more with this. There was more usefulness to magic after this and the mages also figured out they could really mess shit up with the new changes to the Weave. The disappearance of the Seven Sisters changed the Weave since they were anchors. This made the Weave more free flowing. There were changes to the Weave after the dragons disappeared – the intensity of the magic was reduced.
Most likely for the memory loss would be a magical surge directed specifically at the dragons. That kind of thing would affect those of draconic descent and in any of the forms they may have taken.
Dragon Diadem could be used when taking control of a dragon by blowing away their memory and make them easier to control. A Dracosian dragon would be able to do that to many dragons. The knock off crowns would operate on a much smaller scale. A regular dragon would be able to control a dozen or so dragons, but a humanoid would be able to control one or maybe two dragons. There are specific way to take out the memories of the large amounts of dragons requires that the memory be totally lost. One dragon’s memories might be able to be restored, but the mass removal would be permanent.
The Diadem could be used to put the souls of dragons into gems. The theoretical process is listed out here. At the very end it says that all of this could be done much more easily by a draconic god… All of this stuff is done on a large scale and much more easily by one.


We meet up with the rest of the party after they get done talking to Anskarard about her art and letting Aubrey check out the magic. It’s not the same magic.
She has been doing worse things than we though with the art pieces; some of them were deliberately injured for a “grittier” look. Some of the earliest pieces are actually dead people instead of alive; Lusi’s not sure that’s better than being alive and in stasis.
The guy that dropped the gems off to Anskarard was tall, wearing a red cloak trimmed in black and had soft hands. There is some speculation that it was a Red Wizard.
The dragons disappeared in 2025, the Sisters a little bit later… That’s a good way to set up for messing up the Weave badly. Crap.

So it’s either not a god, or a god that came in under the radar, so to speak. Perhaps it’s a demigod? A demigod would not need followers and would be able to sneak in under Ao’s nose. Did Yvonnelestrylyn have more children after she became a dragon?
Bahamut or Tiamat? Probably not, they’re kind of uptight.
We end up heading out to Carathus’ plane to see if we can ask about demigods… Carathus’ plane is hip deep in dragons too. He kind of got volunteered to host some of them, but at least there are some adults to help.
He communicates with Yvonnelestrylyn and asks her to come see us.
She steps through a door in the air.
She doesn’t think it’s anyone from Alor, but there are other worlds with dragons on them. We’ll have to check it out.
Muri is wondering why Toril and not Alor, since Alor’s a nexus world? Lusi and Yvonnelestrylyn tell her that Toril is a nexus world too.
The Origin is in the center of our known universe; the six universal ley lines lance out from it and on each ley line is one of the six nexus worlds. The ley lines split at each of the nexus worlds for some unknown reason. When the universe was created, there were eight beings that came into existence at the same time as the universe, Primordials.

Thanatos, Abeir, Archadia, and Kyrilos are the four original nexus worlds.

Ao and Eladrial were set over the Abeir sphere. Xotha and Asgarath were the Primordials assigned to help Ao and Eladriel. Xotha became obsessed with a particular life form (dragons) and every Crystal Sphere she went to had to have dragons. She tried to make Ao and Eladriel make dragons the dominant life form. They said no. They bound Xotha and Asgarath to the center of Abeir and then split the sphere in two and separated the Primordials forever. Toril and Abeir are the two planets.

One of the Primordials became the Dark One and his mate retreated to the edge of the universe in shame at his actions.

The other four haven’t had anything really significant happen with them.

Thr Primordials at the center of the two worlds would be a significant amount of power for anyone to control, especially if they have the dragons to control Xotha with… Shit.
Release them via the magic of the universal ley line once they’ve taken control with the statues. Crap.

So a demigod Void mage. Well, Valas Thann is one. What about the one from Dracos?
How the hell are we going to get more information without spending all of our time in the Libris?
Severin calls his mother; she brings the Book of Infinite Knowledge and Muri ends up taking it. She can use it for one month or has to take the mantle of the Adept of Knowledge from Ryselle.
She tests the book with the information about Rylos Ladrue, the Void mage from Dracos. He’s a Shadow Dragon. He is half-elven in his humanoid form. He’s not a demigod.

On to Valas Thann, since we don’t know for sure that his mother was not a dragon. His mother was a priestess of Isis and Osiris. She was not a dragon.

Vacare Ordiri membership:
Valas Thann – demigod from Archadia not it
Ryarithllodru – Dracos (world populated only by dragons) not it
Devan Rehaltis – Toril not it
Vesyk Rienir – Cernn (avian) not it
Kinaldo Ghathertin – Pandemonium humanoid looking man of brownish gray, no facial hair, high cheekbones, unusual looking mage robes and a gem embedded in his forehead. Star mage, the child of a human and somewhere else entirely but not a dragon. not it
Aurien Que’dena – Alor not it
*Rh’osryn Uinae – Aedai (seraphim dismissed from their gods’ service) female, gorgeous, human, not it
Eonarin Aerithdeu – Krynn black mage, son of Raistlin Majere and Takhisis (IT) there are three types of mages: black – evil, red- neutral, white – good; magic is influenced by the same color moon. Takhisis is a guardian of Krynn and is evil; responsible for the destruction of the chromatic dragons on Krynn and her form is similar to Tiamat’s. Raistlin was most powerful mage to ever live on Krynn and is one of the most powerful mages in the universe.
Chanim – Mazerris Arabian clothing and coloring, similarities to djinn, not it
Quelaran Maesrarr – Thanatos look like Shades; dark elven without white hair; not it
M’ric – Hades very handsome, diabolical, talons, goatee, pointy eyebrows and ears; not it
Chakykin Tyinnanu – Yzoere female humanoid feline, not it
Azriel – leader of the Order and formerly the high avatar of Ra, from Alor; Solar Azmion, not it

Session 65 - Lusi

Session 65

12 Uktar 2525 / 16 February 2014

We step through the door to our basement (thank the gods it’s protected). Mom is there but we don’t know it until Muri swears and gets threatened with the dishsoap again.
We go up to dinner, the dads are setting the table. We are having yummy stew!
No talking about the adventure until after dinner. Lusi is depressed by that, but we all abide by it, as usual.
Lusi describes our adventure to date after dinner. Mom recognizes the room as one that the Kalimal Luminus has been looking for for years.
Eric shows up toward the end of the story and gets some food after Mom reminds him that he’s not supposed to sneak in the house.
Eric has been investigating some of the nobles on the Tri Council for the High Lord and Lady of Silvermar.
A red haired lady is involved somehow… If it’s Terina…. Muri will be very happy to try to take her out. She’s keeping company with some of the nobles again.

Looks like Duke Silas Kalere is keeping company with a red haired chick… Muri mentions that maybe she can’t color her hair. Alika points out that dragons always have something that is unchangeable. Is there anything else that this happens with? Lusi’s too stuck on images of dragons to remember…
Muri recalls that some demons, some elementals (lords and ladies) and some other creatures that are associated with color but she doesn’t know if they can’t hide that with magic.
Eric has been exploring houses and getting some info on the plans to try to interfere with the marriage between Stefan and our Princess, Yelena.
Red Hair has convinced half the council that the wedding should not go on.
He says he overheard a snippet of conversation about a prophesied wedding not coming to pass – it would be bad?
Lady Ryselle walks in about that time.

Hiding the draconic signature is difficult at best and takes draconic magic to do. It would take a lot of power and learning to do. Maybe she has access to an item, if she’s a dragon at all. Perhaps she’s simply arrogant… Here’s hoping.

(there is an amulet we can buy at the Libris Ominus that will steer us away from a specific individual)

Ryselle says there’s a doorway to another plane for us on her plane. It will be visible from the one we enter through.
Lusi goes to study in her nifty library.
Most of us study, Muri has a very embarrassing conversation with her mom about Tathar and his actions. (poor girl)

We all go to sleep…
We’re all dreaming – a familiar throne room filled with colorful hordes of nobles and guests. At the front the symbol of the house of Obuskier and the symbol of house of Elenethil. Standing at the end of the row of thrones is a handsome young man in his white royal garb fidgeting nervously.
The music starts and we all come to our feet. Princess Yelena is a vision in white as she starts on the way down the aisle. The gown is a lot like the gowns mother makes. She reaches the end of the aisle and the minister starts the wedding ceremony. Stefan and Yelena repeat their vows and just as the minister raises his hand to pronounce them husband and wife, the bride stiffens and goes limp in Stefan’s arms. Severin, at his side as groomsman, jumps forward and is suddenly in his armor looking in the rafters for something. There is a dark red stain spreading on the dress that gets bigger and bigger until the room seems drowning in blood. There is a mocking of laughter from some evil and the world turns to darkness. Endless lines of slaves with overseers of angular and slightly elven looking beings. The Cormyrian palace is a mockery of itself and festooned with the skeletons of those who fought. The Silvermar palace is burned out husk. Stefan’s body is mangled and maimed; Yelena next to him. Lusi sees her sister and family and friends there too. Alika sees the husk of the monastery and the bodies of his brothers as well as his companions and Stefan and Yelena. In the background on a throne atop a pile of skulls is a dark figure. No features are visible, but the mocking laughter continues but we don’t recognize that laughter.

13 Uktar

We all wake up. It is still night time and just past midnight.
We can still smell the burning bodies…

Everyone gathers in the living room again.
Eric is there too. He stayed over tonight.

Raeyna teleports in too.
Perhaps Terina is a being from another world. Since Toril is so magical it might have attracted her.

(Duke Kalere became the advisor to the High Lord and Lady after Miles Leander’s assassination)

Lusi asks Severin to call his parents in – they are here in Silvermar for a very specific reason and we don’t know what that is. His parents were not present in their usual form at least in the wedding picture. The High Lord and Lady were present, but the High Mage and Lord General were present, but it wasn’t any appearance of Ryselle and Derrick that we recognize. Alika recalls that they did NOT have purple and steel grey eyes. Shit.

Lady Morganna pops in just after Ryselle and Derrick show up in response to Severin’s call.
There is another prophecy in the offing; related to the one we’re supposed to get at Lusi’s wedding (possibly the same one).

We all go back to sleep for the night. The people that usually awake at the crack of dawn wake a little late, Lusi gets to sleep until she wakes up on her own! Wow!

Eric is being supervised by Mom to make breakfast. He’s setting the table and is about to learn how to press fresh orange juice (Mom says Evie will appreciate this one day).
They have a good breakfast. Eric makes sure that everyone knows how much work the orange juice was.
Lusi gets woken up by Muri for breakfast on Mom’s orders.

The girls clean up the dishes, as usual when they are home.

We head out to the door on Ryselle’s plane to release the dragons… Hopefully.

We go through the archway to find gold wooded trees and silvery leaves that chime in the breeze. There is a tall elven man with black hair and dark eyes there. This is a part of Alor, according to him. Lusi had looked around and asked if this was on Alor since the herbs we saw with Ethan were gold and silver. It’s Carathas. This is his place and it’s like the forests that he grew up in.
It’s one of the few pieces of Elvendar left.
He’s extended the plane on one side and will gate the dragons out to Toril.

It appears to Carathas that the dragons may have de-aged – the one we popped out for him to look at is young adult. This would make it easier for them to be enchanted. Alika pops a few more out; all of them have the exact same aura. Carathas asks to see the gems.
Carathas asks if we want to meet another god. He calls Yvonnelestrylyn; she is a HUGE gold dragon with gems encrusted. She has a humanoid form – half elven with grey eyes, gold hair, and her dress looks like liquid gold. Lusi is standing there with her mouth half open.

Carathas asks about having contact with the dragon gods on Toril. Alika introduces himself to his great grandmother. She hugs him. He notices her dress is made of very fine scales.
She inspects the statues and is wondering if these are from Toril. Muri gives her the short story of how we got them and what happened to them.
She says the magic of the gems were not human and not Torillian. She is concerned… Some years ago the dragons of Toril became quiet. Usually they leave Toril to Ao’s children. They assumed that the Torillians exterminated them; this had been expected for some time. The animosity had spanned the entire history to Toril. The dragons are unusually aggressive. The silencing of the the dragons happened very quickly. The representatives from Alor could find very few dragons and they didn’t know what had happened.
The magic on the gems is draconic – either an ally or a member is a dragon.

Alika points out that this happened on Aetris (Zandra’s home island). All the inhabitants were turned to soul gems at once there too. No statues.

Yvonnelestrylyn mentions that a Dracos Diadem that was cut from the heart of the world on which the dragons were born. It contained stones related to every kind of dragon there is and cannot be worn by a dragon. Only a humanoid can wear it and must overcome the will of the dragon and Diadem both. It appears to be iron but smoothly cut with a series of clawlike protuberances. Failure results in death. Success gives the person evolution to a dragon. The crown disappears after use. The crown existed bfore the draconic gods so they don’t know what all it is capable of. A person from our world had to have gotten hold of it and used it and is now a dragon.
There was a legend of a king that punished the thieves of his kingdom by taking their maturity and placed them in a receptacle until his temper cooled. They were placed in the hoard of the dragon they stole from.
There is a spell that would do the same but only to one dragon at a time.
The body and mind are de-aged, reduced in size, placed in a stasis field and the soul gem is removed and placed in the hoard of the offended dragon. The body would be placed in the Hall of Punishment as a deterrent.
The Diadem was the house for the spirits of the first dragons and it would be able to do this to all the dragons at once. It would also be able to reverse it. Lusi would be able to unravel the magic as well. Yvonnelestrylyn might be able to do this, but only one at a time.
The Diadem travels from one world to another after use.

Lusi has a “unique grasp of spellweaving” and Yvonnelestrylyn thinks she would be better called a spellshaper. Since she can do this on Toril where the magic is trained to the Weave so her magic is more akin to the original dragons than to the Spellweavers.

The overpower would be able to re-age the dragons since Lusi could only unravel the magic and bring them out of stasis. Mrs. Ao (Eladriel) might be easier to talk to about re-aging them.

Legend Lore check for Lusi – 51.
In the beginning, the humans and dragons had issues. They wanted the same land. The humans settled there and told the dragons to fuck off. A wise dragon felt that it was unnecessary to stomp the humans into submission and they would make peace. The area the humans settled was Cormyr. Uneasy peace for many years. Humans expanded outward and started encroaching on dragon territory. The humans tended to die in these fights until they started to figure out how to fight them. Obuskier the First tried to make peace again until Ryselle’s daughter Amarantha stopped the war by sacrificing her life. The dragons decided to take other territory after that and gave actual borders for their territory. The dragons mostly settled on the Western side of Faerun – there are few countries there… There was mutual non-agression for centuries after that. The Time of Troubles and the Dark War, as well as other conflicts, the dragons started becoming involved in human affairs; around 1373 for the Dark War. They played a big part in the defense of Faerun and were recognized for it. They became more willing to help. Humans started to understand that they weren’t all bad.
There was a leader and a ruling council for the dragons and they helped keep the peace.
King Taltos the Fifth of Cormyr, in the year 2000, sent emmissaries to the Dragonic Council and wanted to meet with them for discussions. The idea was to ally and forge a permanent peace with the dragons. The dragons had a good name with the Cormyrians at this time. They would be allowed to be a permanent part of Cormyrian society if they wanted to be. This never happened because the dragons disappeared. It took a long time to convince the councils to do this and get the meetings – it was supposed to happen in 2025 but no dragons came to the meeting. The dragons were not seen after that.
The dwarves were ejected from their mountains by an extremely aggressive dragon about two hundred years later. This was the first dragon seen in all that time.

Why most but not all of the dragons? Maybe they just weren’t in dragon form.

Guess we’re going to talk to Ao, Eladriel, Bahamut and Tiamat about the dragons…

Yvonnelestrylyn opens a gate for people to come through. A platinum dragon steps through first, then Tiamat hauls her 5 headed bulk through next and snarls at Yvonnelestrylyn. Yvonnelestrylyn tells her to go over there and we will talk. A shimmering in the air and Ao and Eladriel appear.

We reach a compromise with Yvonnelestrylyn and the rest after some talk.

A tall woman with gold hair and eyes and skin appears dressed in bracers, short skirt and blouse with a triangle, eye in flame, crown. Next to her is a tall handsome man with shoulder length dark hair with a Gothic studmuffin look.
After listening to them, it’s apparent that these are Alorra and Acheros.

Alorra gives Lusi an orb of energy that will allow her to get this done without killing herself. Aubrey is going to help.

We get the 170 to Toril with no issues. The rest are also done well; Aubrey got his done more quickly than Lusi. As soon as we are done the orb disappears and Aubrey and Lusi pass out on a quickly produced mattress from Muri. YAY!!

To Be Continued

Session 64 - Lusi

Session 64

11 Uktar 2525 / 2 February 2014

this happens after we raid Valas Thann’s treasure room but sometime before now
Lusi puts the ring on and touches the lock/seal. She gets jolted with electricity in that finger, then the lid opens and there are stairs leading downward. Eventually Lusi just heads down while everyone else argues about the order of march. The single flight of stairs ends in a room about 20×20. There is an archway in three of the walls. There are shelves lining the walls filled with books. Lusi is doing a happy dance. Two of the three rooms have more books and the third is filled with scrolls. YES!!!
Most of the books are in Common.
Alika is looking at the books – he finds one called Armours of the World.
Muri goes looking for heraldry and the gryphon seal. She finds that the gryphon is used in a lot of heraldic symbols.
Lusi heads for the room with the scrolls.
Aubrey found a secret door; magic books and scrolls. There are lots of rooms connected by archways leading to more rooms and archways. The first room is about 10×10 and the shelves line the room again. It’s packed with books as well; one shelving unit is The Encyclopaedia of Spells vol. 1-60. There is a small section that is protected by an energy field that encloses a section of large tomes. The ring opens the field and Lusi can see the text on some of the books. The ones that catch her eye are: *The Manual of Bodily Health Zandra , *Manual of Gainful Exercise Alika, *Manual of Quickness of Action, *Tome of Clear Thought Aubrey, *Tome of Leadership and Influence Muri, *Tome of Understanding Alika , *Compendium of Arcane Resistance Lusi, *The Damage Resistance Primer Severin, Book of Infinite Spells PARTY, Book of the Planes PARTY, *Librum of Identification Eric , *Grimoire of Archaic Alchemy Lusi, *Survival Guidebook, *Incoridian of Escape, Bargainer’s Trade Book, *Healer’s Handbook, *Linguistic Lexicon, *Diplomacy Guidebook, *Manual of Mounted Combat, *Librum of Languages, *Principles of Unarmed Combat Alika, *Grand Master’s Tome of Weaponry, Artificer Compendium (Lusi later on), *Master’s Guide to Two Weapon Fighting, *Manual of Metamagic Lusi, Librum of Legends PARTY, Compendium of Recording PARTY, Canon of Changes Muri, Journal of Glowing Pages. Holy crap that’s a lot of magical books!! The Journal of Glowing Pages is literally a journal with glowing pages. The Canon of Changes; according to Ryselle, is an explanation of how matter and energy are interlinked. It would allow one to create nonmagical items from “nothing.”
The Incoridian is a small book of metal pages loosely joined with gold rings.
Ryselle mentions a story about a group of books called the Master’s Guides. On a planet was a complex linkage of towers and educational institutions. This group supposedly created a series of books that allowed mastery of a particular skill.
There is also a Concordance of Deeds written by sages about particular things.
It’s possible some of these books may be read by more than one person – those are extremely rare. She’s only seen one.

Manual of Bodily Health (CON 4) (82500 gp) (inscription provides clue to function) – Zandra
Manual of Gainful Exercise (STR +4) – Alika
Manual of Quickness of Action (DEX +4)
Tome of Clear Thought (INT +4) (82500 gp) (inscription provides clue to function) – Aubrey
Tome of Leadership and Influence (CHA
4) – Muri
Tome of Understanding (WIS+4) – Alika
Compendium of Arcane Resistance (SR20) – Muri
Damage Resistance Primer (DR 5/+3) – Severin
Book of Infinite Spells – party
Book of the Planes – party
Libram of Identification (95% identify on touch) – Eric
Libram of Legends – Party
Compendium of Recording – Party
Canon of Changes (create any nonmagical object em1439) – Muri
Journal of Glowing Pages – library

Master’s Guides
Grimoire of Archaic Alchemy (max ranks in Craft, Alchemy) – Lusi
Survival Guidebook (max ranks in Survival) -Zandra
Enchiridion of Escape (max ranks in Escape Artist)
Healer’s Handbook (max ranks in Healing)
Linguistic Lexicon (max ranks in Decipher Script)
Diplomacy Guidebook (max ranks in Diplomacy)
Concordance of Deeds
Manual of Mounted Combat (mounted combat feats)
Libram of Languages (Epic lang feat) – Lusi
The Principles of Unarmed Combat (all UC feats) – Alika
Grandmaster’s Tome of Weaponry (focus and specialization feats)
Artificer Compendium (artificer metamagic feats) – Aubrey
Master’s Guide to Two-Weapon Fighting (2w feats)
Manual of Metamagic (metamagic feats) – Lusi

The third wall is covered in scrolls.

These books have given us the skills/abilities listed by the start of this session.

This gives Lusi max ranks in Craft Alchemy, all non magical languages written, read and spoken, and ALL metamagic feats.

We get ready to scry the door for where we hope the dragon bodies are at. crossed fingers
Lusi gazes in awe into the lovely water and it clears: forming inside is a cave. Inside that cave is a pair of intricately carved mithril doors. By the doors are statues of lammasu (two winged lions) that do not look happy. The appear to be made of blackened stone., possibly obsidian. In the very center of the door is a rather large double keyhole. Alika and Muri notice that there are two keys dangling (set into the stone) from the necks of the lammasu. The cave is inside a mountain covered in snow.
The mountain is north of here in the Spine of the World.
Zooming back in, Lusi tries to see what’s behind the door. There is a slight hesistation as it pushes past a barrier and we see: the dragons are not full sized – looks like they are waist high statues of dragons. Rows upon rows of them. Muri startes ranting right away about people that would do this. The cave was carved out in a hall and at the very end of the hall is a dais that has a couple of ego chairs and carved into the wall above the chairs is the symbol of the Olenar Mentis. Alika notices further that the chairs have differing crowns on them. The advisor chairs have circlets, the queen’s has a small crown, and the king’s a larger but not the formal size crown. He’s seen something like this in his studies…
He’s not sure what it is he recognizes but it’s a magical artifact and doesn’t belong there.

Muri finally pipes down after Lusi tells her to shut up and remembers that the crown is the Crown of Knowledge – an ancient Netherilese artifact from the first Netherilese Empire. The most powerful mage (the Archon) in Netheril was given the Crown. That was the most powerful of the high mages. The crown symbolized his lordship and dominion over Netheril. The Crown of Knowledge gives access to any known spell in Netheril and the Legend Lore ability (and understand any language). It disappeared when things went to hell in Netheril and was assumed destroyed. Not just anyone can wear it, a supplicant for the position spends a day meditating in the presence of the Crown. If it accepts them, they become the Archon, otherwise they go insane or die.

We decide to sleep for the night since it’s been a long day. Raeyna tells us we should go to the East tower as that’s where the empty rooms usually are.
The rooms are nice and have lots of soft down pillows and beds, and incredibly soft comforters. The beds are huge…
The attached bathroom is large and the tub is huge (like the size of a hot tub) inset into the floor. The wardrobe has clothes in our taste and size.
Muri is going to cook dinner tonight.
The night is uneventful.

12 Uktar

Lusi sleeps late, as usual when Muri leaves her alone to sleep past the butt crack of dawn.

Muri greets the day as always. Severin and Alika are up and doing katas in the Great Hall as she heads up to greet the dawn.
Lusi is awakened by the illusion of Ryselle an hour after Muri asks her to wake everyone and have breakfast ready. Muri comes up and wakes Lusi back up. Dammit.
Lusi gets up and heads down to eat.

We all eat. The food is good and filling. Nothing to write home about, but we didn’t have to make it or clean up after it.

Raeyna heads back to the Libris Ominus.
Muri casts her very first magic spells: endure elements on herself, Zandra and Alika. Lusi can do her own, Severin is immune to normal heat and cold, and Aubrey has a jacket that is very warm.

We teleport over to the cave entrance.
Lammasu are concerned with the safety and welfare of all good beings.

Muri walks up to one of the Lammasu statues and touches the side of the mane.
The Lammasu animates on the touch.
Muri 36
Lusi 18
Alika 17

The Lammasu is definitely going to do something hostile: Muri starts talking fast about not being there to hurt them and trying to free the dragons. It’s persuaded to give her the key, then wakes up his companion who is female. They talk and she gives the key to Aubrey.

The lammasu declare themselves freed of their service and fly away.
The locks are up about ten feet, so Lusi is going to fly up there and place the keys. Aubrey goes to check the locks for traps; it’s clear. She turns the keys outward. The locks open outward.
There is a large atrium with a marble floor. There isn’t anything in here, it’s mostly a baffle so the cold air won’t get in the next room.

The next set of doors is more normal sized and are of oak and steel.
The hallway beyond end about 50 feet away and ends in a set of double doors made of mithril. They are covered over in the middle with a seal of the Olenar Mentis.
The door is magical since it’s mithril; the seal is magical but not screamingly so. It’s kind of a hold portal like is on the throne room after the king dies.

We need to change the material of the seal from wax to something less breakable. Aubrey is going to try first and then Lusi will give it a shot.
Uh oh, he’s starting to turn it to glass. Lusi tries to save it and fucks up. Muri manages to make luck checks to keep it from shattering..

Muri remembers that there is a spell that makes glass act like steel. Aubrey knows the glassteel spell so Lusi watches him cast it.

Lusi disjuncts the door (DC is 40) and seal.
Severin pushes the doors open!
We see row upon row of dragon statuettes and the thrones and the eye of the Olenar Mentis.

The statues, crowns and circlets, and the two big thrones are magical but not the seal. Muri wants to change the seal to the seal of the Kalimal Luminus.

Alika gets all the dragons into the Rod of Security. Lusi reforms the symbol with a natural 20 for her control of spellweaving.
She shrinks the thrones as Aubrey gets the rest of the traps disarmed, leaving only the alarm spell. Aubrey will plane shift us to Ryselle’s plane so they can’t follow us.
There is a flare of light in the sky and an almost audible boink sound as a mage tries to get on the plane. Ryselle teleports in asking why someone just tried to break in to her plane. Lusi tells her that we just grabbed all the dragons to free them. She shrugs and says ok. We can stay as long as we like and she sets up a door to our house’s basement then teleports back out. Sweet!

Now that we’ve figuratively flipped the bird to the Olenar Mentis, it’s going to be on and Lusi and Muri are kind of looking forward to it. :)

Aubrey has a friend that might be willing to lend us his demiplane to release the dragons, since Ryselle suggests a more neutral place.

To Be Continued…

Session 63 - Lusi

Session 63

(In the Universal Library)
11 Uktar 2525 / 25 January 2014

We’re on the level with Arcadia on it; this one is divided up in groups to make things a little easier. Thankfully Valas Thann is not physically present. He is one of the high mages for Arcadia… It’s pretty easy to find that information.
Arcadia is ruled by the Circle of Sorcery; made up of seven very powerful sorcerers and mages. The head is the Sorcerer Supreme, there are three sorcerers and three wizards who make up the rest of the Circle. The are titled the High Mage of XXX (depending on the realm they head up). The Sorcerer Supreme can be anyone on the planet, not just one of the High Mages. This person has to meet a challenge in a Tower. If they make it from beginning to end they can challenge the current Sorcerer Supreme – if they win they get a new job, if they lose they die.
Slavery is legal on Arcadia. (shit)
It has a caste system with three levels – poor, not so poor and crazy rich. Slaves don’t qualify as part of the caste system – they are property, not people. There are many things that make one a slave on Arcadia.
The poor have no family names and are the regular general labor.
There are huge tithes to the local lord that tend to keep people poor no matter how hard they work. These people “lease” the property from which to make money for the lords.
The not so poor are basically slaving for the lord.
The slaves come from a lot of things… Pissing off the lord so that he kicks you out of his domain – you have a week to find a new lord or become a slave.
Arena games can elevate one from slavery – doesn’t happen much. The lord can free a slave. One can become an assassin or become slavers to escape slavery.
Valas Thann’s parents became slavers and worked their way up to uber-rich status.

The Circle can free anyone with just a statement. They usually only free those that will do anything for them. Permanent freedom by the Circle comes with other benefits too.
Servants to the High Lord are typically the children of the lords – body servants, concubines, butlers etc. There are harems on Arcadia. The Sorcerer Supreme is a spouse substitute for anyone on the planet or owner of any property on the planet. A visit from the Sorcerer Supreme is call for extreme ass-kissing. Their word is law.
Men and women are equal in power. The Sorcerer Supreme may be male or female.

Valas Thann used to be the Sorcerer Supreme of Arcadia but stepped down from that to become a Void Mage. (double shit)
Arcadians will not allow the Sorcerer Supreme to be a Void mage (or Creation mage).
He stomped his way up the food chain from the lowest class – his parents were slaves. One of the High Mages took him in because of the amount of power Valas Thann possessed. The Master is considered their guardian so killing off his mentor is outlawed. Any familial homicide is against the law and not even the Sorcerer Supreme can break that law.

Family is sacred, although that can be bad… If one person commits a crime the whole family suffers for it.
The laws vary from Sorcerer Supreme to SS and from one domain to another.

There is a resistance on Arcadia (Muri is happy to read this). It is being led by a former High Mage (Thaerass Alantra).
The focus of the resistance is on freeing children (Thaerass is a woman) – she has a huge problem with the idea of children being enslaved.

Valas Thann was the child of slaves then apprenticed with the High Mage.
Two high mages objected to his ascension to High Mage; he killed them both, was allowed to choose their successors and chose a couple of his friends.
As High Mage he made sure the people were given enough to keep them satisfied with their lives but not enough to give them reason or oppotunity to rebel. He wasn’t hated.
He kept a harem and has a dozen children by them, all highly magically gifted. One is the High Lord in his place and one is probably going to be the next Sorcerer Supreme (female).
Arcadians have life spans of about 5000 years. All of them. Wow.

Valas Thann left Arcadia to travel and study magic – he came back stronger every time. It is not known precisely when he became a Void Mage.

The Assassin’s Guild is the second most powerful on the planet after the Circle and the Slaver’s Guild.
The world is technomagical. They have ships that can travel from one Crystal Sphere to another. They have populated two other planets in their sphere; one is a prison planet.

This just gets better and better….

The other planet is a resort planet. Of course.
The fourth planet is inhabited by very hostile humanoids and have been at war for millenia. The people were travelers from Union City (planar location- Githyanki).

The Arcadians don’t have scalp or facial hair, only eyebrows. There is some similarity to elves – tough to have kids and a long reproductive cycle. Most men have at least ten wives. Adultery is punishable by slow torture for both participants while the families watch then the family is imprisoned excluding the wronged party and any of their children.

Divorce happens only rarely. It must be agreed upon by both parties and is a huge power struggle.

The power gem is created as the test at the end of their apprenticeship. The gem sucks all of the magic and kills them if they fuck up.
There are a couple ways to create them: the accepted method is to quest to find the perfect gem, cut it yourself, take it to a node point on Arcadia, then use your internal magic to anchor a piece of the node inside the gem. It usually takes a year. They are referred to as node stones. They are a reserve for spell energy. It regenerates itself constantly. Each stone has different abilities depending on the magic user.
The more intricate the stone the higher the level of the mage.

The Sorcerer Supreme’s stone is supposedly a node in itself – this is speculation in the book.

Valas Thann is 457 years old. He was SS for about 250 of that.
The next SS is “daddy’s little girl” but she’s just as evil and powerful as Valas Thann.

Valas Thann sent a suicide force to do as much damage as possible while he was SS – there was peace between the Arcadians and the Githyanki for more than 200 years.

We go back to the little room to continue looking into the type of gems to try to figure out what we need to free these dragons.

Muri is going to research, Lusi thinks that Alika and Severin should help with the runes and sorting. Aubrey is all about the research. Zandra will help with the sorting.

In sorting we find that there are 30 different types in the mass of gems we have.
Some particular shapes seem to have more of one type of metal than the others.

Alika is fighting with the urge to keep the metals that suddenly smell really good, like they might taste good. He’s thinking this is wierd… He doesn’t lick it, but it’s a battle.

These are the metals that are the settings for the gems: mithril, platinum, gold, silver, a strong grey metal, copper, dark brownish metal, blackish-green metal, dark matte (black) metal.
Mithril and the black matte metal have only a couple of those each. The setting styles for these two metals are not duplicated in any other metals.
Some of the shapes and types of settings have more of one type of metal than others.

Muri tells Lusi that on the back there is in the gem the true name of the creature in it; on the outside there are runes and indicate some kind of permanency and may or may not require the body of the dragon to bring it back. These aren’t the type we can just crush them.

Lusi tries something off the wall – she just says Raeyna’s name and a disk in the air shows up. Raeyna’s on the other end of it and we talk through it. She is transported through it to Lusi and Muri.

We drag her to the room with the gems since she’s an artificer and a friend.
Black matte: dark steel
Greenish black: adamantium
Dark brown: bronze

Raeyna pulls out a pair of glasses to examine the runes on a gem. She says that the souls won’t be destroyed if we break the gem, just breaking the gem will send the soul on to it’s afterlife. The restoration would be accomplished, she suspects, by setting the gem on the forehead of the body. The gems can be used as a means to find the bodies; they are keeping the bodies alive in suspended animation.
She also suspects that the gems will be attracted in some fashion to the body it belongs to.
She points out that the metal is related to the alignment of the dragon, the gem is the color of the soul of the dragon itself but that won’t really help. The darker the gem the darker the soul. Using the name of the dragon along with the shape of the setting should give us the type of the dragons.
She takes out one of the endless journals and starts working on the types…

Lusi spends the time starting on one of the Scrolls of Netheril. She works on the Arcanus Fundare (Foundations of Magic); taking notes in her endless journal.
Muri looks up recipes and then her mother’s adventuring career.
Alika looks up the family tree and family history.

Raeyna comes up for air and has the gems sorted to names of the type of dragon.
Some of the types only have two or three gems. There are the usual types as well as a radiant dragon and a shadow dragon and a prismatic dragon. A radiant dragon is one born on the positive energy plane; the opposite of a shadow dragon. Muri guesses that the prismatic dragon is made of rainbows… There are also mithril dragons and adamantium dragons.

We need to go home and scry; Raeyna suggests her mother’s tower for that as it has a scrying pool. Lusi is surprised that she knows the location. Raeyna is matter of fact about it though.

The Crystal Cave of the Dragons – a mention in a book that Aubrey’s leafing through; it’s a story by Bard Vorin Tilsdane. It talks about stumbling across a cave gilled to the brim with dragons. There are rows and rows of dragons of all colors in the cave illustration. No location – but underground behind a giant mithril door. The book was written in the last 20 years. Lusi makes a copy of the door! Muri goes to find the bard’s address. Muri is busy blathering at the very hot guy there who is black as night with vibrant blue eyes and hair. He’s in a short kilt and a couple of leather straps – she’s tongue tied.

We go back to the store and get a watch for the Library and Toril as well as the Shifting Stone for 8 people. It’s 17,000 gp for the two of them (discount for Lusi’s beauty).
Alika will wear the watch as Muri is stuck with the Star of Mystra.

Raeyna is going to stay with us for a while.

Alika sees Valas Thann in the Atrium while he’s glancing around. Alika gently lets us know. Muri wanted to know if he saw us; he doesn’t think so. Raeyna returns and we go out the door on this floor rather than out the Atrium. The door leads to a room that is round and about 15’ in diameter.
As soon as the door is closed a circle of runes powers up; Lusi does the plane shift to the back yard. Raeyna teleports us all to a tall room carved out of stone. There’s a chandelier about 50’ up and the floors are marble. It’s effing cold in here.

Raeyna states ‘please turn on the heat.’ A slightly see through image of Ryselle appears to help us. We go get tea and warm up. There’s a huge fireplace and vents blowing hot air in there. The walls are lined with books. Lusi really wants to see this place. It’s Ryselle’s Tower!!!
There is an arched ceiling and flying buttresses with paintings in between them of the night sky. There are gas lamps and lamps that give very clear light when touched. There are comfy chairs and sofas and bean bag chairs too.
A tea service appears on the table.

Lusi asks Raeyna for a tour. It’s built like a castle into the side of the mountain. One of the towers is offlimits as Ryselle’s personal space. The other tower is a copy of that one for public consumption.
The scrying pool is set into the stone of a main floor with a circle of protective runes around it. There are candle holders in the stone for use with some burned out candles in some of the holders. The water of the pool is a silvery color, Raeyna says it’s water from Silver Lake on Alor – the Tears of the Goddess.

To Be Continued

Session 62

Session 62

11 Uktar 2525 / 4 Jan 2014

We enter the atrium; it is huge and Lusi is entranced by the astrolabe in the ceiling and the floor. She is completely absorbed in it.
There are lines in the astrolabe that all intersect at the very center where there is a small glowing orb.
The dome overhead is of crystal and the night sky is visible. There are other swirls of color unlike anything we’ve seen (nebulae). There are archways all the way around the room. One on the right leads to a mecantile area. Another has the smells of food coming from it.
On the upper levels there are balconies and Lusi can see rows and rows of bookshelves from floor to ceiling on multiple floors; there are innumerable levels of books but the ceiling appears to be a hundred feet above the ground.
There are multiple races here, still more humans than others. There is a reptilian one, a hairless person with glowing white eyes and fluffy wings. There are a couple of people with amulets and a holy symbol.
One brushes by Muri and she gets a sense of immense power, like talking to Lara or Ao.
The archways appear to be different sizes, like one large enough for a dragon to go through…
There is a person every half dozen archways that looks exactly alike; they’re dressed in an odd grayish matte armor that is totally unfamiliar but looks more ceremonial than anything but we’re not sure. Each has a glowing pike and they are all bald with red eyes. Their lips are black-ish (no idea if that’s natural or not) and so are their nails.

One of them approaches us and asks us to move from the doorway. Severin has to guide Lusi away; she doesn’t even hear the person ask us to move (rolled a 1 earlier). He gives Muri some directions. There is apparently one door that is off limits to us since we’re not gods.
There is a guide to the Library available in the shop if we want one. There are librarians on each level of the library.

Aubrey suggests that we get a guidebook to the Library so we know where the books for various topics are. He says there is a timepiece available that will tell us what time it is on whatever world we are on. Muri is impressed and wants to know how much it is.

We head to the shop; it’s pretty much the same kind of shop we’ve seen just with different merchandise. The very center has a large crystal case that has a being with 10 or 12 arms, 3 sets of eyes and it is dealing with a half dozen people at once. There is a set of odd looking bracelets – we do recognize the timepiece similar to one a gnome had. These are much more complicated looking.
The being demonstrates one of the watches for a customer; an illusion of the universe appears and it homes in on the world the customer wants. There is other jewelry (souvenirs) and a massive rack of guidebooks for the Library. It’s 1000 gp.
There are other items: endless journals, endless ink pens, laptops (though we have no idea what those are), etc…
The journals cost 500 gp and the pens 200 pg.
Lusi decides to buy one of each.
There is a book that can be ordered specially that has every spell the Library has that was created on our own world.
TImes to receive the items ordered vary.

We are to pretty much be respectful and kind to all and we’ll avoid trouble.
Lusi asks about the race of the 12 armed being… It’s name is Dodecarus Moo.

Muri wants to know how much for the watches – it depends on the functions. 10K for the one that will tell us the times on Toril and the Library. We can find that in the book as well. There are plane shifting stones available if we can’t plane shift. It can be mounted or integrated into a magic item we already have.

Lusi pays in gems for the 1700 gp; the lady places the gems in a box that seems to count the gems and gets a receipt for the purchases.

Lusi asks if there is anything else we need to know or she thinks we should know. She says that we should learn by experience anything else.

We start looking for stuff on the dragon souls. Historicxal records, soul gems, etc. THe book is a lot bigger than it appears from the outside. The first few pages have a map of the Library. Doors that we have access to are shown, any we don’t are just a little hash mark of red.
The levels are shown individually and the topic will be shown in the area the books are in. There is an index that is huge and there is a search function that we eventually figure out we need to use. The search page has a bunch of different options that we use to narrow down what we’re looking for.

Breadcrumbs: Toril, 2025, disappearance of dragons, soul gems, Anskarard

On the planet display is the time of the place we choose. The differential is each hour in the LIbrary is 10 minutes on Toril.

Soul gems comes in a different section of the Library than the rest of the history we got on the disappearance. Lusi asks Aubrey to check out the soul gems.
He shows us how to use the Library first.
We go through the archway and end up on a platform: we can state where we want to go, touch the area in the book we want, or touch a glass wall that we’re surrounded by that has glowing circles that correspond to the area we want go to (Aubrey’s hand had to go close to the wall before the circles showed up).
Lusi touches the part of the book we want. There is a small sound then Aubrey tells us to step out: lots of books and shelves. The guidebook has an arrow to guide us.
We’re in the section for Torillian dragons.

Lusi goes to the card catalog; looking up Anskarad. One book is on art, one her autobiography, and one that she is listed on as a dragon and one on art by her.

Alika looks up the disappearance of dragons there too. There are a number of books on the history of the time, some of just speculation on it as well.

Muri is looking up info on the group members and anything on prophecies for us.

Alika checks the particular text that speculates on the disappearance; the prevalent theory is a mass exodus to another part of Toril. Some other scholars think these are nuts – citing living that close to each other would be difficult. One speculates a magical illness that killed only dragons almost overnight. Maybe they left Toril entirely. Maybe they were finally hunted to extinction. They’re just hiding, maybe… They renounced their draconic heritage and now exist only in human forms. Ao decided to get rid of the dragons. Their connections to magic failed and they died off. Someone captured them and has them imprisoned somewhere.
Facts: before 2025 dragons were seen occasionally; the dragons went nuts just after the Time of Troubles; massive hunts were done to kill them off – the draconic council stomped on the ones destroying towns to stop the slaughter; some humans would capture and kill dragons for their parts; after 2025 no one saw dragons at all; draconic items became unobtainable.

Lusi finds: pictures of some of Anskarard’s art in one and tons of them in her book on art.
Her autobiography is full of self-aggrandizing, so it’s a good thing that Lusi can speed read. One day a dragon showed up and said he was an envoy from the Enclave of Shadows and wanted her to join them; she turned them down when she found that they were associated with The Olenar Mentis (they would make her a lackey and no damn way would she put up with that). She was going to dedicate herself to her art.
Shortly after that she noticed a huge decline in the dragons clamoring for her art; her contacts to other dragons went unanswered. WHile she was looking for more subjects for her art she looked for them but apparently no one knew what happened to them. One day she was working on the piece we want from her she was interrupted by someone appearing in her lair and informed her that she needed to guard this chest and discover what happened to the dragons and restore them. He just dumped this massive chest on her with tons of softly glowing gems in general settings of different metals ready to mount on other pieces. She speculates that it was a deity because no one else would have the presence to intimidate her so much. Touching them she got a feeling that the draconic soul was inside. She was informed that she was not to use them into her art under pain of severe consequences to her artistic abilities. Since she had no idea what to do with them she set the chest aside and forgot about them. In the back of the book are full color pictures of all her art pieces… OMG.

Muri’s research: Two versions of the prophecy

In the time of the Watchful Guardian there will come two sisters of spirit, each born at the height of the moon, united by love, purpose and the light within their hearts.

The Daughter of Chance shall be the chosen of the Smiling Lady and Beloved of the High Lord of Magic. She shall inspire the greatness of an Empire with her radiance, remaining at the right hand of magic for the balance of her life.

Her sister, beloved of the Forest Queen and Shadowed Protector of Lands of Silver, shall stand with her sister before the hidden darkness where the Fight of Eternity will begin and end. By her side will be the Forsaken Son, upons whose choice reality will be shaped forever. Only the purity of his beloved’s heart can save him and everything that is or shall be from destruction.

In the end shall they be joined by the Unnamed Warrior, whose heritage stretches beyond time and will reignite the Fires of Light and Magic with the vitality of his purpose and steadfast resolve. Only he shall possess the strength of will to save All from Nothing and restore the balance of Light and Dark.

They shall be divided by no man, no woman, or beast, nor shall they be apart until the last when light and dark shall meet to determine the fate of All. Unified by their purpose, they will find and restore the Shining Stars of Magic and return balance to the worlds above and below. They shall be protected by the Shining Silver and the Silent Blade, guided by the heir to the Lady of Magic.

But beware the shadowed heart of the Empty Man, who has stepped upon a path that threatens the universe with its dark import, for if Void stands at the Origin, then all will fall to darkness and the Elements of Magic will fail. Light will find a way to return life to his heart, but only if the Shadowed Ones fail in their task. Protect the Stars, for their light is the only thing that can stop the darkness.

2nd version

In the time of the Watchful Guardian there will come two sisters of spirit, each born at the height of the moon, united by love, purpose and the light within their hearts.

The Daughter of Chance shall be the chosen of the Smiling Lady and Beloved of the High Lord of Magic. She shall inspire the greatness of an Empire with her radiance, remaining at the right hand of magic for the balance of her life.

Her sister, beloved of the Forest Queen and Shadowed Protector of Lands of Silver, shall stand with her sister before the hidden darkness where the Fight of Eternity will begin and end. By their side will be the Forsaken Son, upon whose choice reality will be shaped forever. Only the purity of his soul can save him and everything that is or shall be from destruction.

In the end shall they be joined by the Unnamed Warrior, whose heritage stretches beyond time and will reignite the Fires of Light and Magic with the vitality of his purpose and steadfast resolve. Only he shall possess the strength of will to save All from Nothing and restore the balance of Light and Dark.

They shall be divided by no man, no woman, or beast, nor shall they be apart until the last when light and dark shall meet to determine the fate of All. Unified by their purpose, they will find and restore the Shining Stars of Magic and return balance to the worlds above and below. They shall be protected by the Shining Silver and the Silent Blade, guided by the heir to the Lady of Magic.

But beware the shadowed heart of the Empty Man, who has stepped upon a path that threatens the universe with its dark import, for if Void stands at the Origin, then all will fall to darkness and the Elements of Magic will fail. Light will find a way to return life to his heart, but only if the Shadowed Ones fail in their task. Protect the Stars, for their light is the only thing that can stop the darkness.

Aubrey found that we either need to find the bodies of the dragons or the item or device that turned them all into gems or break them all and let them go.

We’re going to get a private study room; Lusi goes to the floor librarian. The floor librarian appears to be a woman made of mithril and wearing gold glasses reading a book. The key she gives Lusi guides her to the room. The key is a simple square of some material.
The room is a nicely appointed meeting room. Good conference chairs.
We have a seat and open the chest. They are gems about two inches across in an intricate setting in one of any number of metals – the first one is sapphire in platinum. Lusi wonders if they might correspond to one another, the type of gem to the metal used. Maybe nothing, but maybe?
In any case we’re trying to read the runes and find out what kind of spell was used to create these so we know how to free them.
There are very few mithril settings in the bunch, a few adamantine, some steel, copper, dark steel. 2-3% of them are in mithril settings of hundreds of the soul gems. All the gems are the same size, the settings are a bit different – some are sharp edges, some more fluid, some elegant.
The runes one the back of the gems are draconic names and fairly easy to read.
There are some runes in the gems that Lusi’s never seen before. These change, morph and flow into different runes.
(Rolled a one on an Int check) Dammit.
(Chris rolled a nat 20 on Bardic Knowledge) Muri is thinking and finds that she’s seen it somewhere before – big red stone on a bald man’s chest. Valas Thann’s amulet… Fucking hell. Aubrey is floored and just saying Wow. He got the impression that it was a power gem. He’s got some inkling of something but it’s just not coming to him at the moment. He looks him up in the guide book.
Valas Thann’s amulet is portable node of magic and the mages control the world (Arcadia) absolutely with an iron fist.
We have to get to the level with the books that are available on him…

To Be Continued…

Session 61

Session 61

10 Uktar 2525 / 15 December 2013

Netharis statues that exercise tremendous control over magic – bad guys will use them to try to take over control of magic everywhere.
One of them is under the ocean somewhere; the Magi have one; one is in Thay somewhere.
Devin has taken over guardianship of Alustriel; the other Void mages will have to take her over his dead body.

Olenar Mentis are another set of bad guys and have some control on the events across the world.

Vicari Ordiri are Void mages; there are four Void mages on the planet at this point (there aren’t usually more than one on any given planet).
Maliss was a Void mage and not a member but now dead by our hands.
Valas Thann is a member and wants us dead (all out war).
Aurien is a member and isn’t trying to kill us (peace treaty).
Devin is a member as well but isn’t trying to kill us (cease fire).

The Sisters… Four have been rescued. Air (Dove Falconhand), Earth (Storm Silverhand), Water (Laurel Silverhand) and Lightning (Alustriel) are free. We are missing Fire (The Symbul/Allesarra), Acid (Sylune- in an amethyst crystal in the green dragon’s lair), Cold (Qilue Veladorn) and Force (Eleanora Moonshadow).
We have the Star Of Mystra to help us find them.

We have an extradimensional chest of glowing gems (soulstones) that we need to free the dragons that they are from. (the god that gave her the stones had dark hair, no gender implicated) We have three months to restore them and the green dragon will supposedly give us any one of her pieces of art; we do, of course, want the piece with Sylune in it. (only quest that is time-sensitive at this point)

We have successfully restored Stefan to the throne of Cormyr.

Terina is a member of the Black Rose Guild – she was last seen in Cormyr fucking one of the dukes.

We have not found the identity of the last member of our merry little band… We’re thinking it may be Devin, but he’s really uninterested in helping us at all.

Our understanding of the end of the quest is that that the bad guys want to be at the Origin to turn the universe to darkness. We will get to the Origin when we are supposed to.

We need to find the door to the Libris Ominus.

We are at home… :)
Lusi starts trying to figure out, at the dinner table after dessert, how to find a door to the Libris. Aubrey says that the doors aren’t that difficult to find – he and his sister decided that they realy needed to find it and it appeared in the back of a bookseller’s shop.
He also sketched the symbol on the door for us to recognize.

Lusi also wants to know if anyone had any clues whatsoever about the god/being that dropped off the chest to the green dragon – Alika has been studying his draconic history and did a lot of reading in the monastery too. He remembers that Bahamut never appears as anything but his platinum dragon self. Tiamat very rarely appears as anything other than her dragon self either. The few times she’s appeared she’s a human with multicolored hair. Well, maybe it’s not a god at all – the green dragon isn’t really perceptive about anything except her art.
What about the Olenar Mentis then?
We need info – largest library in Faerun would probably be either Netheril or Mulhorand.
We at least need to check our information before we actually exit the sphere.
Aubrey suggests a sage too.
Lusi remembers, after Muri mentions it, that Marcus was talking to a sage at Greengrass: Lucianna.
They were talking about the Olenar Mentis and the Kalimal Luminus…
– The dragon’s name is Anskarard or Anskarad.
Muri makes a list of the questions we want to ask.

Lusi finds that there is interest in having some contingencies set. Aubrey will help her and suggests that we might want to put them into items.

The night passes uneventfully. Lusi plays with the baby dragons for a while before going to sleep (falling asleep with the babies this time).

11 Uktar 2525
Severin practices in full formal plate with a bastard sword this morning.
Derrick is also in full dress armor, commenting on his son’s performance.
Ryselle joins in the practice with Severin. No magic, of course.
Alika gets pulled in to join the family fun.

Muri also gets invited into the fray… :)
Zandra tries to join in without anyone seeing, but Ryselle knocks Alika down and stops her staff just shy of Zandra. Ryselle says that dragons have extremely good vision.

Lusi wakes up eventually with a pillow under her head and Bercy curled up next to her.

The girls make breakfast today.

Dad 2 is dressed up all nice and formal as well as Mom 2 in a gorgeous gown made by Mom 1. Mom’s gotten a lot more local business since Mom 2 started going to court. She’s also been very busy with Lusi’s wedding gown (messages have been flying back and forth between Lusi’s mom and Cyrus’ mom about details.

The court thing is some sort of big announcement.

Lusi gets a package via the Messenger’s Guild. There’s a message in very elegant handwriting: for my future daughter in law, wear it well. From Cyrus mother. They are beautiful and very old, worth a lot of money…
Lusi sends a message back to her telling her thank you and she will endeavor to wear them as well as she would.

Then we are off to the Mage Guild to teleport to Palansdale…
The guy at the teleportation pad is an asshole and doesn’t think women should be mages…
The lady at the other end is a nice perky woman.
She gives us directions to Lucianna’s place. Evidently her house is a very colorful place.

Yep. Very colorful house. It’s a damn rainbow of color. It’s very…. bold.

Lusi knocks and a 12 or 13 yr old boy answers the door. His clothes match the house.
Lucianna will see us. Oh good.

The sitting room is a veritable cornucopia of color.
She still has very red hair and is in orange today. She hasn’t heard from Marcus lately.

Lusi yields the floor to Muri.
Who dropped off the soul gems to the dragon Anskarard? About 500 years ago?
Dragons are considered almost mythical creatures at this point because people hardly see them. The population took a huge dive about 500 years ago. (she has no information)

What do you know about the Olenar Mentis, the Kalimal Luminus and the Vicari Ordiri?
The Kalimal Luminus: The Champions of Light (2068) by Althea and Gabriel Cyranos who were descendants of the legendary Tasha and Elredir in response to an Olenar Mentis plot to overthrow the Mulhorandi throne. In interfering with the Olenar Mentis’ plans they discovered the amount of influence of the Olenar Mentis. They had agents in every country in the world, fairly close to those in power.
Olenar Mentis is an organization that theoretically began with a much more benevolent purpose. A group of shady sorts decided to change things in the background. Protect people from assassination, help a good king retake his throne, or help overthrow a bad monarch. They did things that were illegal to accomplish these ends, including assassination. The info available is very sketchy. They are scattered around the world in cells. None of them know what’s happenening with the others. The people with the big picture are absolutely unknown. At some point in their evolution they became convinced that they knew best. The ordinary people were not mentally equipped to know the path that a city or country should take. They were the only ones that could see clearly and their influence began to spread farther and interfere with more unacceptable things. They would place someone with a person that would accept their control or fell in with their line of thinking. That evolved into today where they manipulate things to their benenfit and not to anyone else’s.
The Vicari Ordiri: up until recently was a legendary organization existing beyond this world. Only recently have members come here and shown themselves for what ever mysterious purpose they have. The were supposedly created by an avatar of a god on another world who lost everything. As a result his soul was empty and void – those he accepted into his order were also empty and were masters of the magic of the void. It was considered impossible here on Toril until recently. Void mages have power over destruction. It’s very difficult to harness the power of Void magic. Few are capable of the feats of magic of the members of the order. Practitioners usually die in the pursuit of the power. There are 12 members of the order all serving under the avatar. Legends say that the avatar departed a long time ago and it’s only those 12. Gaining memberhsip is very difficult. They have to take by force the position – kill the member and take their place. She has no idea why they are here. She doesn’t know for sure if they are here.
We can confirm their presence.

What do you know about Aurien Kadena and Devan Rehaltis?
Aurien Kadena – she would have to research, she doesn’t recognize the name.
Devan Rehaltis – no new information there

Is saying someone’s name the same as writing it down as far as magical spying and whatnot?
Gods are capable of knowing when their name is used regardless of the form but it would take a truly powerful mortal to do the same and it wouldn’t apply to writing.

Prophecies are usually given to the people they apply to or they are completely uninterpretable.

Does she happen to have a doorway to the Libris Ominus in her place? Or happen to know where one is?
No and no.

Alika suggests that we show Lucianna the chest of gems to see if she knows anything about it. He asks her if she knows who made it or if there are any markings she recognizes.
It looks like it is probably Damarese. It’s that type of exquisite woodwork. Looks like it’s a trophy chest. The trophy chest holds prized parts from a hunted beast; even items made from the beast’s parts may be held here. Northern Damarese tend to do this a bit more.

What do you know about the gems designed to hold the souls of creatures?
There are different kinds. It’s the darkest magic; necromancy. One type will imprison a living being inside the gem; if it’s smashed it may release them to their normal form or to go on to the afterlife. Another form is essentially the housing for the soul; as if the creature is transformed into the gem and typically cannot be broken. If it is their soul goes on to the afterlife. To restore the creature you have to have whatever item was used to imprison them. Others are just the soul and leave an empty shell. The soul is released to the afterlife if the body dies and the gem is broken.
There should be runic writing on the gems to distinguish them from one another.
Those types of gems were originally made by dwarven runesmiths. They were used to house the spirits of their wisemen so someone could commune with them after their death. The usual person to commune would be the shaman that came after them, in the tribal north this would be more common.

Lucianna hasn’t talked to Marcus in a few months. We’ll have to look him up. She asks us to convey her greetings when we do see him.

We’re going to have lunch here then head home. Damara maybe tomorrow after we check out the gems.

We go to a midlevel inn for lunch. We went to the Golden Unicorn the first time we were here, but it was a high end inn. We want to check out a different place.
The inn is The Emerald Owl. The building is a nice whitewashed place. It’s got green accents. There are all different shades of green and lots of live owls all over the place.
All kinds of owls live here, not just one type.
It’s a warm and friendly atmosphere. The hardwood floors, the hand carved tables that look like trees holding the tops, the chairs like curled vines. There are more owls inside and it’s nice and clean. The servers are dressed in short skirts and tops of owl feathers. They are all attractive too.
(the REAL hooters)
Their skin is oddly patterned, almost like a bark, the hair looks very leafy. They all have auburn, gold, red leafy hair.
One of them slinks up to Alika, also eyeing Aubrey and Severin.
She is very happy to see Alika – Lusi, Muri and Aubrey have already taken a table. They’re dryads, according to Muri. Lusi was thinking nymphs.
The dryad sits on Alika’s lap. She wants to know what he’d like for lunch.
Everyone orders… She isn’t too interested in us but eyes Alika and Aubrey after Severin’s eyes gleam and she looks away really quick. Apparently there are no male dryads so they have to find hapless human males to mate with.
An older dryad in a long leafy skirt with a nice intricate blouse comes and welcomes us to her humble establishment.
The girls seem quite taken with Alika. Her name is Iona.
The food is of generous proportions (a huge steak for Severin).
The waitress comes back to ask us what we want to drink. The drinks come back in handcarved flowers. All of the dishes are beautiful and even the flatware is fine grained hard wood.
She tells Alika and Aubrey to let her know if they need anything at all. All of the servers do the same over the course of the meal.
They avoid Severin like the plague (dragon) and they flirt with Aubrey and Alika the entire time.
The food is very good.

On our way out to the Mage Guild, Lusi notices that a place had an alley last time we were here. A second look shows if the place is a shop or store or some such, it doesn’t have a sign and it’s only about ten feet wide with a door in the middle of it.
The door is closed. No one answers the door to a knock.
Lusi opens the door and it doesn’t kill her.
The place seems to be a shop with all kinds of stuff in it.
It has an old book smell with slight incense and quiet music in the background.
Lusi, Muri and Alika are sticking together kind of single file since it’s not that big in here.
We do find a counter about 40 feet back. There’s an old elf looking guy there. He’s snoring lightly. He says hey hot stuff before his eyes are even open.

Aubrey mutters about 500,000 years and he’s still doing this.
He goes over into a corner and stays away….

Tathar kisses Muri’s hand and she has the most intense pleasure she’s ever had.
She has all the screaming and shaking over with in a few minutes.

Lusi can’t find the door she’s looking for. Darnit.
Muri goes looking around and finds a door… Muri moves the paintings and staves in front of it and sees the marking of the Libris Ominus glowing at eye level.
Muri asks Tathar how much to use the door… He’s all about the bed in the back.

Tathar tells Lusi to make sure and tell Cyrus to kiss on her birthmark – it’s very sensitive.
Lusi blushes and says ok.

We go through the door…

To Be Continued


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